"If ye love wealth better than liberty, the tranquility of servitude better than the animating contest of freedom, go home from us in peace. We ask not your counsels or your arms. Crouch down and lick the hands which feed you. May your chains set lightly upon you, and may posterity forget that you were our countrymen."

Sunday, 31 July 2011

A Stranger In A Strange Land

Blogging as a temporary expat has its advantages: you can be dispassionate, give a good overview and have time to track back to find the reasons for any given situation. Spain was meant to be a five year sojourn at the most but, in the event, it was four years too many. Those years did me a favour though; they gave me the time to investigate and blog so, all in all, I wouldn't say they were wasted.

Coming home, I find I'm a stranger in a strange land, moreso than I was in Spain. I'm just English and of no particular consequence. Time after time I walk around the Broadway (sadly, no carajillos, yachts or people-watching) and, perhaps I just choose the wrong time of day, but all I hear are Eastern European accents. I've also had a few Amazon deliveries since I've been back and very few of the couriers have had English as a first language. The last chap just grunted as he handed me the small pc to sign. If it weren't for those Latvian cheekbones I'd have sworn he'd been an extra in Mel Brooks' History of the World Part 1.

Not only have the people in the neighbourhood changed but politics has changed too. It's more overt than it was when I left in 2005. I did have secret hopes that when I returned Blair would be gone and all would be back to 'normal' but, sadly, not so. Brown, Cameron and whoever comes next will all say the same things, mouth the same platitudes, use similar spin doctors, listen to the same lobby groups and take the same instructions from the EU while our own voices are ignored.  To paraphrase: The government is not for turning.

Like a child pestering a busy and negligent parent we tug on the government's shirt sleeve and say, "Hey, don't forget about me," and the parent looks down, pats the child on the head and says, "There, there, everything will be fine in a minute...just give me a minute..." And we do; we go back to watching CBBC or counting our toes and we give them all the time in the world in which to fulfill their promises, to improve society in the way we'd like it to be improved. They're listening, of course they are, and they'll sort everything out once they have time.

All this Big Society and e-petitions is a scam; it's a lie; it's an illusion. It's offered by a government in the pocket of someone else who views us as an impediment, an obstruction to their plans.

I don't care if people think I'm a fruit-loop. I talk facts while politicians deal in truths - their truths; the BBC's truths; the media's truths. They tell us what the truths are and we're supposed to respond with gratitude, all the while keeping our own truths to ourselves. This has to stop. We must stop playing their game of pretend. The three main political Parties in this country offer nothing for us. There's no change of direction; no repeal of laws which are an anathema to most of us; no drawing back of the powers of local authorities.  It's time for the English to re-discover their stroppy nature. The government says it wants to know what 'Englishness' is and it's time we reminded them.

"Those people just ain't your friends":

Sunday Reflection


Sunday Round-up

This week's audio track, before Agenda 21 and Health & Safety kicked in:

A rap on the knuckles and a line in the sand. Blair & Campbell will be 'criticised' in the Autumn report from Chilcot's Iraq Inquiry. More details emerge.

A morally bankrupt country is Blair's lasting legacy. (No mention of Brown's 'legacy': a financially bankrupt country). Well done, Labour spivs.

The Polecat calls for charges of false accounting against some bankers and comments on Blair & Brown's "poisonous" legacies: "... a financially incontinent country, but one with a submerged underclass addicted to welfare. Ill-educated, ill-disciplined, near illiterate and innumerate unemployables living in families in which no one worked, ever had worked or wanted to work and living better than the working families next door."

The Left's re-defining of "far-right" continues and the internet and bloggers are still the baddie catalysts.

Has this been reported in the British msm? "Tens of thousands" march through Brussels in protest against austerity measures. So this is where John Monks (now Baron Monks thanks to Cameron) has gone - ETUC.

The National Museum of Scotland  re-opens after three years and £47m refurbishment.

"Care Tsar" entrusted to run 250 care homes for the elderly following collapse of Southern Cross has previously been involved in  maltreatment of residents.
"Ten years ago, acting on complaints from relatives and residents, we sent an undercover reporter in to 72-bed, £700-a- week Lynde House as a care assistant.
Complaints had been sent to Dr Patel and the company which owned the home over a period of three years beforehand. We found:
  • Sick and frail residents lying in their own waste for hours
  • Emergency call bells out of reach and vital lifting equipment not working
  • Residents staying in the same position so long that they developed bed sores.
After our investigation in 2001 Dr Patel sold his business, which owned 93 nursing homes, and resigned from his posts as government adviser on elderly care and consultant to Help the Aged"
But now, he's back.

Cameron does a Brown when he gets date wrong. He didn't even contact the parents himself to apologise: "The Prime Minister holds the Armed Forces in the highest regard and fully understands the sacrifices they make on a daily basis."

The BBC,  a broadcasting law unto itself,  has been criticised for serving bullsh!t for breakfast.  A spokesman for the Today programme said: “E-mails including abusive language were included in the report to demonstrate the level of intimidation involved in the campaign. We felt this was editorially justified.”

Up to 10,000 jobs to go at HSBC  as it's expected to report a drop of £0.3bn in profits.

Don't be afraid of "stepping on cultural toes" in the fight against extremism, unless they're English "cultural toes"

The hidden benefits of an SNP government: refreshing those parts other Parties cannot reach. No doubt Salmond will claim he has it in hand and the results show a clear vindication of his government's policies.  Next week: dire warnings that the "London government" is proposing a tax.

I'll have the ground floor garden flat, please: Britannia Royal Naval College is on the hit-list for cost-cutting.

MPs spend 1,000 hours a year on Twitter.  There's precious little else  for them to do apart from open libraries and school fetes.

I'm alright, Jack! Unison boss Dave Prentice gets 31% pay rise.

