"If ye love wealth better than liberty, the tranquility of servitude better than the animating contest of freedom, go home from us in peace. We ask not your counsels or your arms. Crouch down and lick the hands which feed you. May your chains set lightly upon you, and may posterity forget that you were our countrymen."

Saturday, 29 December 2012

Classic Hegelian Dialect in Practice

I hope everyone has had a wonderful Christmas. Things brightened up around here yesterday when we recovered from the norovirussy-lurgi-thingy. Bathroom duties, if I may be so indelicate, lasted a whole week but getting over the weakness and starting to eat properly again is a gradual process. Anyway, it looks as though all is well now :)

From time to time I dipped into the online press and rarely has anything given me so much amusement as the jostling for position by EU luminaries as they vied to grab the most ridiculous headline. "If Britain leaves the EU... wolves will eat your children; chickens will poop on you from a great height; the seas will rise and engulf you all; your men will become pox-ridden and your women gin-soaked..." Yes, we get the message.

Two days before Christmas Wolfgang Schauble gave us his thoughts and then, on the 27th, Haiku Herman popped up swiftly followed by Jacques Delors and Vivian Reding. I've been disappointed today to see there's no follow-up by Verhofstadt or Barroso on the basis that one can never have too much merriment.

A couple of hours ago, whilst having nothing better to do I thought I'd stick my nose in where it wasn't wanted and I wrote this comment under the Reding article:
If there is a UK-wide referendum on EU membership, specific legislation will have to be enacted by Parliament. This legislation will also determine who is enfranchised, ie whether to extend the vote to 16/17yr olds or to all EU foreign nationals currently resident in the UK. We shall have to keep an eye on it. For the avoidance of doubt, current legislation regarding the enfranchisement of EU nationals only extends to local elections or devolved parliaments/assemblies and not to UK General Elections, nor to referenda.
My! Has that stirred up a mini-storm. I hadn't taken account of The Political Parties, Elections & Referendums Act 2000 - I have to say that piece of political fineigling passed me by. However, I'm not the only one to be confused:
Lord Wallace, a fellow Liberal Democrat, replied that it was his party's policy to extend the franchise to this age group, but it was not part of the coalition's plans. He also told peers that each UK-wide referendum had to be individually approved by Parliament.
On each occasion, that meant setting out specific criteria for those able to take part, he added. Lord Wallace, a former Deputy First Minister of Scotland, added: "If there was a referendum on the European Union, it would be a matter for Parliament to determine what that franchise is."

I rest my case.  16/17yr olds voting in an in/out EU referendum? EU foreign nationals voting in a British in/out EU referendum?  Sounds more like loading the dice to me. We need to keep a very careful watch on the specific legislation that will be introduced with any referendum.  Scrub that: we just need to keep a very careful watch on ANY legislation this government introduces. For example, something so apparently simple as enabling the first-born royal to inherit the throne is fraught with anomalies and means that more than one piece of legislation must be amended.  Who knows what advantage these snakes-in-the-grass will take to tinker with our Constitution while we're looking the other way?

I listened to a radio phone-in this morning. Ken Livingstone and Stanley Johnson were the hosts of the show and their guest was someone whose name I missed, a British Civil Servant who had been 'influential within the EU'.  These three patted each other on their backs, congratulated themselves for their common sense and all agreed with each other that disaster would lie ahead for a Great Britain outside of the EU.  They trotted out the same old lies about trade, about jobs, about law and order - I tire of tweeting them the truth because they never correct themselves.  I was beside myself.  Two of the three are in receipt of an EU pension providing they toe the line and support the project - talk about vested interests - except they didn't.  The callers were overwhelmingly anti-EU but were dismissed as idiots for 'not understanding' the real issues and in some instances were lied to.

There will be much more to come and if we think this is bad  wait until, if, Cameron declares an in/out referendum. We ain't seen nothing yet.

As for Hegel, the well-publicised conversations between David Cameron, our Foreign & Commonwealth Office and the institutions of the EU as reported in our national media are a classic example. Inch by inch, increment by increment, two steps forward, one step back.

And a Happy New Year to us all!

