"If ye love wealth better than liberty, the tranquility of servitude better than the animating contest of freedom, go home from us in peace. We ask not your counsels or your arms. Crouch down and lick the hands which feed you. May your chains set lightly upon you, and may posterity forget that you were our countrymen."

Wednesday, 31 August 2011

Muffled Vociferation: The Stench of Corruption Can't Get Any Stronger

The Stench of Corruption Can't Get Any Stronger

Saddest Post Of The Day

Actually, it's one of the saddest things I've read in the blogosphere for a while:
Thank you for all of your support over the last two years with OLS! It has been an adventure of learning. I realized that no matter how corrupt, upsetting, and crazy the news story was, there was not much we could really do about it. So we have a choice to live unhappy and be upset, or throw ourselves back in the matrix and make the best of the years we have left to live. If you have learned anything with OLS, I hope it is your ability to decipher what may be the true meaning behind some stories. So, live your life and be happy because dwelling on things that we can't change doesn't help any of us......Thanks again!
~ OLS ~

Goodbye, and thanks for the companionship along the way. Be happy & content.

Devastating The UK

A talk by Trevor Colman MEP to the Bournemouth branch of the British Constitution Group. It's factual but not exactly sparkling - I thought an hour of this would help me sleep and I’m posting it for any other insomniacs out there:

UPDATE: Colman begins by addressing the fact that few people seem to be aware of the true extent of EU control over our country or the erosion of sovereignty. He runs briefly through six treaties that governments since Heath have nodded through on a basketful of lies to the British people. It's actually very good, the only thing soporific about the video is Colman's Cornish accent!  Well worth passing around to friends or family who would like to be more informed.

Tuesday, 30 August 2011

Got The Blues

I've got the blues: a black dog, monkey on my back sort of day and, as usual, the monkey is politics.

The people we're helping
The people who "rule" us
The people who write in newspapers
Surprise, surprise
Arrested for "lack of common sense" in the US

The front pages:

The Daily Express
The Guardian
The Sun
The Independent
The Daily Telegraph
The Daily Mail

I mustn't forget The Daily Star.  Eighty-eight MPs signed an EDM calling on the BBC to include the DS in their regular newspaper reviews.  The EDM itself, put forward by Ian Lavery MP, has gone awol.  EDMs cost an average of £290 each and are essentially puff pieces for MPs to raise their own profile in the HoC: there were 1428 in the 2009-10 session of Parliament.

It's a rare occasion if the msm reports what the independent blogs report. THIS, is the most recent example - it's mentioned nowhere in the msm.  Not only do the press not report fully or without bias but they disseminate "untruths". Untruths are leftie-lie-speak, but we don't like lies, no-one ever lies; so they just forget to tell us things.

There's too much 'shock' and 'outrage', too many pendulums. We don't need winding up, only to be 'saved' by government intervention, and wound down again.  If you look closely at the news we're often presented with horrific scenarios juxtaposed with heart-melting animal or children stories: our 4th Estate has become the Mills & Boon of news reporting.

We live in a country that seems to be in perpetual fear of others and a permanent state of outrage, not only ready to take the slightest offence but actively looking for reasons to be offended and encouraged to do so by regulation and law.  People aren't afraid of their government, they're afraid of each other.  This needs to be turned on its head so that the government is afraid of the people because, after all, we do elect them and pay them to represent us.

Ultimately, people need to know the facts so they can make "an informed decision" (that's a great phrase by the way and much loved of Lefties when talking about public services and 'localism').  When was the British electorate last able to make "an informed decision"?

Shock, horror, outrage? By all means, but the government says: just so long as it isn't shock at innocent people dying from tasering; be horrified, as long as it isn't at NHS neglect; be outraged, as long is it isn't at government vacuity, incompetence and dereliction of duty.

One of the best posts this week is THIS, which highlights the disparity between those who rule and those who do not.  It's time more people knew about paedophilia in high places.

I also liked THIS and  THIS very much.  The UAF forgot Pastor Neimoller's words, if they ever knew them in the first place.

"Any time you're thinking evil, you're thinking about the blues."

Monday, 29 August 2011

A WTF Moment: EU Jewish Parliament

Europe's Jews to have own Parliament

The European Jewish Parliament shall be designed in a framework of 120 members, who will consist of representatives from all walks of life including; public figures, lay leaders, politicians, artists, writers, musicians, youth leaders and religious mentors, with the common denominator being their Jewish identity and passion for furthering Jewish interests on an international scale.
The Parliament headquarters are to be based in Brussels with regular General Assemblies. The Parliament's constitution will be prepared in the first year by a Constitution Committee, which will be established immediately after the elections and will consist of members of the Parliament. The draft constitution will be presented for debate, review and vote by the General Assembly.

Good News Day

This doesn't really qualify because the warnings of men like Robert Welch were ignored or ridiculed by the mainstream at the time. It's cold comfort to see how prophetic they now seem but it is 'good news' in that more people are taking notice now. Here are the five main points Welch mentions towards the end of the video and they apply equally to Great Britain & N.Ireland:
  1. Restore complete independence to the US.
  2. Return to gold-backed currency.
  3. Reduce size of federal government by at least 50%.
  4. Withdraw American troops everywhere except for congressional declarations of war.
  5. Get government out of the areas not authorised by the Constitution.


Good News Day

Right, it's official - there isn't any so I've decided to just do the best I can.

Scottish Football clamps down on nazis, fascists and knuckle-draggers: The global symbol of oppression has been banned by Stranraer FC. "You may take our flags but you'll never take our freedom."

IMF issues another warning to European banks: Lagarde's comments are expected to spook the markets even more with potentially catastrophic results for the Euro. Yay!