Guide to Wild Britain


Obama runs debt debate to the wire in the USA "No money for troops", yet he can implement a programme like this:

Finally, three from the MoS epitomising the true legacy of thirteen years of Labour government and which Cameron seems incapable or unwilling to do anything about:

"I can look after myself."
Third Briton in a week falls from another balcony
Pond-life teens with no sense of right or wrong

Hungarian GP: 1989

Saturday, 30 July 2011

Garbarek & Jarrett: Country

Sorry, it's another video but I didn't want the last thing I posted today to be the awful hate-mail language of the previous post. Here's a 'blog-cleanser' from two of my favourite musicians with one of my favourite tunes:

A Raggle-Taggle Army Of Aspiring Mental Patients

You have to hand it to Pat Condell, he certainly has a nice way with words, which is more than can be said for the people who've been sending him hate-mail:

A click-clacking of the castanets for Sue at Muffled Vociferation

Here's a sample of the hate-mail Condell receives. Watch the language - it's bad!

Proud Little Englanders

Dominic Sandbrook has an article in today's DM called Proud Little Englanders (beats Cameron's "sour Little Englanders" into a cocked hat) in which he says we have much to take pride in.  He also says he detects a resurgent patriotism/ nationalism amongst the English and, shock of shocks, he doesn't use those words in a negative or aggressive way.  It's quite a thoughtful article and bears reading; he looks at the issues facing us today including the anomalies in devolution. 

Towards the end, he mentions a song apparently well-liked by socialists in the early 20thC so I've had a quick trawl around and it's re-printed below.  It reinforces claims that there is no Left or Right - and probably never has been, just nationalism & internationalism - since the song would be equally at home in the mouths of Conservatives.  It just goes to show that now, as in the past, the devil has all the best tunes:

England Arise

England, arise! The long, long night is over,
Faint in the East behold the dawn appear,
Out of your evil dream of toil and sorrow –
Arise, O England, for the day is here!
From your fields and hills,
Hark! The answer swells –
Arise, O England, for the day is here!

People of England! All your valleys call you,
High in the rising sun the lark sings clear,
Will you dream on, let shameful slumber thrall you?
Will you disown your native land so dear?
Shall it die unheard –
That sweet pleading word?
Arise, O England, for the day is here!

Over your face a web of lies is woven,
Laws that are falsehoods pin you to the ground,
Labor is mocked, its just reward is stolen,
On its bent back sits Idleness encrowned.
How long, while you sleep,
Your harvest shall it reap?
Arise, O England, for the day is here!

Forth, then, ye heroes, patriots and lovers!
Comrades of danger, poverty and scorn!
Mighty in faith of Freedom, thy great Mother!
Giants refreshed in Joy’s new rising morn!
Come and swell the song,
Silent now so long;
England is risen, and the day is here!

And so say all of us!

Thousands in Tahrir Sq/Shari'a State

Thousands gather in Tahrir Square demanding a Shari'a State

Good, it gives those who demand shari'a law in Britain and who refuse to co-operate with government researchers, somewhere else to s*d off to.

UPDATE: Yet another article about Muslim extremists and shari'a law. What's going on in this country?  Someone's very busy pushing buttons.
"Islam in Britain is now a political force, and not just a religion. Society in this part of London is slowly being changed. But I am not surprised the campaign for Sharia zones resonates with Muslim families. I’m sure there will be sympathy for aspects of Sharia law with British parents, too. We all know about the town centre behaviour of our young on a Saturday night...I would like to think that the campaign is orchestrated by extremists, and is only supported by a small group of their followers; but I fear that it is not the case." Alan Craig, a former Newham councillor who has lived in East London for 30 years.

Friday, 29 July 2011

TFIF: A Little Light Relief

And no! I'm not!

Ron Paul For President

In a fantasy world every country would, by right, have a patriot like Ron Paul in politics. I wonder where ours is. If Paul were President of the USA the world would be a vastly changed place; I wonder how long he'll last before he has an 'accident':

Friday Post

Many of us seem to be thinking about the same things. Here's an extract from the excellent Suedenimon's post:
[I am sick of] being lied to, being stolen from, being treated like a fool, being ignored, being taxed, being photographed and surveilled, being deprived of my freedoms, being deprived of my rights, being coerced, being disenfranchised…

I am sick of the wars, the killing, the carpetbaggers, the dishonest politicians, the jobs for the boys, the sleaze, the corruption, the lack of a voice that's heard, the Liebore party , the CON servantmasters, the Lib-Dumps, the imperialist American govt., the hypocrites in positions of power,the insider dealing, the banker w*nkers, the arrogant rich, the drug dealers, the arms sellers…

I am sick of the fact they let people starve to death, the lack of humanity in governments, the oppression, the division, the sheer greed of the ruling elites,being blamed for the destruction of the earth, being blamed for global warming whilst being exploited for profit by energy companies…
Whole thing, go read. All about non-compliance and #justsayno


This is so bloody cruel:

Footage shot at Elmkirk Ltd (Cheale Meats) slaughterhouse (5 min version) from Animal Aid on Vimeo.

DEFRA: No prosecutions because video obtained by trespass
It revoked the licence of one slaughterman identified in the footage, while another slaughterman’s provisional licence had already expired and has not been renewed.

The organisation has also increased monitoring at the plant to avoid any repeat.
Cheale Meats

UPDATE: Emails to defra.helpline@defra.gsi.gov.uk or tel. 08459 33 55 77.  I copied my email to caroline@caroline.spelman.com

There's also an article in the DM about the rise in animal testing on household products and toiletries HERE.  It seems the EU has a hand in it via 'REACH' - Registration, Evaluation, Authorisation and Restriction of Chemical Substances.  With them also tightening licensing for herbal products and giving the go-ahead for GMO crops they're really restricting our freedom of choice.  B@st@rds.
In addition, scientists are being gagged by their employers, who don’t want to be seen to be complaining about REACH in case it makes them look unwilling to do their bit for the environment.

REACH was launched in 2007 and required companies to produce dossiers on all the chemicals in the products that they manufactured, including evidence of their safety — no matter how long they had been in production. The more of the chemical they produced, the more detailed the evidence required.