Monday, 24 December 2012

Christmas Eve

George Sims (1847-1922)

'Twas Christmas Day in the workhouse, and the cold, bare walls are bright
With garlands of green and holly, and the place is a pleasant sight;
For with clean-washed hands and faces in a long and hungry line
The paupers sit at the table, for this is the hour they dine.
And the guardians and their ladies, although the wind is east,
Have come in their furs and wrappers to watch their charges feast;
To smile and be condescending, putting on pauper plates.
To be hosts at the workhouse banquet, they've paid for with the rates.
0h, the paupers are meek and lowly with their 'Thank'ee kindly, mums'
So long as they fill their stomachs what matter it whence it comes?
But one of the old men mutters and pushes his plate aside,
"Great God!" he cries, "but it chokes me; for this is the day she died!"
The guardians gazed in horror, the master's face went white;
Did a pauper refuse their pudding? Could that their ears believe right?
Then the ladies clutched their husbands, thinking the man would die,
Struck by a bolt, or something, by the outraged One on high.
But the pauper sat for a moment, then rose 'mid silence grim,
For the others had ceased to chatter and trembled in every limb:
He looked at the guardians' ladies, then, eyeing their lords, he said;
"I eat not the food of villains, whose hands are foul and red;"
"Whose victims cry for vengeance from their dark, unhallowed graves."
"He's drunk," said the workhouse master, "or else he's mad and raves."
"Not drunk or mad," cried the pauper, "but only a haunted beast,
Who, torn by the hounds and mangled, declines the vulture's feast."
"I care not a curse for the guardians, and I won't be dragged away;
Just let me have the fit out, it's only on Christmas Day...
That the black past comes to goad me and prey on my burning brain;
I'll tell you the rest in a whisper, I swear I won't shout again.
"Keep your hands off me, curse you! Hear me right out to the end.
You come here to see how paupers, the season of Christmas spend;
You come here to watch us feeding, as they watched the captured beast;
Here's why a penniless pauper, spits on your paltry feast."
"Do you think I will take your bounty and let you smile and think
You're doing a noble action with the parish's meat and drink?
Where is my wife, you traitors, the poor old wife you slew?
Yes, by the God above me, my Nance was killed by you."
"Last Winter my wife lay dying, starved in a filthy den.
I had never been to the parish, I came to the parish then;
I swallowed my pride in coming! for ere the ruin came
I held up my head as a trader, and I bore a spotless name.
"I came to the parish craving, bread for a starving wife
Bread for the woman who'd loved me thro' fifty years of life;
And what do you think they told me, mocking my awful grief,
That the house was open to us, but they wouldn't give out relief."
"I slunk to the filthy alley, 'twas a cold, raw Christmas Eve
And the bakers' shops were open, tempting a man to thieve;
But I clenched my fists together, holding my head awry,
So I came to her empty-handed and mournfully told her why."
"Then I told her the house was open; she had heard of the ways of that
For her bloodless cheeks went crimson, and up in her rags she sat,
Crying, 'Bide the Christmas here, John, we've never had one apart;
I think I can bear the hunger, the other would break my heart."
"All through that eve I watched her, holding her hand in mine,
Praying the Lord and weeping till my lips were salt as brine;
I asked her once if she hungered, and she answered 'No.'
The moon shone in at the window, set in a wreath of snow."
"Then the room was bathed in glory, and I saw in my darling's eyes
The faraway look of wonder, that comes when the spirit flies;
And her lips were parched and parted, and her reason came and went.
For she raved of our home in Devon, where our happiest years were spent."
"And the accents, long forgotten, came back to the tongue once more.
For she talked like the country lassie I wooed by the Devon shore;
Then she rose to her feet and trembled, and fell on the rags and moaned,
And, 'Give me a crust, I'm famished... for the love of God,' she groaned.
"I rushed from the room like a madman and flew to the workhouse gate,
Crying, 'Food for a dying woman!' and the answer came, 'Too late!'
They drove me away with curses; then I fought with a dog in the street
And tore from the mongrel's clutches a crust he was trying to eat."
"Back through the filthy by-ways... back through the trampled slush!
Up to the crazy garret, wrapped in an awful hush;
My heart sank down at the threshold, and I paused with a sudden thrill.
For there, in the silv'ry moonlight, my Nance lay cold and still."
"Up to the blackened ceiling, the sunken eyes were cast
I knew on those lips, all bloodless, my name had been the last;
She called for her absent husband... Oh God! Had I known--
Had called in vain, and, in anguish, had died in that den alone."
"Yes, there in a land of plenty, lay a loving woman dead.
Cruelly starved and murdered for a loaf of the parish bread;
At yonder gate, last Christmas, I craved for a human life,
You, who would feed us paupers, what of my murdered wife?"
"There, get ye gone to your dinners, don't mind me in the least,
Think of the happy paupers eating your Christmas feast
And when you recount their blessings in your parochial way,
Say what you did for me too... only last Christmas Day."
Our home has been struck down by the dreaded dried-toast lurgi so Christmas has been postponed for a while but I hope everyone who passes by will have a wonderful, peaceful and contented Christmas with family and loved ones. I'll see you on the other side.

