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Friday, 9 September 2011

The Shame Of The Northumbrian Police

This is what happens when police go for the easy targets and innocent people are stigmatised as a result:

Pair eliminated from enquiries

Just what do the police think the ordeal of being arrested on suspicion of murder, finger-printed, questioned and detained, has done to this couple? The brother and sister were 84 and 78yrs-old respectively. Shame on the police.


  1. Sadly they are of a generation unlikey to demand compensation for wrongful arrest but, if they did, no beoubt the Nortumbrian Police Service would pit their best against them.

  2. "Banned" is correct - look at the police comment: "...and will no longer be required to attend a police station to answer bail." Obviously not the response of an authority which recognizes any possible slovenly procedure in thier operations and - by extension - an authority which will react to any criticism viciously.

  3. No doubt they'd say they followed correct procedures, lessons will be learned and it's time to move on. I really feel for those old folk - what they must have been through hardly bears thinking about, I hope they have family & friends around them.


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