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Wednesday, 2 November 2011

PMQs: Summary & Videos

"Hello Pot, meet Kettle."

A nasty and bad-tempered PMQs today.  It could be my imagination but the Conservative backbenchers seemed to ask far more patsy questions than usual - priming Cameron to launch into positive spin about what the government has done.  Philip Hollobone was the only Con MP who could reasonably be said to challenge Cameron when he asked about the population explosion and immigration.

Bercow (Hair by Wreck of The Hesperus) intervened quite a bit.  At one point he called for silence saying "... it's called democracy and free expression."  No, it's not; it's called a charade.

Your MP - Party toad or independent thinker?
Marcus Jones, Con, Nuneaton; Jason McCartney, Con, Colne Valley; Nigel Dodds, SUP, North Belfast; Alun Cairns, Con, Vale of Glamorgan; Helen Jones,  Lab, Warrington North;  David Evennet, Con, Bexleyheath & Crayford;  Alistair Darling, Lab, Edinburgh South West; Philip Hollobone, Con, Kettering; Andrew Bingham, Con, High Peak; Mike Crockart, LibDem, Edinburgh West; Alan Whitehead, Lab, Southampton Test; Jonathan Evans, Con, Cardiff North; Katy Clark, Lab, Ayrshire North & Aran;  Simon Hughes, LibDem, Bermondsey & Old Southwark; David Lammy, Lab, Tottenham;  Graham Stuart, Con, Beverley & Holderness; Greg McClymont, Lab, Cumbernauld, Kilsyth and Kirkintilloch East; Jessica Lee, Con, Erewash;  Thomas Docherty, Lab, Dunfermline & West Fife; Guy Opperman, Con, Hexham; Caroline Lucas, Green, Brighton Pavilion; Tim Farron, LibDem, Westmorland & Lonsdale; Clive Betts, Lab, Sheffield South East;  Sir Peter Tapsell, Father of the House, Con, Louth & Horncastle.

Issues raised:
Public Sector pension reform; new legislation for cable theft;  rising cost of fuel/winter fuel allowance; Labour front bench support for strike action; Coroner in military inquests; reforms to public sector pensions; urgency of G20 meeting & its agenda/Greece; immigration/breaking link between right to work/right to citizenship; smoking ban in vehicles/children; green technology/Scottish independence referendum; solar energy/community renewables programmes; foundation schools; dangerous dogs legislation;  top directors' pay;  anomalies in the back-to-work programme; fire services in rural areas; schemes to help small businesses; National Adoption Week; re-opening the Strategic Defence Review; per pupil funding/education budget; 'Robin Hood' tax aka Tobin Tax aka FTT; Britain's capacity to feed itself /food security/farming; new house building/planning;  Britain's low borrowing rates.

Followed by a Statement on reform of Public Sector pensions from the Chief Secretary to the Treasury, Danny Alexander.

Jones - Evennet incl. Cameron -v- Miliband

Darling - Farron

Betts (No Sir Peter Tapsell)



  1. You've a stronger stomach than me, listening/watching that lot.

  2. James, it's a dirty job, as they say :-) I just like to keep a record of who's speaking and what they're concerned about - it shows the majority up for what they are - sycophantic, infantile and deluded.

  3. bercow doesn't even bother answering my letters now.
    barstidge, i'll vote UKIP from now on.

  4. Letters! Bercow's far too important to bother answering letters, Bilbo. He really is 'up himself'. I think you're right that UKIP are probably our best bet - I can't see any other Party that could make an impression.


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