Monday, 17 December 2012

In the Bleak Midwinter

Christmas is almost upon us and another year draws to an end. Here's one of my favourite Carols:

Saturday, 15 December 2012

Government by fax - really?

Government by fax - really?

A stonking piece of investigative blogging that gives the lie to Cameron's weak, pro-EU soundbites.

Thursday, 13 December 2012

فقط أقول

I wasn't going to blog this - I tweeted it this morning and naively thought it would set the Anglo-twittersphere alight.  Perhaps I'm missing something, perhaps it isn't really important after all and it's just a case of my mountain being someone else's molehill.

The headline in today's DT is: 'Victims to choose from menu of out-of-court punishments for offenders'.  Now, I don't know about you but the first thing I thought was: 'Hold your horses, steady the buffs, Susan, that's an aspect of Sharia law.'

And so it is.  We're further informed that:
The range of options will be decided by the new Police and Crime Commissioners consulting with members of the public and Chief Constables under plans to give victims their voice back, Jeremy Browne, the Home Office minister, said.  ... each force area will be free to come up with its own options for punishments which should be “proportionate but meaningful”, rather than a “slap on the wrist”. 
Governing under Sharia  is a Council on Foreign Relations publication which is either even-handed or pro-Sharia, depending on your view:
"There are so many varying interpretations of what sharia actually means that in some places it can be incorporated into political systems relatively easily."
"Western countries are also exploring the idea of allowing Muslims to apply Islamic law in familial and financial disputes. In late 2008, Britain officially allowed sharia tribunals (NYT) governing marriage, divorce, and inheritance to make legally binding decisions if both parties agreed. The new system is in line with separate mediation allowed for Anglican and Jewish communities in England. Criminal law remains under the gavel of the existing legal system. "There is no reason why principles of sharia law, or any other religious code, should not be the basis for mediation," Britain's top judge, Lord Nicholas Phillips, said in a July 2008 speech (PDF). Supporters of this initiative, such as the archbishop of Canterbury, Rowan Williams, argue that it would help maintain social cohesion (BBC) in European societies increasingly divided by religion."
I really don't understand why I seem to be the only one concerned about this adaptation of English Law under the guise of helping victims, Big Society and Localism. The UK governments since WW2 have either been stupid, incompetent, corrupt, traitorous or all four.  We're so far down the road to Nowhere and looking towards Gonesville that I hardly dare believe we can pull ourselves back, but pull ourselves back we must.

There's more on Sharia law HERE.

For future reference, my daughter is the one on the left:

One other point: I'm so glad our newly elected PCCs are on the ball and following in ACPO's footsteps by forming their very own, no doubt expensive, taxpayer-funded Association. You can see a list of those elected if you click the link and you can also find this pic there; it's a wordle of the PCC's most pressing concerns *ahem*:

Oh, the post title?  'Just Saying'. What else? ;)

Saturday, 8 December 2012

A Doctor Advises

Are you feeling detached from reality? Is your throat slightly tight and feeling rather sore? Perhaps you have a twinge or two in your shoulder area?  Do you feel a vague, debilitating ache in your stomach?  If any of these symptoms apply to you, please don't worry your GP unnecessarily because these are merely symptoms of being hanged, drawn and quartered.