Whose Streets? Our Streets!

There were two very brief interviews on LBC this morning about the forthcoming EDL march through Tower Hamlets as a response to the current trouble-stirring shari'a fly-posting in the borough, even though this has been going on since at least 2003.

From Sabby Dhalu, Joint Secretary of the UAF and Secretary of One Society, Many Cultures, which was launched in 2009 in  Parliament:
"In light of the Norwegian terror attacks and the links Breivik had with the EDL it would be deeply insensitive to allow a march in such a cosmopolitan area... The EDL stand against all communities... liberals, social democrats, all ethnic minorities... Every day in the week after [the last march] there was an attack on the same street incl an attack on the Labour Party and Asian houses... We absolutely will be mobilising people to voice their opposition to this march."
Councillor Oli Rahman an Independent representing St Dunstan's & Stepney Green:
"The EDL promote violence, division, are not welcome in Tower Hamlets... We do not want individuals to come to our borough to divide us... The 3rd September will be a family event, we will not allow the EDL or any other racist group to promote hate against our community... We are not frightened but we do not want the EDL or any other such group to be allowed to come."
There was no spokesman from the EDL or any other group opposing the ridiculous fly-posting efforts of Choudary and his gangs of thugs.

For those who prefer demonstrations where the majority of marchers don't wear face coverings there's a Lawful Rebellion-type protest in Birmingham on the 20th August. Looking at the accompanying video I'd be quite out of place with the dreadlocked crusties and ban-the-bomb types both in dress and in politics. It's the same with the EDL - there's no room for me there either with its aura of violence.   Where does someone like me, who believes in core conservative values, go?  (and please don't say UKIP to me at the moment).

The first message to get out to those protesting is that there is no left and right, there's only centrist globalised politics, ie the State -v- the Individual, so they'd do better to drop their 'ban the bomb, protect public sector pensions, lower taxes' issues and focus on the relationship between the ruled and the rulers.  After that, everything else will drop into place.

One thing is certain: just saying 'No' may be a peaceful way of protesting against the mindless aspects of authority and questioning politely is a good alternative to automatically kow-towing to the demands of the State BUT, if it catches on big-time nationally, no matter how peaceful or reasonable the protesters may be, it will be met with repression and violence.  That's the State's ultimate answer to everything: stifle dissent and then beat the cr@p out of them.

Finally, three comments from guess where that quite literally make my stomach turn over with disgust:
"The English Flag sends shivers up my spine whenever I see it."
"Yes, I can relate [...] I feel whenever I see an English or British flag, it is like seeing a Swastika."

"Being uneducated goes with the territory with the working class."
We've got a long way to go and in the meantime the NWO is right on track.

Flag St George LH

Thursday, 28 July 2011

Man in a Shed: Silly Week 2011

Man in a Shed: Silly Week 2011

I can't believe it's that time of year already. These are the Man in a Shed's rules but please visit via the link above to get the whole picture:
  1. Please nothing that would lead to me being hunted down by the (CIA, FSB, MI6, the Taliban, or Newsround ) - this means you Julian Assange.
  2. And definitely nothing that leads to extradition and being locked up in one of the prison the Yanks have that feature in their many films ( cruel and unusual eh ).
  3. Funny's good.
  4. Don't be too cruel.
  5. This rule allows me to make up any other rules when I feel like it but to pretend I always told you ( under the Third Wish Act shortly to be passed in the US Congress ).

A Mixed Bag

Let the slave grinding at the mill run out into the field,
Let him look up into the heavens and laugh in the bright air;
Let the inchained soul, shut up in darkness and in sighing,
Whose face has never seen a smile in thirty weary years,
Rise and look out; his chains are loose, his dungeon doors are open...


I was going to do some ever-so erudite post on perception, manipulation and the gulf between rulers and ruled but I'm exhausted just considering all the aspects and, besides, I've written plenty of not-so erudite posts about it in the past.  Here instead is just a ragbag of thoughts:

The onslaught of the acronym  (or OOTA, as I prefer to call it) shows no sign of  slowing down.  Here's another one for our growing collection - SPARDA.  SPARDA is Shaping Perceptions and Attitudes to Realise the Diversity Advantage and is a joint programme from the EU and the Council of Europe.  Ever felt like a lab-rat?

Preliminary poll results show European attitudes towards migrants "very mixed".
"This initial poll serves as a barometer upon which cities can base their information campaigns, running towards the end of 2012. The second surveys, to be carried out after the end of the campaigns, will provide an idea of how much the campaigns have influenced the perceptions of the local communities towards migrants."
All this is very timely, coinciding as it does with EU Commissioner for Home Affairs, Cecilia Malmstrom's latest blog post, Radicalisation on the Agenda.. The EU is launching an anti-radicalisation network in September which will "counter every form of radicalisation – be it religious, political, and ideological."

Turkey's EU Minister, Egemen Bagis, thinks he has the answer to nascent anti-immigrant feeling in Europe:
“The seeds of hatred and racism that have triggered these attacks can be destroyed by Turkey’s EU membership..."  Describing the EU as an institution of peace, tolerance and dialogue, Bagis also said the union would miss its chance for peace without Turkey’s membership.
Bagis isn't the only one to think that expanding borders and more immigration is the way forward.  After Euro-Med there are now proposals for a Euro-Africa.  This ignores the fact that the EU has already opened Job Centres in parts of Africa, but THIS article reports as if it's only a recent development. Even the BBC reported it as long ago as 2008.  All in the name of peace, love and a globalised economy.

Just as with problems that the EU throws up where the answer is "more EU please", the answer to immigration problems is deemed to be "more immigration".  There are no dissenting voices within the EU, no checks and balances, no opposition. No doubt some will cite the debates which take place amongst elected MEPs as evidence of democracy but the Commission need pay no attention to any outcome, even assuming it's contrary to the Commission's proposals, and that's a big assumption. The Commission need only take account and consider the views of MEPs - and then totally ignore them.

