"If ye love wealth better than liberty, the tranquility of servitude better than the animating contest of freedom, go home from us in peace. We ask not your counsels or your arms. Crouch down and lick the hands which feed you. May your chains set lightly upon you, and may posterity forget that you were our countrymen."

Friday, 19 August 2011

A Funny Thing Happened ...

... on the way to the bedroom. Oo-er Missus, don't!

I was happily minding my own business when one of the boys said he had a tv series I might like. Hmmm, I thought, we've been here before. With the best will in the world some of the new television programmes, particularly on Sky One, are, not to put too fine a point on it, absolute rubbish: terrible dialogue, gratuitous swearing, violence and sex with a paper-thin plot thrown in for good measure. However, it was just before Newsnight was due to begin so I thought I'd dip in, to show willing. After all, if you keep looking a gift-horse in the mouth, one of these days he'll stop knocking on your door.

So, an hour or so later and having missed Newsnight completely I settled down to sleep. Then the voices began: What happens next? What happens next? Oh, shut up, count sheep, go to sleep. Noooo - what happens next? Okay, I'll just have a little peek to see how the next episode begins... ...

Ten hour-long episodes with intermissions for chocolate biscuits and cups of tea is no mean feat. As I prowled silently around the kitchen, willing the kettle into silence, I felt like a naughty 4th-former at Malory Towers who was having a midnight feast from the forbidden tuck hamper.

And that's the tale of how I came to have a missing day yesterday.

I managed to keep up with tanking markets, conflict between Turkey-Iraq, the muted greeting of the Merkel-Sarkozy rescue plan, the Spanish recall of Congress, the arguments about sentencing looters, Delors worrying about his precious EU and race riots in Philadelphia & Wisconsin, to name a few. Blogging, though, was beyond me.

Here are some one-liners you might find interesting.  I'm going to have another cup of coffee while I look around the blogs to see what I've missed:

Foreign IT workers in the UK avoid paying taxes, courtesy of the Govt
Luxembourg minister tells France to fix its public deficit
EU aid for sacked Portuguese workers


  1. Let me guess - welcome to the wonderful world of GRRM?

  2. Don't keep us in suspenders then! I'm terrible for marathon series watching. Just finished "The Sopranos". Very addictive watching.

  3. @ Davieboy - wrong ;-)
    @ Sue - I'm tempted.

  4. Ha! Well may I humbly recommed "Game of Thrones" to you. Ask your son to download it....

  5. You caught me out, Davieboy - Game of Thrones it was :-) and I'm about to watch it again. What is GRRM - does it match up?

  6. George RR Martin is the author. Game of Thrones is based on book 1 of his fantasy series "A Song of Ice and Fire" which is planned to be 7 books. The first 3 came out reasonably close to each other, then there was a 5 year gap until book 4 and a 5th book "A Dance with Dragons" has just been released after a similar 5 year gap, with rabid fans chomping at the bit... He's now on top of all the best-seller lists after a legion of new fans watched the TV series. I was one of those waiting years for the new books...
    I can report that these books are easily my favorite novels; GRRM inspires almost obsessive devotion. It is planed that HBO will film all the books, a series for each; whether that comes to pass is of course up for question.
    I can report that the HBO series was as good as we could fans could possibly have hoped for; they had to cut a lot out of the huge novel (GRRM is fond of introducing 100s of characters). Having said that they actually introduced a couple of scenes.
    If you enjoyed the series why not check out the books? I would suggest starting with Book 1 even though you'll know a lot of what happens. The 3rd book, "A Storm of Swords", is just incredible but they are all magnificent in my opinion!

  7. Thanks, Davie. You're a mind-reader - I've just bought GoT, Clash of Kings, Steel & Snow, Blood & Gold and will be settling down to read any minute now - blogging could be very light!

    I was surprised at how much I enjoyed the series; it's quite rare to get something that good on tv these days.

  8. "Steel & Snow, Blood & Gold " - these are the 3rd book "A Storm of Swords" split into 2 paperbacks as the novel was so long.
    I envy you - it's like suddenly discovering The Beatles' music or "The Godfather" movies. But of course you need to read the series 3 or 4 times to REALLY get it!


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