Millions of Brits discover how to handle government policies: Middle-class Britons reveal how they cope with Downing Street Syndrome and BBC-itis.

al-Megrahi in a spot of bother after his medication is "stolen": NATO and the UN are not looking for a man with a Scottish accent wearing a pin-striped suit and a bowler hat who was seen lurking near al-Megrahi's hospital bed.

Let's hear it for China:  The only country where the cost of internal security is higher than the budget for national defence. Theresa May is said to be interested in setting up a two-way inter-governmental conference to see what lessons can be learned.

America's most controversial Imam offers blueprint for peace: He tells Edinburgh's Festival of Spirituality and Peace that the only way forward for a truly enlightened and harmonious society is to incorporate Shari'a law into British & American legal systems.

A government adviser says don't worry about immigration: The population of England will soon fall drastically and alleviate the burden on the transport system, education and the NHS.

G4S staff pull the other one and find it's got bells on: Taxpayers will foot the bill after criminal legged it.

Ugly stick found abroad: Plenty of work found in Germany.

No spin needed: Chocolate is good for you and can cut risk of heart disease, diabetes and strokes.

I'll keep looking; if anyone finds something please let me know. There has to be something somewhere that isn't connected with chocolate.

Bank Holiday Monday

Because it's Bank Holiday Monday I thought I'd do something different and post only good news today. I've been searching for one and a half hours so far; I'll be back when I find something.

Sunday, 28 August 2011

Blast From The Past

Quite literally. This is in memory of Sgt John MacAleese who led the SAS team that ended the siege at the Iranian Embassy thirty-one years ago.  I'm sure it wasn't the only brave act he did in his life but it's the only one the BBC have captured on film.

The video is age-restricted by YouTube but there are many more shorter clips and longer documentaries if you want to delve. I chose this one because it also shows the change in delivery of BBC News over thirty years.

Daily Telegraph obituary

As an aside, I can't see this happening today. No recent Prime Minister has had the bottle and the BBC has become an interpreter of news rather than a reporter.

Sgt MacAleese comforts his family as his son's body passes through Wootton Bassett in 2009.

Sunday Reflection

Sunday Round-up

The Sunday papers seem to be doing a re-run of April Fool's Day today and, as usual, it's read-the-small-print time.

Potential recruits to the EDL are being targeted by security forces in the same way as those under the influence of Islamic extremism.

Zil lanes revealed for Olympics 2012.
  • Along the Olympic routes all non-Olympic traffic, including private cars, lorries, buses and taxis, will have to use the bus lane. The outside lane will be reserved for Olympic officials.
  • Transport chiefs will remove pedestrian crossings along the route to make way for the VIP lanes.
  • Right turns will be banned on junctions on the route to ensure traffic does not hold up the Olympic dignitaries.
The DfID lose millions on the currency markets. Conservatives still blaming Labour.

Want an interest-free loan? Become an MP.

Group of doctors won't give up on judicial challenge on government refusal to hold Dr David Kelly inquest.

The future of the Union: Scottish writers give their opinions. 'I want Scotland to be Scottish through and through. I hate to hear English accents in the shops there'.

Housing development companies are sitting on land to await changes to the Planning laws. Much of it is on Green Belt and currently lacks planning permission.

Energy companies buy US mobile radar systems to overcome military objections to wind farms.

Fail. Labour's plan of attack on Cameron - to label him "right-wing". Are they deaf and blind as well as daft.

Nothing here we didn't already know - but Cameron apparently had no idea of the scale when he made his so-called 'pledge'. New pumps for petrol stations:

'Already, the sheer volume of new rules from the EU has forced David Cameron to abandon his plan to make departments scrap a regulation every time they want to introduce a new one.'
Financial meltdown is a "beneficial crisis":
It might come as a surprise, then, after such turmoil in the financial world and the ugly riots in the streets of Athens, to realise that in the eyes of those Eurocrats who inhabit the Brussels bubble, things are going pretty well.

That’s because the present euro crisis is an inevitable consequence of a deliberate choice. For them it is all part of a greater long-term project: a ‘beneficial crisis’ that will help hasten their ultimate goal of a federal European state.
The Legal Aid, Sentencing & Punishment of Offenders Bill will be debated next month and promises tougher measures against convicts.

£1m benefit fraudster & illegal immigrant can't be deported back to Nigeria because of his Human Rights.

Smith's husband in touting for work row as his 'Consultancy' offers to work for MPs.

Smith's consultancy work includes one-to-one mentoring and should be reported under the Trades Description Act for also offering: "witty, thoughtful and intelligent after dinner speeches”.

Curiosity stirred and questions raised about Mandelson's business dealings as he does a Blair.

Supermarket managers to be sent into potential riot areas to provide guidance & assistance.

Finding it hard to feel sympathy for this one: Rioters targeted by other prisoners

Rubber bullets used on French revellers in Spain but the article still blames the Brits.

America Live updates on Irene.

One liners:
No chat please, we're nurses
Health & Safety hits Windsor Castle
Infantilism and emotional claptrap
Welsh: "an appalling and moribund monkey language, which hasn't had a new noun since the Middle Ages"
£80 fine for "attack" with foam string

Sgt John McAleese, RIP

Belgian GP: Spa 1961

Saturday, 27 August 2011

Psst...Wanna Sex Box?

Switzerland may only be half-in/half-out of the EU but she still follows UN guidelines:
“We currently live in an over-sexualised society. There is uncontrolled distribution of pornographic material that can reach young children. Some primary school children know the TV schedule until 2am. We would like to offer these children firm support, which is often not available in the family. The box is only an aid. I trust the teachers to approach the material with care.”
You probably won't be surprised to learn that England was one of the first countries to take up these UN 'guidelines' in 2009:
The new guidelines come after the Government ruled that sex education classes will be made compulsory in English schools.
HERE is the original UN Report so you can read it and judge the intent for yourselves and below is a video:

The over-weening bureaucrats have taken over our lives and those of our children. They tax us and then take from us every single liberty it's possible for a free man to enjoy. You can't eat, you can't drink, you can't smoke, you can't park outside your home or walk your dog in the park, you can't forage, you can't grow your own food and give surplus to neighbours or good causes, you can't do this and you can't do that.  In short, you can't think, you can't speak  & you can't act without permission without someone stepping in to take offence and someone else stepping in to take a fine.