Being hanged, drawn and quartered isn't particularly pleasant but I always find my patients pick up when given a dose of Common Purpose and a jolly good arse-kicking combined with a prescription for apathy and a guilt-trip.  It's normal to experience a twitch or two so don't be alarmed; it's only the death-throes of a Nation and nothing to worry about.

My patients occasionally exhibit flights of fancy.  For example, they might think that they're 'English' or that society rots from the head down. I re-iterate that this is an aberration and the local chemist is always pleased to dispense medication to deal with cognitive dissonance.

I advise my patients not to tell anyone of their symptoms lest they become the object of bullying and derision in their neighbourhood. Under normal circumstances I prescribe a darkened room with blinds drawn and on-demand access to the television News (the state-funded, EU-funded BBC is only available via your prescription); in that way they can more readily understand the reason for their vague aches and pains and finally accept reality.

We have blue pills, red pills, white, pink and yellow pills so, please, make an appointment soon so that the State can make your nasty nightmares go away.

Thursday, 29 November 2012

Testing Blogger

Testing for a friend:

If this post comes up at 7:02am November 29 then I don't know what other advice I can give.

Thursday, 15 November 2012

Courageous Bunni

*American Perspective*: Courageous Bunni

Our dear blogging friend, Amusing Bunni, who brought so much fun into our lives, has received heartbreaking news. Please rally round and do what you can to help her.

Wednesday, 17 October 2012

They're Mad, I Tell You; Quite Ma-a-a-d

 I just want to put two msm articles, from the DT, on record. If the reporting is true, and there's no reason to doubt it since both quote from source, they illustrate the unleapable chasm between the ruled and the rulers.

First in the stocks is Andrew Bailey, designated 'Britain's most senior banking regulator'. Mr Bailey, no doubt soon to be awarded some sort of gong for services to banking, thinks we should thank the banks for not foreclosing on our homes and businesses. Mr Bailey seems to have forgotten who it is who has bailed him out. #Prat #lynchmob.

The second in line for the fruit-fly-festering tomatoes and sulphurous eggs is Holger Schmieding who, apparently, is some sort of big wheel at the German bank of Berenberg. Herr Schmieding thinks, or hopes, that we will be next in line to receive the attentions of the finger-probing ratings agencies and financial markets. He's quick on the uptake is Herr Schmieding; he even references Scotland and the 2014 referendum.
"The biggest risk could be a market perception that, after a British divorce, a "rump UK" could turn even more anti-EU than the UK is now. Even the slightest perceived threat that a rump UK might eventually leave the European Union or could opt out of some major rules and institutions affecting the common market for services could be a major blow for Greater London, which has successfully turned itself into the services centre for Europe and depends on guaranteed and fully free access to its major market."
Both men are mad; entirely up the creek, paddle-less, with a sandwich short of a picnic. Everybody knows that the first form of defence is attack and they're defending to the hilt.

As for what's in store for us; well, it's nothing but unpleasantry and more occasions to feel slightly miffed and blog a bit over the next few years.

Once again, let me re-iterate that this is not a left/right dichotomy: that concept has flown out of the window. In other words: don't blame 'the Left' and don't blame 'the Right' because there's no such thing any more.  As Cameron is so fond of saying: "We're all in it together."

More seriously, it's evident that we've been careless guardians of our Constitution. I suspect that most people believed that those they elected to represent them would feel the same way, ie it was a given that the British Constitution was inviolable.  We've been neglectful of ourselves and of our children and we will pay a high price. For the umpteenth time, here's that quote again:
"If you will not fight for the right when you can easily win without bloodshed; if you will not fight when your victory will be sure and not too costly; you may come to the moment when you will have to fight with all the odds against you and only a small chance of survival. There may even be a worse case: you may have to fight when there is no hope of victory, because it is better to perish than to live as slaves."
You know that it's true; in your heart you know it.

Bailey's Bankers
AEP: Schmeiding

Saturday, 13 October 2012

And The Beat Goes On

Today we have the awful news that self-immolation within the EU isn't restricted to Greece; it's actually reached Germany.