The so-called Marxist School of Critical Theory and its helpmates and enablers in Common Purpose are spread through our political institutions (in which I include the police),  the local authorities and the quangos, like a rampant cancer.  Only a society strong in its own identity could not be influenced by such concerted subversive attacks - hence all the questions about 'Englishness' or 'Britishness' and the media attacks on 'fat, feckless, workshy, drink-sodden, drug-taking British couch potatoes' - all intended to replace certainty and assuredness with doubt.

Just links, but linked:
Djanogly, a Justice Dept Minister, hired private eye to investigate his constituents .  This was before the GE which begs the question, why was he elected?
The boys squabble about their jobs  Re-drawing constituency boundaries pits MPs against each other when they should be speaking to their constituents if they want to be re-elected.
Just what we need - another watchdog. Perhaps MPs should be lining up for a job on this quango.
Politeness is killing our soldiers Fighting with one hand tied behind their backs because of political correctness, aka Cultural Marxism.
Cyprus next in line
The left hand and the right hand
The UN and America's 'cold, dead hands'
From the realms of You Couldn't Make It Up (and why would you?) MoD hires two illegal immigrants to play Taliban

Finally, we're all going to d-i-i-i-i-e:
Killer seaweed
Monster hemlock

Happiness survey used to locate and destroy cheerful people

Officials say research data will make it easier to crack down on pointless optimism
The Daily Mash

Happy Days!

Wednesday, 27 July 2011

The Men Of My Dreams

When there's no escape from politics even when asleep, I think it's time to row back a little. It's going to be blog-lite for a while until I get rid of this brain infection.

First to make an unwanted appearance was Mandelson and on the second night I was treated to Osborne. Last night it was a dastardly police plot involving pepper spray. It's definitely time I switched off and re-wired my brain. Three consecutive nights is more than anyone should reasonably be asked to bear and I'm only human after all.

I'll leave you with three typically nonsense links and one possibly helpful video for today:

Blaming Breivik's father
Symbol of a morally corrupt and degenerate government
It's foolish to adopt their rules & play their game

In other news today, and to do with nothing in particular except that I like her, I see my ex's ex is planning a comeback (no link).

So, that's it for today.  I'm off to massage my "eyebroos" and I'll be back tomorrow:

UPDATE: Well, I've done it as described and my head is certainly buzzing slightly and I feel like passing out but that could be because I was concentrating so much I forgot to breathe.  Switching off - over and out for today :-)

Tuesday, 26 July 2011

The Euro: "An Enormous Success"

Nigel Farage takes Lord Liddel to task about the EU pension he'll be getting in a couple of years and generally runs rings around him. He also proposes an English Parliament.

The star of the show is an irate member of the public, Joyce from Morecambe, who complains about being denied a referendum. "We did not vote for this dictatorship and I tell you what, I am a fifty-five year-old woman and I would get on the streets and fight to get rid of this." This woman for PM! Taken from a Radio5 Live i/view earlier this week; it's a pity it was cut short:

UPDATE: With thanks to Hookie for THIS. The interview can be heard in full on BBC iPlayer until Thursday 28th July.
*I've now heard it in full. This section is right at the end and is still cut short but before then we have John Redwood and Bill Cash giving their views too. Worth listening to.

Monday, 25 July 2011

Under The Radar

When events such as those in Norway take place info is slipped out or goes unremarked in the general cacophony.  One news item that's being slipped out under cover of darkness is that we now have Regional Surveillance Units. I'm sure we're all thrilled to know that Police Forces have combined in an effort to make life safer for us all.  Personally, it will comfort me no end to know that these Units have the power to:
"...make it easier for the authorities to bug computers, break into properties and interfere with wireless internet networks as part of countersurveillance operations..."
As one commenter said, "ROFL, you could not make this shit up."

One other aspect is that regionalisation goes on regardless.  There was one referendum in the North-East that resulted in a vote against breaking England up into nine Regions but governments just ignore it and carry on, as if the referendum had never happened.  Where have I come across that before?  Don't be lulled into thinking that the European Union Bill with its 'referendum lock' will be much different.  For a referendum to be approved it first has to visit the lawyer's office, then it goes to a debate & vote in the House and Government Ministers will have the final say.  If they all say 'yes' then we'll have our referendum but if one of them says 'no', we won't.

This isn't really news in that it's apparently inconsequential and hasn't been reported:
"We believe that decisions on which flags and logos are worn or displayed at big sporting occasions are for individual competing teams and event organisers to make, not the European Union."  I infer from Lord Howell's comment that the government is happy to imply that it disapproves but has effectively washed its hands of the EU proposal that sporting events should fly the EU flag and the flag be shown as a logo on kit.  I could be wrong but I smell someone passing the buck.

The dynamic duo of stalking horses seem to have taken recent criticism to heart:
Carswell: Since becoming an MP, I have come to see how public policy is rarely made in the interests of the public.
Hannan: Climate change, fake charities, nazis and Chris Huhne.

Last but not least is the news that the new head of  IPSA (who took over only last month) is watering down scrutiny of MPs' expenses.  Perhaps they think we've forgotten how fraudulent and corrupt they are capable of being.  Some of us still think that more of them should have been in Court.  Some of us still think that the jail sentences were a joke.  Some of us still think that too many got away scot-free.  Some of us still think that the guilty haven't paid the price.

PS: I'm glad to see that scientists have found God.  I'm sure Richard Dawkins is delighted.

In Good Company

I may be an individual but I'm not a lone wolf:
I've had a quick look around the msm and the blogs and see that I'm not alone in being concerned at the prospect of further censorship and the media breaking out in harmony over the 'right-wing' line. Here are five from my blogroll with their views on the media handling; my apologies if I've missed anyone & feel free to leave a link in the comments:

...the BBC have already accused Anders B of being a Libertarian.
Why are the left wing media, Cameron and EU spokesmen making it political?
The Crusade against socialism.
The threat of the individual.
Stand together or hang apart.