In 2009 they made a last grab for your children and you didn't even whimper.

For The Record

Two people have told me how disappointed they are with the paltry number of signatories to the Daily Express e-petition for an in/out referendum on the EU so I'm posting this for the record. I reckon that if I know of two, you probably know of two as well, and so on, so spread the word.

The Daily Express, who instigated the e-petition, will be adding their paper signatures to the total - and apparently they already have in the region of 70,000 paper signatures. The e-petition has a truly measly 23,000 but add those to the ones already collected and we're nearly there.

Read the article linked to above; it's there in black and white amidst all the hype. Just keep pushing the link below. There's an e-petition from me on the website too, but there's no point pushing that or any of the others because that will simply fragment the votes. The one below is the petition to push.

Once the 100,000 barrier is breached more people will be aware of what this government is made of (blancmange).   It's no good sitting back and saying the government have no intention to pull us out of the EU so there's no point signing: prove that the government are a waste of space by signing it and making them confront it.  It's time the issue was forced and we're nearly there.

We demand an In/Out Referendum on the EU

Condell: A European Revolution

Not before time, Pat Condell turns his attention to the EU and our government:

H/t: Muffled Vociferation

We demand an In/Out Referendum on the EU

Friday, 26 August 2011

Music For Making Love

UPDATE: Three people have come here today in search of the phrase, "I have measured out my life in coffee spoons". THIS is the link they wanted.

Not A Happy Bunny

Sorry, but it's the end of a rotten week and the beginning of a rotten Bank Holiday weekend. Adding insult to injury are the following websites:

"You don't bomb a 'captured' city"
C.I.A. Demands Cuts in Book About 9/11 and Terror Fight
Did NATO stage the Green Square celebration?
Simon Jenkins is a 'tin foiler' too

I'm afraid I'm just left with an overwhelming feeling of 'What's the Point?' On and on and on we go but it's still the LibLabCon con in govt and UKIP and other Parties are nowhere, yet the Greens managed to get Caroline Lucas into Parliament at the last GE.  How?  We're still taxed to the hilt so they can inflict their UN-mandated programmes on us to send us to perdition and back to be taxed all over again.

To be a traitor isn't to betray one's countrymen; to be a traitor is to betray the Crown and nation and that's not the same thing. It's late in the day to bring the majority round to our way of thinking.  Look at the years of education they've had and look at the National Curriculum. Look at the Justice system where Life for murder no longer means Life but is at the discretion of an unelected nobody who thinks a murderer is fit to be released back into society again. Our neighbours could be rapists, youths on ASBOs, paedophiles and murderers - all released into "the Community" by government policy. 'Communities' is a word I'm tired of hearing; it speaks of division and estrangement rather than cohesion.

We've been attacked mentally and physically by tptb and it shows in our feeble resistance to their policies. We're split and fighting each other instead of looking at the bigger picture and the real architects.

It's Them & Us - the government, their minders, the people they've turned -v- Us. We're outnumbered, out-shouted and dying.  I'm English: my country will never be the same again without violence, pogroms and deportations.  See how low we are; how low we are brought.

Watch these tonight, if you can, rather than Newsnight:

Divide & Rule: 1911 debate
The Council House: Mid 18thC onwards

Once again, I find myself back at Square One.

Two Roberts & A Jean

I suppose that Cameron, like his predecessors, doesn't have much time for reading the little things such as history books or Treaties. To think that our way of life, our national sovereignty and the woes of the euro can be laid at the feet of three men and their little helpers:

Robert Schuman:
"By pooling basic production and by instituting a new High Authority, whose decisions will bind France, Germany and other member countries, this proposal will lead to the realization of the first concrete foundation of a European federation indispensable to the preservation of peace."
Jean Monnet:
“There will be no peace in Europe if the States rebuild themselves on the basis of national sovereignty, with its implications of prestige politics and economic protection (...). The countries of Europe are not strong enough individually to be able to guarantee prosperity and social development for their peoples. The States of Europe must therefore form a federation or a European entity that would make them into a common economic unit.”
And three links for Nobel Laureate:

Robert Mundell

Robert Mundell

Robert Mundell:
"To pull the euro area out of crisis, policies are needed for the short run, intermediate run and long run."

Thursday, 25 August 2011

How To Harangue Leftie-Style

And get thrown out on your @rse:

H/t: It don't make sense

At least this woman with many sisters, brothers and uncles isn't my next-door neighbour.

You know exactly what the reaction would have been had she been a member of the EDL calling for the withdrawal from sale of halal products.

Did You Know...

... that this week is UN-designated "Water and Forest Week"? No? Shame on you for not keeping up with Our Master's Voice.

F/it - don't they realise that the more they interfere, the worse it gets? I wouldn't mind so much if their advice was restricted to those countries that need it, say, Brazil or the Singing Sands of the Empty Quarter, but no, they inflict the outcome of their workshops on us too in a one-for-all & all-for-one mentality, just like the euro. When will they learn that it's impossible to 'harmonise' landscapes from different geographic areas, just as it's impossible to 'harmonise' the people of disparate continents.

Our streams and woodlands have thrived through centuries of municipal neglect and given untold enjoyment to millions of people.


Only Forty-two Jailed

According to BBC News the Met Police have done a good job in catching more than 2,000 rioters/looters of whom 1,135 have been charged.

954 have already appeared in Court;
82 have been sentenced;
42 given a prison term;
57 unaccounted for in the system;
865 caught but not charged.