Words fail me. These self-selected people, wheels within wheels, winners of the Nobel Peace Prize and spreaders of democracy in the interests of peace, have brought the storm to their doorstep. That they sit back and congratulate themselves on having deluded us into thinking they're spreading peace and democracy was laughable yesterday, but not today.

Burn the flags, not people; it's nothing but a tatty nylon rag anyway:

Wednesday, 10 October 2012

As If You Didn't Know ...

... the blog is hibernating because I'm moving down to Torquay. Life has its ups and downs and this is proving to be more of a roller-coaster for me than first envisaged which is why the blog is on a very-go-slow.  I'm in Torquay one minute and out the next; tenants have been given notice to quit/tenants have not.  I experienced this once before: the tenant trashed the place in the end and did a midnight flit owing two months' rent.

Someone on ebay refunded me half the cost of a pair of vintage Trifari earrings because a pearl had become loose in transit and I thought I'd have to take it to a jeweller for repair. When my son bought a tube of glue from the local haberdasher's shop and fixed it, making them wearable again, I refunded the small amount back to the seller.  She emailed me, saying she was 'shocked' that I'd been so honest but I took the view that she'd dealt fairly with me and I wouldn't have felt comfortable wearing them knowing that they were now fine.

The moral of the story, if there is one, is do as you would be done by but, if you get shafted, don't blame yourself. Ebay, and some unscrupulous souls out there, can be a nest of thieving, lying bastard snakes at times.

All of which brings us neatly back to the EU:

1:00-1:18 Lagarde's List - 20,000+ wealthy industrialists who don't pay enough tax, according to the IMF, are jumping out of windows all over Europe. Between 1:19-2:17 there's a short piece on  Romney's Rebound - let's hope it lasts; we know Obama isn't working for the American people so let's see what someone else can deliver.  As for the rest of the video - who knows? It's something about celebrities, skin and bones:

We may be quiet from time to time but we won't give up the fight.

Friday, 6 July 2012

What's Changed?

Look What They've Done, Ma

I think it's time more of us adopted the slogan of "I won't forget; I won't forgive".

Coming to your area soon: A 'Designated Public Place Order'
US to sign Gun Control Treaty. You might have read that one here a couple of years ago - it's a UN initiative that's been on the cards for a long time.
As if we didn't already know or object: All govts give taxpayer money to lobby groups.
Who did you vote for? Councils shun cash to reinstate weekly bin collections.
Ryan Cleary indicted in the US: LulzSec.
Colorado wildfires turn people into agw believers, apparently.
UN says it should tax itself.
An 'independent' europhile wants an in/out EU referendum.
Cameron: UK will make £13bn from the Olympics.
In Egypt's footsteps: Muslim Brotherhood set to lead Libyan government

In the meantime, I suggest Balls takes his own advice to Osborne and puts up or shuts up. He was in Brown's inner circle, Miliband says he hasn't spoken to Brown for "twenty-four hours" (BBC Newsnight, 5th July 2012) and Osborne's comments were published in the Spectator. Balls should sue for libel if he thinks he has just cause instead of citing Parliamentary Privilege:

But he won't, because he hasn't.

Friday Post

Immigration Mythology: My Roots Have Gone

"The failure of Nulabour and the continued failure of the coalition to ensure that the country was/is prepared for millions of extra people has added to the misery and hardship of many British families. Many feel marginalised and ignored. Most of them won't/can't say anything for fear of being branded a racist. I am not one of them.
Immigration destroyed the borough in which at least 6 generations of my family had lived and worked. It scattered my family far and wide, some to Essex, others journeyed south. It destroyed my culture and way of life and was replaced by Londonistan and Eastenders. My family history has been denied my children and grandchildren.

"To say I feel resentful and bitter is an understatement. Other indigenous cultures have rights, Cockneys have/had none. Even travellers are given more respect than the original inhabitants of East London.
Do go and read the rest; you'll find facts, figures and lie-busting.

Wednesday, 4 July 2012

Sod This For A Game Of Soldiers

EU plans tracking devices in all new cars

It's ostensibly to save 2,500 lives out of 500,000,000 each year by installing sensors to trigger a phone call to the emergency services in the event of a crash.