Two from the Telegraph:
How 'right-wing' was Breivik?
The Tea Party doesn't bear responsibility for Breivik.

One from a 'professional' blogger, if there is such a thing:
Those new “hate speech” codes the Left is already clamoring for might find it easier just to list the authors Europeans will still be allowed to read.

RBS bailing out Bank of Ireland

It's Monday, it's lunch-time and the world economy is up the spout. That can mean only one thing - it's time to visit Golem XIV:

RBS bailing out Bank of Ireland

A Reluctant Posting

This is something I hoped I wouldn't have to even think about, let alone write down. The people of Norway have been so dignified in the aftermath of Friday's terrible events that to comment further seemed somehow to reduce their grief to a commodity, something to be picked over and analysed. However, the media have no such qualms and I detect a gleam in the eyes of politicians so here I am, just for the record and as brief as possible.

For quite a few months now Cameron and May have been pointing up "right-wing extremism" as a threat comparable to that of the 7/7 bombers, the Glasgow bombers and un-named Islamic groups "with links to al Qaeda". They've gradually introduced the notion that right-wing groups are a high security threat to the country and will be targeted in much the same way as, for example, Hizb'ut Tahrir, the self-appointed Muslim Council of Britain or Muslims Against Crusades. Hizb'ut Tahrir, by the way, for all Cameron's demands for them to be banned whilst he was in Opposition, is still not proscribed; apparently the group is technically legal and cannot be banned. Oh, the things you discover once you're in Office.

As well as the increased references to "right-wing extremists" we also have the growing mood for regulation of the media in the wake of the NotW phone hacking. Social media networks and the internet will be included in the Judicial Inquiry being set up under Lord Leveson. Regulation is censorship by another name.

In this morning's papers you can already see the wolves circling here, here and here. The Cross of St George is once again being openly linked with lunatics, Geert Wilders has been named, The Gates of Vienna blog is being targeted, and the EDL have been forced to issue a denial. It seems the gunman did meet EDL members but left empty-handed; he didn't like the multi-racial make-up of the organisation and was disappointed with what he called "an anti-racist party". I doubt the govt or msm will pick up on that as they continue to search for links proving the EDL should be banned.  And people will go along with it; if you whip the people up into a frenzy of hate and condemnation they'd vote for their own hanging.

I see only one outcome from these threads and that's further tightening of security 'to keep us safe' and removal of whatever civil liberties we have left, which, in theory, are many but, in practice, are few. Public marches will be banned more frequently, in the public interest of course, and determined attempts will be made to close down blogs.  The actions of a Norwegian loner will have severe repercussions for us all across Europe as our political leaders try to ensure their own protection against freedom of speech by curtailing ours.

Is anyone taking bets that the EDL will be banned before any of the muslim extremist groups mentioned above?

UPDATE: Archbishop Cranmer says it so much better and has the links to prove it. Definitely recommended reading for a better in-depth view.

Sunday, 24 July 2011

Sunday Reflection

A North Country maid up to London had strayed,
Although with her nature it did not agree.
She wept and she sighed, and so bitterly she cried,
"How I wish once again in the North I could be!
Oh the oak and the ash, and the bonny ivy tree,
They flourish at home in my own country."

"While sadly I roam I regret my dear home,
Where lads and young lasses are making the hay.
The merry bells ring and the birds sweetly sing,
The meadows are pleasant and maidens are gay.
Oh the oak and the ash, and the bonny ivy tree,
They flourish at home in my own country."

"No doubt, if I please, I could marry with ease,
For where maidens are fair many lovers will come,
But the one whom I wed must be North Country bred,
And tarry with me in my North Country home.
Oh the oak and the ash, and the bonny ivy tree,
They flourish at home in my own country."

Sunday Round-up

Today's audio track:

Norway, written by a Norwegian.

John Redwood writes in praise of England. A beautifully written piece from this unfairly mocked man:
"I am brought to my feet or moved to sympathy by the British love of liberty. There is in our national character a sense of fairness, a love of the underdog, a gritty determination to stand up for our beliefs when challenged. There is at one and the same time a deep democratic instinct, and an unruly anti clericalism that undermines pomp, questions authority and is suspicious of claimed expertise."
The miracle of Somaliland yet it's not recognised by the West. 'The key to our success was the lack of foreign influence,' said Abdirahman Abdillahi, Speaker of the parliament. 'It was all done by Somalilanders alone.'
The Coldstream Guards could be axed 'The Irish, Scottish and Welsh guards are likely to be saved for “reasons of regional sensitivity”.'
The Argyll and Sutherland Highlanders could be turned into a Territorial Army reservist battalion as part of defence cuts.
Daley: the euro bailout is a conspiracy against democracy. "Deriding public opinion by dismissing it as populist, ignorant and inflammatory is not an incidental feature of the European project: it is essential."
Will Hutton finally succumbs to madness, as does one of his commenters who remarks, "Events in Norway reinforce the need for not just a monitory [sic] but a fiscal and political union."
c,1000 Scottish govt-funded quango workers earn less than the minimum wage
Osborne unveils plans to cut red tape.
UKBA: Fail "11 directors received £1.2million in pay and £90,000 in bonuses. UKBA wrote off £297million in bad debts and losses last year, including £207million lost on its e-Borders project."
Chilcot Inquiry warns Blair he will be criticised.
For those who want to know how their Council spends their money there's a new alert service to let you know when the books are available for inspection.
The knives are being sharpened for George Osborne over his relationship with Murdoch & Co.
The Blairs & the Murdochs are also scrutinised. "Blair's reluctance to speak out against Murdoch over the phone-hacking affair will undoubtedly bolster accusations that he has been compromised by his close ties with the media tycoon and his wife."
Brooks Newmark, Tory MP, misses constituency meeting about job losses to attend photo-op with reality tv nonentity.
The thuggish side of Sugar. News about news-makers by news-makers.