I assume from the figures that some are out on bail, rather than on remand, pending a Crown Court hearing. The Courts could be awaiting Reports from social workers and the like before sentencing and others escaped with only a Caution. Who knows what goes on in the minds of some of our ipsy-dipsy Magistrates and the CPS these days.

It's time our Courts and the CPS did their job too and backed up the Police on something like this. It was, after all, widely acknowledged by government and politicians to be unprecedented - so let's have some 'unprecedented' sentences.

Was this riot, arson and looting or a cheeky bit of opportunistic shoplifting and little boys playing with matches? 865 not charged seems to suggest the latter.

And where is Ken Clarke, by the way?

Compare & Contrast

I know this is superficial and simplistic but, what the heck, sometimes there's no better way to make a point:

Obama supporters:


Ron Paul supporters:

From the Ron Paul Campaign:

Revolution PAC Superbomb

A Musing

There's been a subtle change of tactics from the EU; instead of just overt directives and regulations announced in its name we now also have inter-governmental agreements with no reference to the EU's role.

The most obvious example is defence & defence procurement where we see what's called "closer co-operation" or "co-ordination" between countries:
Eurpean Air Group (Belgium, France, Germany, Italy, Spain, UK)
European Airlift Centre (Belgium, France, Germany, Italy, Netherlands, Spain, UK)
Sealift Co-ordination Centre (Netherlands and UK)
European Amphibious Initiative (France, Italy, Netherlands, Spain, UK)
Standby High Readiness Brigade (AU, DK, SU, IRL, I, LIT, N, NOR, PL, P, SLOVENIA, E, SV)
SE Europe Brigade (Greece, Italy, Slovenia)
Nordic Co-Ordinated Arrangement for Military Peace support (Finland, Sweden, Denmark)
EUROCORPS – Germany, Belgium, Spain, France, France, Luxembourg
EUROFOR – France, Italy, Portugal, Spain
EUROMARFOR – France, Italy, Portugal, Spain
What prompted this musing was Osborne's announcement of having negotiated "an historic deal" on tax evasion with Switzerland.  The talks were said to be held in secret, yet it's been known about for ages and even mentioned here.

What rankles with me is that the impression given is that this is something negotiated between two countries without EU involvement when, in actual fact, it's at the behest of the EU and to comply with directives.  Not only that but so far as I'm able to make out, the British government needed prior permission from the European Commission to open negotiations with Switzerland.  No doubt we can expect future announcements from the Chancellor regarding 'historic deals' done with Lichtenstein, Monaco, Andorra and San Marino.

Another annoying example today is the reporting of the creation and development of  Regional Development Agencies as John Prescott's 'dream' when we all know he was merely following orders.

To sum up, it looks as though the way forward is to give the appearance of independent inter-governmental agreements rather than EU diktats.  I just wanted to get it off my chest!
EU Savings Tax Directive
EU Savings Tax Directive2

UPDATE: See also Wall Street Journal

PS: There's something else going on here; wheels within wheels, but I haven't figured it out yet. If you have, let me know.  Do Osborne & Cameron really have something up their sleeves?

Wednesday, 24 August 2011

The Killing Of A Dream

While Libya is in a state of uncertainty  and the Western Press and politicians continue to be both guarded and speculative, I just wondered if we're missing something in the bigger picture:

December 2010: A young university-educated man, who could only find work as a market trader, torches himself in Tunisia after the police rescind his trader's licence.
January 2011: A Coptic Church is bombed in a suicide attack in Egypt  and twenty-one people die.
January 2011: Protests about unemployment and the price of food begin in Algeria.
January 2011: Gaddafi condemns the uprising in Tunisia and first reports of unrest in Libya emerge.
January 2011: Protests begin in Yemen as opposition activists are jailed.
January 2011: A "Day of Rage" in Lebanon as people protest the appointment of a Hezbollah-backed successor to the PM.
January 2011: Unrest spreads to Jordan  and people take to the streets demanding "political change".
January 2011: Gazans take to the streets to protest against 'concessions' to Israel in peace talks.
February 2011: Protests, conflict & negotiation continue in Egypt, Algeria, Jordan and Yemen.
February 2011: Protesters killed by 'Security Forces' in Pearl Square, Bahrain at anti-government demonstrations.
March 2011: Protests begin in Iraq.
March 2011: Obama calls for Gaddafi to stand down after reprisals against protesters.
March 2011: UNSCR No. 1972 is passed and UK/France scramble to put together a no-fly zone.
March 2011: Saudi Arabian 'Security Forces' emerge to quell possible uprisings in major Saudi cities.
March 2011: More protests in Gaza.
March 2011: Protests spread to Iran.
March 2011: Morocco is swept up in the protests.
March 2011: Saudi Forces move into Bahrain to protect the Monarchy.  Protesters not killed begin to 'disappear'. Bahraini protests are crushed.

For the remainder of March and to-date, the news has been pretty much full of Libya so here's Bahrain's story, and it doesn't make comfortable reading.  Instead of watching Newsnight claptrap (the NATO spokeswoman was a peach) I suggest this, and while you're watching, spare a thought for the US 5th Fleet:

British Treaties and the al-Khalifas

H/t to The Guardian for the graphic that helped me put together the timeline.

Jacqui In The Spotlight, Again

Trougher and former-Home Secretary Jacqui Smith  has rarely been off our airwaves since she failed to be re-elected in May 2010. She's regularly hauled on as a pundit to comment on political programmes such as The Week, Question Time, Newsnight and The Daily Politics - it's astounding how the BBC are doing their best to fill the gap in her income.

This week she's a guest presenter on LBC Radio; yesterday I had the misfortune to catch her asking listeners to call in and tell her why the government should be more involved in controlling people's health. Fortunately, from the half-hour segment I heard, most of the callers emphasised the need for personal responsibility and said the government should butt out of our lives. The only support she received was from a woman who ran some sort of charity for fatties that's in danger of losing government/taxpayer funds.