Quote from a Green MEP & a member of the Transport & Tourism Committee: "We must stop thinking people have a right to drive a car."

The EU has been trying to introduce eCall for nearly a decade, but attempts to bring it in voluntarily have failed.... The Commission now wants it to be compulsory for all cars made in the EU, at a cost of around £80 (100 euros) for each device, when fitted in the factory....A European Parliamentary committee report says it should go further and consider extending eCall to other vehicles like buses, coaches, lorries and motorcycles.
Although the eCall service will be provided free of charge, the Commission expects the technology to be used for commercial purposes in future, such as tracking stolen vehicles or charging road tolls electronically.
And if you think that's all it will be used for you're living in la-la land.

A Tale Of Two Faces

As I was watching today's edition of Party Political Point-scoring PMQs (raucous even by their standards) I spotted two faces in the crowd and thought I'd share them with you.  I wonder what they're both thinking?

Tuesday, 3 July 2012

Of Barroso, Prams & Toys + Update

Here's a rather interesting video of some of today's action in the European Parliament, with a transcript beneath in case some of us can't understand what ex-Maoist Barroso is wittering on about:

"One important and interesting point was made by the British Conservatives today and it was in fact to express some kind of satisfaction with the situation in the euro area. Let me tell you that it is puzzling that you seem to delight in difficulties of the euro area and this is in stark contrast to the position of your leader, Prime Minister Cameron. So a good effort will be, in terms of accountability to your public, that you say the same things here that you say in London.

"The reality is that now there is a consensus including those states outside the euro area underneath to strengthen the euro area. It will be a mistake, complete mistake, to try to divide now the euro area from the rest of the European Union. I am also, by the way, very puzzled with the ease which some of you are recommending some member states to leave the euro. This is once again is complete contrast in positions taken by the PM of Britain that for instance in the G8 Summit, in Camp David, was saying explicitly that it was in his national interest that Greece stay in the euro area. So it is very important that we agree on a common approach for European Union including countries inside euro area and outside euro area and when some of you are suggesting that the problems of the economic situation in Europe now are the result of the euro area and that for instance you disapprove the big bailout programmes of the banking sector in the euro area let me just put the facts straight. The country by far that has been spending money with the banking sector is Britain, more than any country in the European Union. Let me just give you the figures, Britain, the United Kingdom, in terms of liquidisation measures since 2008 has already been committing 82.9bn euros - equivalent almost to almost to 4.9% GDP. Just in asset relief interventions 41bn euros equivalent to 2.38% GDP and in guarantees Britain has committed 158bn euros, more than 9% British GDP. So the country in all the European Union that has been committing more taxpayers money to save the financial sector has been, by far, Britain. So this is not a euro area problem, this is a problem of the European Union as a whole.

"And then I come to my final point. My final point is that we either solve this together and we win this together or we'll be all defeated together. My final point is that, that I did not like at all the atmosphere following the last European Council when I saw some claiming victory over the others. This is not the way to do things in Europe. Either, either, we win together or we'll be defeated together. What we need is a strong European team. It is true, it is true, that in Europe there are different financial cultures, different perceptions, different sensitivities. It is true but, let's be honest, sometimes it's not between the North and the South, sometimes you find those differences in the very same country.

"But, when I worry is when I see some people speaking about the North and the South making some kind of [4.38 can't make out this word] because those who know European history know how negative was the role of prejudice, the complex of superiority of one part of Europe over the other. All the countries of Europe, and some of us, are here for many many centuries, many many centuries. We had greatest moments of glory and very dark moments in our history and they should be [.??.] when they speak about history and they should not forget that European project was made precisely to avoid these divisions of the past and the demons that existed in European history. That is why I don't like when I see Heads of Government getting out of a European Council and saying 'I won against the others'. This is exactly the wrong message, this is exactly the way to defeat and the message I think we together, the European institutions, the Commission and European Parliament have to send is 'We are all in this together [sic] and together we'll be able to overcome this crisis.

"I thank you for your attention."

The man lost it with a great deal of finger-wagging, arm waving and shouting. The majority of the EP seemed to appreciate it though, as shown by their applause both during and after the speech.