Nurburgring GP: 1967

Saturday, 23 July 2011

Bank of Ireland Collapse Confirmed

I think I should have saved the last video-clip for this post.

Bank of Ireland Collapse Confirmed

Where To Start?

A neo-Nazi fundamentalist Christian (ticks all the right boxes) has apparently admitted the atrocious killings in Norway. Sorry, I don't mean to sound flippant but the old NNFCs were due a mention and the msm need another group to hit on for balance; someone else to label.  It's the personal interpretation of religion and an unbalanced mindset that kills, not links to the EDL.

There is other news too: the first is that Cameron has ruled out a referendum if changes are made to the Lisbon Treaty in the event of fiscal union in the euro-zone. Apparently, according to Cameron, Osborne, Clegg et al, it won't affect us so there's no requirement to have a vote. I find that strange because I could have sworn that, a couple of days back, Cameron, Osborne, Clegg et al were telling us how vital it was that the euro-zone is a success because we are inextricably inter-twined and the euro-zone is fundamental to the economy of the UK. Cameron either has a death-wish or an eye on future earnings.

Merkel says we and the market will have to wait until September for the detail but the markets fluctuate daily and won't wait that long.   She's hoping for five weeks of behind-the-scenes negotiation before details emerge and there are no 'details' at present.

I have two theories: (1) they either think we're idiots, or (2) they know that we know they're lying so they just don't bother anymore. 'Just keep lying, they know we're lying toads and they know that we mean the opposite of what we say' and so they just keep on lying.

Successive British governments seem to have an hereditary tic: lies, obfuscation, dissimulation and being as thick as two short planks. The people? We come nowhere on their scale of consideration except to keep us pliable, amenable and not grumbling overmuch.  It's just enough to let us have a little grumble now and then but not enough to stir our hornets' nest.   In the meantime, we'll just keep bailing out and 'contributing' to the IMF and the EU's own emergency funds.

Speaking of idiots - how stEUpid does a government have to be to come up with something like THIS.    It isn't in the power of another person, let alone a government, to make people happy and they'll no doubt measure it in a series of tick boxes.  The survey has already been carried out and the results will be published next week but, as usual, no-one asked me :-(  I hope that someone, somewhere told Cameron, Red Tories, Blue Labour, Yellowbellies and the EU to f the f off out of our f lives.

HERE is the Statement by Olli Rehn, our Commissioner for Economic & Monetary Affairs and here's an extract:
"It is clear there is still much work to be done in all corners of Europe before we are firmly out of the stormy waters. But the direction is now clear, and we have all reasons to be confident about getting there, as long as all the partners do their share of implementation rigorously."
We definitely have a problem with language.  Continentals are generally effusive, flowery and cajoling whereas we call a spade a spade and that's one of the reasons why Mindspace and nudging won't persuade us into co-operation and harmony but will push us into rebellion.

British Trades' Unions are an unknowable quantity for me.  Take THIS, for instance.  On the one hand they're pro-EU but, on the other, they fight against its competition rules and bring British workers out on strike.  People are fighting the wrong people (hello, UKuncut!)

If anyone doubts the nature of MindSpace or nudging, take a look at this article in the DT:  Annual European-style Wealth Tax proposed.  That's on top of Council Tax, Income Tax, VAT, CGT.  The govt throws something into the mire of the Press and waits to see if it sparks debate.  I'd rather have one NotW hack than a hundred lackey lobby passes.

Date for your diaries: We have a window of one week in August for our Revolution    'Whoops, sorry, we're on holiday,'  said millions of Britons.

One other thing - Amy Whitehouse has died.  I hate to say it but this ranked with me up there with mad gunman shoots eighty people for shock value.  I don't know her music but I feel sorry for the girl.

Irish Bank Default Rumour - UPDATE

Rumours about the Bank of Ireland being close to collapse have been circulating for days. Golem XIV has the latest.

Irish Bank Default Rumour - UPDATE

What's To Say?

The tragic events in Oslo are beyond understanding and beyond words. To the courageous people of Norway in their suffering:

Footage from Oslo Cathedral. Some will understand the significance of the tune, some will not.

Friday, 22 July 2011


The leader of a great Western nation today humiliated himself in front of thousands of people when he was caught live on camera with his pants on fire. The Head of the IMF, Christine Lagarde, was heard to murmur to an aide, "Oh, well, we'll just have to take the shirt off his back as well."

*Breaking*: Explosion Rocks Oslo Centre

Prime Minister's office hit

The latest is that it's a bomb explosion (car) caused by muslim extremists, the PM is unhurt but there are several injuries (to be verified). Also reports of a second explosion. Update: Fatalities are now being reported. People trapped. Near-simultaneous attack by gunman on children's summer camp. Live coverage from the Telegraph

More pics HERE

Something For The Weekend

You might like to save this for a rainy evening; it's over an hour long but I'm sure our attention spans can deal with it :-) I haven't had time to watch all the way through but it looks interesting and gives yet another take on the emergence of the European Union.

Btw, the Telegraph writers have excelled themselves today. They have all the best coverage and comment on the latest euro-zone bailout and progress towards fiscal union, which is why I'm quiet; there's so much to read.

The Battle for Britain begins here
If he cares about British voters, Cameron will have to upset Clegg
Remorseless logic takes Europe closer to fiscal union but this crisis is far from over
The euro crisis will give Germany the empire it's always dreamed of
The EU is no longer even pretending to be acting within the law
Last, but definitely not least, something from Bill Cash MP

Friday Post

Once again it's something that makes me step back in amazement and wonder what kind of world we live in but apart from that there's no comment from me; the headline speaks for itself:

Donkey killed for adultery

Merkel: "Historic Day"

As the champagne flutes tinkled merrily in celebration last night, Angela Merkel said:
"What we are doing now is an example for deeper integration - handing over and transferring more competences to EU institutions. This is a historic day."
Sarkozy was also happy:
"Our ambition is to seize the Greek crisis to make a quantum leap in eurozone government."
So Merkel is happy, Sarkozy is happy, Barroso is happy, Van Rompuy is happy and Osborne is happy.
Osborne: "The first thing British taxpayers should know is that we have delivered on our promise to keep the UK out of the Greek bailout."