She-who-should-be-shunned is making the news this morning instead of commenting on it. It seems that two convicts on day release to a local charity have been re-decorating her home instead of working on community projects. The prison is "launching an investigation" into how the charity sent them to do unpaid work at Smith's home instead of benefiting the community at large.

Not much of a story I suppose, in that it won't address the fundamental problem of the proliferation of these Fake Charities which in reality are nothing more than an arm of the State. but it does give another opportunity to watch the surly sow deliver her reluctant apology to Parliament:

UPDATE: It seems that Smith donated pot plants in return for the work on the house prior to renting it out.

Tuesday, 23 August 2011

For The Record

The draft agenda of EU plenary sessions is now available. Let joy be unconfined.

The leuves of breuwn came teumbling deuwn, remeumber,
In Septeumber
In the reun
The seun weunt eut jeust leuke a deuing eumber
That Septeumber in the reun...

Say 'Hello' To TASS

(... and Labour Party policy and Liberal Democrat Party policy).

Yes, it's another acronym and therefore it must be EU-related.

Heathrow Airport is going to be the testing ground for the "Total Airport Security System" during Olympics 2012 but I've got news for Euro Correspondent: we're not in the slightest bit surprised that we're paying for it.

Why and how has this TASS consortium qualified for an EU research grant? As the article points out, the beneficiaries will be private mega-companies:
"The TASS consortium includes airport operator BAA, which is obviously in need of an EU hand out, having made a £200 million loss last year. But the lead roles are being taken by firms from Israel, not an EU country at last checking. VERINT Systems (Israel) will coordinate, while monitoring know-how will be provided by Elbit Security Systems. Elbit's supply of surveillance cameras to the West Bank wall have led to it being dropped by some pension funds, and the Commission itself considers the separation barrier illegal where it is built on Palestinian land.

Considering that the project will result in a high-tech system that can profitably marketed to airports around the world, it is unclear why the Commission needs to fund it at all. Defence giant BAE Systems is also taking part, being clearly unable to fund research and development from its £1 billion 2010 profit. BAE is separately involved in 12 similar EU research projects, funded with another £71 million in taxpayers' cash."
Figures emerged last week to show that the basic tax rate, including Nat.Insurance, is 40+% and, according to the ASI, Tax Freedom Day is now the 30th May in Great Britain - that means we work a full five months before we earn any cash for ourselves.   I'd like to know exactly how much is siphoned off through the back door of Downing Street to the EU so that they can play Lord & Lady Bountiful to mega-rich multi-nats while our own people are told 'we're all in it together.'  My eye and Betty Martin we are.

I ask again, why are these private corporations being funded by taxpayers' money which has been siphoned off to the EU by our pathetic shower of wastrels in the Westminster Executive?  The answer is, "Because they can; because we let them."

My thanks to Max Farquar for this pic.

Of Knees, Jerks, Fiddles & Flames

As the song says: "Just around the corner, there's a rainbow in the sky, so let's have another cup of coffee, and let's have another piece of pie."

The knees:
This has stirred a fair amount of reaction this morning: details of 'prisoner processing strategy' for Operation Withern have been released. It states that no-one arrested in or after the riots should be let off with a caution – regardless of the offence – and that everyone arrested should be held in custody, with a recommendation that bail should also be denied when the case first goes to court.

In fairness, I'm not sure this should go under Knees at all; it seems perfectly reasonable to me and I think it's a bit much that looting is being treated the same as theft.

The jerks:
Prosecutors look likely to drop all charges against Dominique Strauss-Kahn. Any bets on how much money changed hands? DSK's 'support team' were widely reported to be in Guinea within days of the allegation first being made, offering the maid's dirt-poor family wads of cash to drop the charges.

There's no fuele like an EU fuele. EU donates another 115m euros to the 'Occupied Palestinian Territory' for "state building". "This support shows clearly the EU's standing commitment to the two-state solution, by supporting those institutions which will help to form the Palestinian state." Stefan Fuele was speaking in his capacity as EU Commissioner for Enlargement - just how big does the EU want to be? Wider still and wider shall her bounds be set.

Hot on the heels of the disclosure that roughly two-thirds of Council CEOs have awarded themselves pay rises comes the news that Norfolk CC has closed 300 youth projects. Not only that but:
"A notice on Norfolk Constabulary headed paper spells out the terms of a dispersal order: within the marked area, groups of two or more youngsters can be broken up by police not only if they have caused intimidation, harassment, alarm or distress to members of the public but also if their behaviour is deemed likely to do so."
Any list of jerks wouldn't be complete without the obligatory mention of Health & Safety.  Marines previously in 'conflict events' with Somali pirates wanted to show a re-enactment at the Royal Edinburgh Military Tattoo but that was before H&S stepped in:
A senior military source said: "Historic Scotland thought everything looked far too dangerous and the Marines were told to tone everything down. That included abseiling down the walls of the castle and the re-enactment of the fast roping on to the 'captured' ship. The Marines were also not permitted to shoot the pirates. Instead all the bad guys surrender. It is all a bit sad really."

The fiddles:
Like everything else EU that's been a proven failure the europratocracy just won't let the zombie currency rest in peace.

Moody's is warning that demands for collateral for Greek loans are unravelling the so-called rescue package. Merkel & Sarkozy can hold as many meetings as they wish and make as many self-satisfied announcements too but facts are facts. If the Greeks could afford the collateral they wouldn't need the bail-outs; all they have left are their islands, cultural heritage and infrastructure and I can't see them selling Crete or Kalavryta to the Germans. I doubt Papandreou would relish the thought of his political legacy being likened to that of, say, Tsolakoglou.

It's time the taxpayer stopped funding Union activity within central and local government.  If employees want to support the Unions, let them do it with their own cash and not thieve from the public purse.

The flames:
After the back-slapping and celebrations Libya still has a long way to go and, as if things weren't bad enough, after Buzek and van Rompuy & Barroso's pronouncements, Cathy Ashton is also pushing the EU agenda.

No surprises that the list of jerks is the longest, though I seem to have lost a paragraph in fiddles to editing somewhere along the way. You can probably name your own topic and nature of fiddle and guess correctly what it was - perm any one from a hundred possibilities.

It's absolutely tipping down with rain here but there's still no sign of that rainbow.  Fortunately, I've got plenty of coffee and pie and I can afford to wait a while longer.

Monday, 22 August 2011


As fighting continues in Tripoli, it's being reported by Sky that the South African Broadcaster, SABC, has announced that Angola has offered asylum to Gaddafi. You only need look at the Angolan flag to see how they suit each other and Angola is apparently creaking with oil and diamonds, though you wouldn't know it from the destitution of the people.  Gaddafi will feel right at home there though I suspect he'd prefer to retire to London.

Pro-Gaddafi snipers are on the loose and tanks are still on the streets. Despite the fantastic display of celebratory fireworks in this part of London last night it looks as though it will be a few days before it all settles down and an interim government can be formed.

I hope the two pundits I heard on the radio this morning are wrong: they both predicted tribal conflict and a civil war.

I almost forgot THIS. It's a statement from Jerzy Buzek, President of the European Parliament, welcoming the freedom and liberation of the Libyan people and ushering in a new era of democracy.
"Now is the time of democratic transition. Now is the time of parliaments and legislators. The European Parliament will continue supporting the Libyan people in their efforts of building a pluralist political landscape and in the preparation of the historic elections to come.

"The struggle against the regime might end today, but the struggle for democracy is only beginning. We have a responsibility to protect democracy."
I'm sure you know what I think about that.

Are We Choking Yet?

Here are two stories from the States, just to show that the problems we experience with over-bearing authoritarian diktats and officious police offers aren't exclusive to us or to the Continent. The rioting isn't exclusive to us either; most countries seem to be affected to a degree though there's little reporting of it unless you read foreign press or blogs.

(1) An increase in number of books banned in schools


Sunday, 21 August 2011

I Know It Sounds Nuts But..

... I believe that on the horizon is the biggest shake-up of England since 1066.

I have nothing against those who earn a fair day's pay for a fair day's work but our politicians, our government and the banksters don't deliver. Where do those who tend towards right-wing economics but have a compassionate heart go? Our three mainstream political parties have made it impossible to vote for the LibLabCon.

"Everybody knows that the dice are loaded
Everybody rolls with their fingers crossed
Everybody knows that the war is over
Everybody knows the good guys lost
Everybody knows the fight was fixed
The poor stay poor, the rich get rich
That's how it goes
Everybody knows

Everybody knows that the boat is leaking
Everybody knows that the captain lied
Everybody got this broken feeling
Like their father or their dog just died

Everybody talking to their pockets
Everybody wants a box of chocolates
And a long stem rose
Everybody knows

Everybody knows that you love me baby
Everybody knows that you really do
Everybody knows that you've been faithful
Ah give or take a night or two
Everybody knows you've been discreet
But there were so many people you just had to meet
Without your clothes
And everybody knows

Everybody knows, everybody knows
That's how it goes
Everybody knows

Everybody knows, everybody knows
That's how it goes
Everybody knows

And everybody knows that it's now or never
Everybody knows that it's me or you
And everybody knows that you live forever
Ah when you've done a line or two
Everybody knows the deal is rotten
Old black Joe's still pickin' cotton
For your ribbons and bows
And everybody knows

And everybody knows that the plague is coming
Everybody knows that it's moving fast
Everybody knows that the naked man and woman
Are just a shining artifact of the past
Everybody knows the scene is dead
But there's gonna be a meter on your bed
That will disclose
What everybody knows

And everybody knows that you're in trouble
Everybody knows what you've been through
From the bloody cross on top of Calvary
To the beach of Malibu
Everybody knows it's coming apart
Take one last look at this sacred heart
Before it blows
And everybody knows

Everybody knows, everybody knows
That's how it goes
Everybody knows

Oh, everybody knows, everybody knows
That's how it goes
Everybody knows."

A Quiet Sunday WHEDFU

I like quiet & peaceful Sundays; it's the way life's supposed to be. Away from work and politics, blue sky, low sun - it's lovely, and such a change from yesterday's downpour.

One son went to the opera for the second time in a fortnight (yes, I know, but there's a girl involved) telling me it was based on a Shakespeare play about two lesbians by "Giacomo Somebody-or other". It turns out it was Mozart's Cosi Fan Tutte (boy, is he going to be disappointed).  Another son is whizz-kidding his way around computers and is so engrossed that I only see him when the kettle boils for tea or the smell of cooking emanates from the kitchen.

I'm probably not alone in noticing how the front pages of the papers are reporting on Libya, Syria, Egypt and the Middle East in general lately with our own domestic politics largely confined to the inside pages or smaller front page paragraphs. Even NewsnetScotland is taken up with Libya and al-Megrahi and Germany and France have the same problems.

All the topics in the British media are presented as little things but they add up to a greater whole: the British Bill of Rights; closing down media comms; ACPO; troughing on a grand scale; the NHS; state education; the police force; the welfare state. They're all separate articles or reports but what they add up to is a grand re-organisation of our country's infrastructure along the lines of the EU-preferred model. It will be a shake-up of our politics but a shake-down for us.

Have a look at THIS front page of the EUISS, for example.
The European Union Institute for Security Studies (EUISS) is an agency of the European Union. It operates under the Union's Common Foreign and Security Policy (CFSP). The EUISS is an autonomous agency with full intellectual freedom. As a think tank it researches security issues of relevance for the EU and provides a forum for debate. In its capacity as an EU agency, it also offers analyses and forecasting to the High Representative for Foreign Affairs and Security Policy.
I've obviously had a mis-spent youth; I thought that 'autonomous' meant independent or self-contained rather than beholden to another institution for funds and patronage.