John Redwood, however, is not happy.

Osborne is either being rather disingenuous or has simply forgotten the doubling of our subscription to the IMF which the government whipped through the Commons, helped by surprise timing, just two weeks ago.  Politicians should realise that just because they state something as a fact, it doesn't make it true.

I suppose we should be grateful for small mercies; some people don't even have soup kitchens.

Thursday, 21 July 2011

All's Well...

...in the best of all possible worlds.

Apparently, the euro is climbing its way back up the dizzy ladder of EuroLand success; let's hope it takes Sterling with it because we're so weak.  Inflation is high because Sterling has devalued by abt 30% since 1997.

The markets have deemed this afternoon's EuroSummit a success because private creditors aren't liable to pay the price - private creditors are usually other banks, pension funds and the like. It will be down to European taxpayers to fund the EU, the ECB and the IMF: we will pay the price.

I don't know whether it's just me but every day as twilight falls I think, "Oh boy! How much longer?" I wonder how long this self-flagellation can continue and hope the festering abscess will have burst by dawn, but, to date, it hasn't.  I just don't understand anything any more.  It isn't logical, it isn't in the best interests of individual countries, no-one benefits except bankers and those holding gold (silver is rising too). Something nasty is afoot and we really haven't seen the worst of it yet.

One of my sons has told me, twice, that he'll have me sectioned if I swap money for gold and silver. I'd like to see him make that one stick. I don't mind - it's just that sectioning is for old, mad people and I'm not old.   I  also quite fancy myself as a Cleopatra bedecked in gold, silver, Shalimar and little else save a pair of high heels, a couple of cats and an asp on the side - that could be the new way forward rather than property (have you seen London prices?)

My query of the day is 'What Happened to Paul Waugh's tweet about the MPs' Rounders Match'?  He tweeted that all three Parties took part in an event today and I wanted to know why they were playing rounders when the country is going deeper into debt and the deficit grows larger so  I asked him 'wtf?' but it seems it's now been deleted.

If you're on twitter you'll see there's a disconcerting and increasing trend for our MPs to tweet about opening libraries, new drop-in centres or somesuch - it's all so very parochial. It really does open your eyes to what our MPs do these days. They all know their place and that place is down-wind of the EU's Big Society/Localism project aka distancing people from the source of power and control, from those they elect to represent them. Further and further down the chain we're going.

Here are some links:

If we know it, why don't politicians?
Helmut Kohl accuses Merkel & Schroeder
This is good: "2m children vaccinated against diarrhoea and six other killer diseases"
But this is not: Bedbound pensioner gnawed by rats. Died. Of rats. In England.
Ready or not, here we come: The United States of Europe
Geoff Boycott - mmmm...
How bad is it in Greece living with an increased suicide rate and soup kitchens? It's this bad

The people accuse politicians, as well they might:  Please don't send them on a 'How to be a Better British Citizen' course
16000+ police officers to go by 2015 Perhaps the govt is expecting a downturn in crime.

Here's an alternative comedian c. 1944

...and I bet no-one gets the sarcasm this time round either. How po-faced we are.

Draft Proposal Leaked

The solution that isn't a solution: "The recovery in the euro area is well on track and the euro is based on sound economic fundamentals. But the challenges at hand have shown the need for more far reaching measures... We call on the IMF to contribute to the financing of the new Greek programme in line with current practices... Structural funds should be re-allocated for competitiveness and growth under a European "Marshall Plan". Member States and the Commission will mobilize all resources necessary in order to provide exceptional technical assistance to help Greece implement its reforms...We commit to introduce legally binding national fiscal frameworks as foreseen in the fiscal frameworks directive by the end of 2012... reliance on external credits ratings in the EU regulatory framework should be reduced..."

And there's a warning to Italy, Spain, Belgium, Ireland... ... et al not to think they'll receive the same treatment should they be on the brink of default.

You can read the whole of the leaked Summit conclusions HERE

We're Integrating Well

Yes, we of the stiff upper lip, the mustn't grumble outlook on life have adapted well to the demands of an immigrant population. We're integrating very well:

The government may recognise polygamous sharia marriages

I'm speechless at this assault on our way of life. From finance to culture, from education to civil liberties, we've been sold out lock, stock and barrel.

Offences against the Person Act 1861: "Whosoever, being married, shall marry any other person during the life of the former husband or wife, whether the second marriage shall have taken place in England or Ireland or elsewhere, shall be guilty of felony, and being convicted thereof shall be liable to be kept in penal servitude for any term not exceeding seven years."

1861? Hmmm, that's a bit archaic isn't it? Time for some of that modernisation and progress favoured by our politicos.

UPDATE(s): Melanie Phillips - From Londonistan to Lemmingland

A second article by Goodman about more findings in the report: Government to establish working group on "anti-Muslim hatred"

At the original link: "3pm Update The Government has moved quickly to distance itself from its own discussion document, and has ruled out a claim not made in the article above. In a statement, the DCLG said that "polygamy is illegal in Britain and will remain so". The statement does not rule out registration."
And registration entails recognition and acceptance.

Oh, What A Way To Start The Day

Here's another of Our Dear Leaders, powered by hot air, telling us what to expect from today's meeting on the Eurozone crisis:

"The situation requires full engagement by everyone at the summit, and I believe we will have it. Nobody should be under any illusion... The situation is very serious."
He urged participants to show "the ethics of European responsibility" and said that the minimum to be achieved should be to provide clarity on:

- Measures to ensure the sustainability of Greek public finances;
- Feasibility and limits of Private Sector Involvement;
- Scope for more flexible action through the European Financial Stability Facility (EFSF);
- Repair of the banking sector;
- Measures to ensure the provision of liquidity to the banking system.

He also announced the creation of a task force for Greece to stimulate growth. I'm sure the Greeks will be delighted at this turnaround in their fortunes.

So, the British taxpayers will again be bailing out the bankers of other countries as well as our own.  It's madness to have let it got so far.  The European Union - too big to fail.  One-world government, one-world currency, impoverished serfdom await us all.

UPDATE (already!): From EU Observer France & Germany agree a deal - bank levy "looks most likely option". That, of course will be welcomed by banker bashers but it won't solve the problem, costs will be passed down the chain and money will be siphoned off into the EU's own coffers for self-promotion.

Wednesday, 20 July 2011

Perfect End To A Perfect Day

I just can't leave it alone. Here's a super video of Tessa Jowell being skewered by Andrew Neil about Brooks/paying police for information:


I've just watched the rest of the programme and what this video doesn't show you is the short section before where Neil did exactly the same thing with the ubiquitous Philip Hammond, the Transport Secretary. He's nothing if not even-handed and he highlighted how both Parties had played a big part in allowing the hacking and paying for info to continue.

Ever Had One Of Those Days?

I mean the sort of day when it would have been better if you hadn't turned on the radio or tv news or read any papers? (Today's previous posts: 1, 2 and 3)

I'm turning off, tuning out and lying in tomorrow, maybe.  Here are some stumblings and gleanings just to round off the day:

Government recruits 2 x £400pd directors for Maritime & Coastguard Agency while axing stations
Government "will assess" insult law - Sec.5 Public Order Act
UK's AAA rating threatened & a deleveraging nightmare
EU's "stringent" new rules for banks - ironically less stringent than those the UK has currently
Europe on brink of monetary union
Hannan: The mother of all bailouts

This one's from the realms of some dystopian parallel fantasy-world (link HERE) :

Finally, it looks as though Our Precious is hiring himself out for comedy videos. He hasn't had a great news day either:

Sky & BBC Banned From Westminster

I think this is a step too far. A BBC reporter/camera-man and Sky News have had their Westminster passes revoked because of footage taken during yesterday's #piegate. Rather than address the fundamental security issues which allowed a fat & unfunny man to smuggle a plate of shaving foam past police and security tptb have gone for the nuclear option. How long before the public and other press are banned from attending Commons' Select Committee meetings because they record something tptb don't want us to see?

Full story from Paul Waugh HERE.

UPDATE: @17.22 #savegobby is trending on twitter and questions are being asked on the floor of the House:

@18.35 It looks as though Gobby has had his pass reinstated. Sky News' pass also restored. More common sense and less knee-jerk reaction needed from Westminster in future.

Hey-ho: They're Still Braying/Videos

I have to admit I switched off, physically and mentally, and took refuge in the kitchen with a nice cup of tea. All the jeering, cat-calling, yahboosucks one-upmanship became too offensive for my ears & brain - rather like being tied down and forced to listen to free-form jazz (Coltrane excepted).

Here are a few notes I made from Cameron's Statement: "Public Confidence in The Media & The Police" (mention of politicians was inexplicably missed from the title).  They're all enjoying it and having their day in the sun (petp*).

It will be called the Levison Inquiry, Shami Chakrabati and many other worthies will be on the panel, other police forces and social networking will be scrutinised too (encompassing bloggers).  The BBC was also mentioned.  Announced a shake-up in the structure of the police - foreigners will be taken onboard  for their "expertise" (EU'ers perchance?) and entry levels scrutinised.
Cameron: Knew nothing, was told nothing.  The whole country... blah, blah.  Was asked several times whether he ever had a conversation with Brooks/Murdochs about BSkyB takeover - said there was nothing that he wouldn't make public and nothing that was inappropriate, so that's a 'yes' then. Referred to Alistair Campbell, in effect calling him a liar but couched in Parliamentary language 
Miliband: Gravely intoned about the Dowler family.  Slow and ripe for mockery with overblown rhetoric.  "Dabbling in people's souls".  Labour didn't confront NI because NI "too powerful".  Big boy/short pants.
Skinner: Unhappy with Cameron's response to his question and gave him the finger.
McShane: Another candidate for adenoid removal (from the neck up).
Bercow: Announced "urgent" inquiry into #piegate and said "lessons will be learned".  Didn't rebuke Skinner for his vulgarity (in fact he cut short Cameron as he was complaining).  Intervened many times, incl. telling MPs that "the public doesn't like it" when telling them to be quiet and not get "so excited".  Wrongly called Westminster "the Mother of Parliaments" - it isn't, it's England (h/t Archbishop Cranmer for spotting that one).
Bryant: So up himself he's in danger of disappearing.
Vaz: *&?**^%!!!
Almost everyone else:  Depraved, evil.

That's about as much as I gleaned without repeating what a House of braying donkeys they are.  They all seemed to have something to say (Bercow estimated between 136/138 backbenchers had asked questions) and though I didn't hear it all you can bet your last gold bar that it ran pretty much true to form.  Patsy questions, partisan questions, repetitive questions, obtuse questions, vindictive questions.  I resent the way they stand up to say they know what we're thinking and are acting in our best interests.    If they're so telepathic half of them wouldn't be there, they'd be in jail, and the other half would have pulled us out of the EU by now.

It's ongoing as I write but you can get the flavour of it.  I'll post VIDEOS later though doubt we'll get what I want, which is a focus on Skinner's hand action.  Here he is, modelling 'Gent in the English Countryside look' while promoting bingo:

Cameron's Statement:

Miliband and b/bench responses to follow.


Comment from LiarPoliticians: "France24 and La7 are the latest copyright a-holes. They claim that a clip of David Cameron giving a statement in parliament on phone hacking scandal is owned by the French. Go f*ck yourselves. The video is owned by the people of the UK, not the French."

* petp = please excuse the pun
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