I've been waiting patiently for more than a year for BrusselsLeaks to get its act together but, apart from a tantalising message in March this year that they were "coming soon", there's been nothing.  I wonder why.

Turkish airstrikes on Northern Iraq are continuing but aren't mentioned. Perhaps the Kurds aren't as important as Bono, Bercow and Bieber.

Bulgaria, a member of the EU since 2007, also has its problems.  Its biggest oil company hasn't been paying its taxes.  No surprises really:  globalised corporations = globalised scams.

Instead of getting their own house in order the EU is considering banning the import of Syrian oil .  Nose, face, spite, cut.

In England, which doesn't officially exist any more, the government and the Crown Estate have attempted to downplay concerns about its investment in the UK's fledgling offshore wind industry, after plans to build a giant 10MW turbine in Newcastle were this week shelved.  I'd like to think this was because the govt realise that climate change and its taxes were a pox on the people but, sadly, I don't think it is.  There's no investment in our country, no manufacturing and only the financial services sector keeping us afloat at the moment.  We're going down.

As for Cameron sorting out the Human Rights Act as founder signatories of the ECHR and working from 'within Europe', I have as much faith in that as in the scientists who think aliens will blast us out of the universe because our carbon emissions are threatening the planet.

There's something nasty in the woodshed and it's about time we went in with a pitchfork to uncover the truth.  Our government can't be allowed to continue down this path; if it does, we will see the end of this country as a sovereign nation openly acknowledged in the media and, when that happens,  it will be too late for anything other than violence - and I'm not talking #Londonriots.   No wonder they're looking at more powers to restrain freedom of speech and freedom of association with a 'new & shiny' Bill of Rights.  Don't trust them.

Sunday Reflection

Sunday Round-up

This week's audio accompaniment:

Cameron writes in the Sunday Express. The cure for our ills: the 'British Bill of Rights' to replace the 1689 English Bill of Rights, a bike-repairing scheme for youngsters and fighting for changes to the ECHR from within Europe.

Icap will quit London if EU Financial Transaction Tax is implemented. Deutsche-Bank also warns of French & German bank exit from EU.

Newly-formed eurosceptic group to meet for first time next month and will no doubt go the way of all the other 'eurosceptic' groups.

The real Plastic Plod. "The sight of Sir Hugh on TV wearing the made-up uniform has bewildered and puzzled other senior officers. This uniform does not belong to any police force. It has no constitutional or legal basis, especially the hat he wears."

Deadline for applications to succeed Met Commissioner extended. It seems no-one wants the job, prompting "scenes of panic at high levels of the government".

200+ police officers caught accessing PNC illegal with some passing info to criminals.

Government & police study feasibility of shutting down communications during riots. It emerges that police considered shutting down Twitter but monitoring of info enabled them to better handle the riots and looting.

Court of Appeal makes it easier for paedophiles to see their children and weakens the ability of judges to place restrictions on access.

English students opt to study abroad. Foreign universities benefit from rising tuition fees and lack of places at British unis.

Overall student debt could rise to c.£200bn. English students forced to study abroad.

Local activists fight back against Lydd Airport expansion putting them at odds with local businesses. "We really need the airport to be developed. There's no employment here for the youngsters; they're leaving or causing trouble. The bank's closed down and there are fewer shops. People do their shopping in Romney Marsh now. This town is dying."

'Spy in a bag' inquest to go ahead without a jury.

A Lancashire council becomes first to abolish bin collections. Bin collection policy seems to be the only area where our feckless local authorities don't want to copy the European model.

Notting Hill Riots Carnival given go-ahead as Met double police numbers to 20,000 and organisers moot a 7pm curfew.

Military top brass 'using helicopters like taxis'. Under attack for setting a poor example of austerity cuts to the rank and file - pretty much like Civil Servants, MPs and Ministers generally:

MoT rules to be relaxed despite warnings of safety risks. Whatever they say you can bet it will end up 'harmonised' with the Continent.

Blair: Cameron shouldn't play politics with the riots Pot, kettle, biscuit, takes.

Peter Hitchens: "The Great Faker". "Mr Cameron also declared that ‘government cannot legislate to change behaviour’. This is both defeatist and untrue. The whole Fabian socialist project, which revolutionised our nation throughout the 20th Century and which eventually took over the Tory Party itself, was intended to change behaviour, and did so. So is the new programme which has replaced it, the politically correct drive for ‘equality and diversity’."

The Aftershock Survival Summit
Ten ways to introduce an EU tax (and why none of them will work)
Photos & prophecies from Nouriel Roubini

Cyril Ornadel, 1924 - 2011, RIP

Finally, a h/t to Vlad Tepes for this video about YouTube removing videos critical of Shari'a/Islam:

Saturday, 20 August 2011

GoV: A Norwegian Muslim’s Voice Crying in the Wilderness

Gates of Vienna: A Norwegian Muslim’s Voice Crying in the Wilderness

A disturbing article from Dymphna.

How To Apologise

Here's something to lighten the gloom of a very rainy day:


UKIP Renew The Attack

Not before time. I've been wondering where UKIP had gone lately, why they weren't more vocal and taking advantage of the current state of the EU. Getting the message across to the British people should be like pushing on an open door yet it doesn't translate into votes - mystifying. They've now teamed up with Jibba Jabba Productions to launch a series of promotional videos targeting a wider audience. The first, below, includes an interview with Lisa Duffy, the UKIP Mayor of Ramsey, who discusses the role of UKIP and its policies in local government. This focus on the domestic front will show people that UKIP isn't only about EU withdrawal and that, when it comes to local and national elections, there is a viable alternative to the LibLabCon con.

Nigel Farage also has an interesting article in today's Express.
"All the lessons that we learnt in the eighties appear to have been forgotten. If you cut tax rates, people work harder and end up paying more tax. People need incentives to get off benefits and back into work. If we raised the tax free allowance to £12,000 nobody on the minimum wage would pay tax."

Here's a graphic from yesterday's DM showing the true level of current taxation:

Friday, 19 August 2011


"Dear Colleague,

You will be aware that there have been serious outbreaks of disorder across the UK, resulting in widespread looting, arson, criminal damage, burglary etc.

In response HM Government has issued a decree that all retired Police Officers who have served in a UK Police Force  Service will be required to report to the HQ of the Force Service they previously served with.

Here they will be issued with appropriate uniform and equipment to enable them to join serving officers on the front line, dealing with the current situation. According to their physical condition they will be issued with specially designed Zimmer frames, walking sticks, walking frames, wheelchairs & mobility scooters. Where possible such items will be marked with Force Service insignia and black & white chequered tape.

In addtion:

Mobility scooters will be fitted with blue lights and wailers.

Airwave radios have been adapted to accept a connection to hearing aids.

The Government accepts that there will be a need to provide additional specialist equipment, and incontinence pads will be available at a reasonable cost.

There will not be sufficient time to issue new warrant cards, but bus passes will be accepted instead.

SAGA have agreed to provide specialist Public Order vans equipped with ramps and tail-lifts. These will be appropriately marked as "OAP Police Unit" (an abbreviation of 'Old And Past It") and they will be limited to 20mph so as not to alarm the passengers.

For those who are visually impaired, Guide Dogs will be accepted as Police Dogs.

Asthma inhalers can be used instead of CS spray.

Walking sticks are an acceptable alternative to batons.

In acknowledgement of the years of experience such a group will have, all OAP officers will automatically be given the rank that they retired with.

In recognition of the tremendous boost to the Police Service that your involvement will provide, your Pension will be increased by 40p per month during the current situation.

In order to comply with the Government Order, YOU ARE HEREBY COMMANDED to report to New Scotland Yard at 9am on Friday 12th August 2011. This is an intentional date, as of course you will be aware, it is the date known as the Glorious 12th."

By Order
Theresa May, Home Secretary

This Order is also available in large print.

Harley-Davidsons galore to Hogday

Some New Blogs

By which I mean blogs I've come across but aren't on my blogroll simply for reasons of space - there are 60-odd on there already and they spat, differ and are confrontational enough, which is how we like it. I've been waiting for a few to die off at the bottom - those who haven't posted for months and given a reason are automatically dumped - I do try to keep up - but there are more blogs springing to life than those dying.

The Purple Scorpion
Necessity is a Tyrant's Cry
The Pro-choice Smoking Doctor
La Boca de la Cueva
The Grim Reaper Writes
Richard Calhoun
Mitchell-Images, who give us this pic of an ethnic minority being "escorted" by the police:

If I've missed you, I'm sorry - I'll catch you next time round.

Friday Post(s)

As I meandered through my blogroll in search of a 'Friday Post' I realised that I possibly lost my decision-making brain-cell when I stayed up all night and half the morning watching *that* tv series. Nothing is without consequences and just to prove it, there's more than one Friday Post.

Raedwald hits my sweet spot by combining facts with poetic language and music. We may think it's noisy now but this is just the eye of the storm.

Mentioned in Despatches is Autonomous Mind for his persistence about the Met leaks to the Guardian. His efforts have been rewarded with the arrest of a Met Police officer this afternoon - but don't hold your breath to hear it on the BBC or read it in The Guardian.

I include EU Referendum  for reporting on another issue which you won't see picked up anywhere else in any depth, and Muffled Vociferation for the same thing.

My votes for Laugh of the Day go to Englands Freedome, Souldiers Rights and Max Farquar. To Trooper Thompson for reporting that our scientists really don't have any screws loose. No, really! It's science so it must be right. And to Max, just because he's spot-on. Humour can be so cruel.

All those listed in my blogroll are worth reading and I count myself lucky if I have enough time in the day to read them all.

A Funny Thing Happened ...

... on the way to the bedroom. Oo-er Missus, don't!

I was happily minding my own business when one of the boys said he had a tv series I might like. Hmmm, I thought, we've been here before. With the best will in the world some of the new television programmes, particularly on Sky One, are, not to put too fine a point on it, absolute rubbish: terrible dialogue, gratuitous swearing, violence and sex with a paper-thin plot thrown in for good measure. However, it was just before Newsnight was due to begin so I thought I'd dip in, to show willing. After all, if you keep looking a gift-horse in the mouth, one of these days he'll stop knocking on your door.

So, an hour or so later and having missed Newsnight completely I settled down to sleep. Then the voices began: What happens next? What happens next? Oh, shut up, count sheep, go to sleep. Noooo - what happens next? Okay, I'll just have a little peek to see how the next episode begins... ...

Ten hour-long episodes with intermissions for chocolate biscuits and cups of tea is no mean feat. As I prowled silently around the kitchen, willing the kettle into silence, I felt like a naughty 4th-former at Malory Towers who was having a midnight feast from the forbidden tuck hamper.

And that's the tale of how I came to have a missing day yesterday.

I managed to keep up with tanking markets, conflict between Turkey-Iraq, the muted greeting of the Merkel-Sarkozy rescue plan, the Spanish recall of Congress, the arguments about sentencing looters, Delors worrying about his precious EU and race riots in Philadelphia & Wisconsin, to name a few. Blogging, though, was beyond me.

Here are some one-liners you might find interesting.  I'm going to have another cup of coffee while I look around the blogs to see what I've missed:

Foreign IT workers in the UK avoid paying taxes, courtesy of the Govt
Luxembourg minister tells France to fix its public deficit
EU aid for sacked Portuguese workers

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