Nobody I know is taking any pleasure whatsoever at seeing the dire economic straits of countries like Greece and parts of Spain. This is merely a deflection tactic by Barroso, and a pretty poor one at that. Still, it does give me quiet satisfaction to see the b*st*rd so riled.

If press reports and Cameron's words can provoke such a reaction, I wonder what he'll have to say when he reads the article in this evening's DT: 'I'll do whatever it takes to protect the UK in event of a euro collapse - and that includes closing our borders'.

UPDATE: I've updated the transcript to show the %GDP figures and sums that Britain has contributed towards propping up the euro, which I missed off yesterday.

Sunday, 1 July 2012


She didn't always get it right and, in today's 'we all feel each other's pain' society, she comes across as cold-hearted. Our perceptions have to be stripped away so we can see events for what they are:
"When you see that trading is done, not by consent, but by compulsion;
when you see that in order to produce, you need to obtain permission from men who produce nothing;
when you see that money is flowing to those who deal, not in goods, but in favours;
when you see that men get richer by graft and by pull than by work, and your laws don’t protect you against them, but protect them against you;
when you see corruption being rewarded and honesty becoming a self-sacrifice,
you may know that your society is doomed."  Ayn Rand,1958
The Grand Plan is coming together - but not for our benefit. We've been lazy and asleep on the watch; we've been distracted by sideshows and fripperies.

For the first time in my life I'm ashamed to be English. To think that we put up with this government, this establishment of a supranational government, a federated Europe, is more than I can personally bear. To think that Westminster, once the Mother of Parliaments, is no more than a taxpayer-funded whore to unelected EU-apparatchiks in Brussels is a sharp pain.

One thing and one thing only is clear: successive governments have either lied to the British electorate or lied to the EU.  Neither will tell you the truth so decide for yourself.

It's fashionable to malign Rand but she had it right - when socialists interfere with free markets, everything fails; products become unreliable; customer service becomes shoddy and in the end people just don't care because "we're all in it together". Her statement is more relevant today than it ever was.

You know it's true.

Monday, 25 June 2012

Postal Delays & Lockdowns in London: Olympics2012

I've just discovered that even postal deliveries will be affected between July and September and I thought the following info might be useful:

Areas where postal delays will be experienced:

E11 1
E1W 1
HA9 0
NW10 9
SW18 4
SW5 9
UB7 0
W1T 5
W8 5
WC2R 1
E11 2
E1W 2
HA9 6
NW8 7
SW19 5
SW6 1
UB7 7
W1T 6
W9 2
WC2R 2
E11 4
E1W 3
HA9 8
NW8 8
SW19 6
SW7 1
UB7 9
W1U 3
W9 3
WC2R 3
E13 8
E3 2
IG1 3
NW8 9
SW1A 1
SW7 2
W10 5
W1U 5
WC1A 2

E14 0
E3 3
IG11 0
RM13 8
SW1A 2
SW7 4
W10 6
W1U 6
WC1B 3

E14 2
E6 3
IG11 7
RM13 9
SW1E 6
SW7 5
W11 1
W1U 7
WC1B 4

E14 4
E6 5
IG11 9
RM15 4
SW1H 9
SW8 1
W12 0
W1U 8
WC1B 5

E14 5
E6 6
IG4 5
RM9 4
SW1P 2
SW8 2
W12 7
W1W 5
WC1H 0

E14 6
E9 5
IG7 5
RM9 6
SW1P 3
SW8 4
W14 8
W2 1
WC1H 9

E14 7
EC3N 1
IG8 7
SE10 0
SW1P 4
SW8 5
W14 9
W2 2
WC1N 1

E14 8
EC3N 4
IG8 8
SE10 8
SW1V 3
TW14 0
W1C 1
W2 3
WC1V 6

E14 9
EC3R 5
NW1 1
SE10 9
SW1X 0
TW14 9
W1C 2
W2 5
WC2A 2

E15 1
EC3R 6
NW1 2
SE18 4
SW1X 7
TW19 6
W1G 6
W2 6
WC2A 3

E15 2
EC3R 8
NW1 3
SE3 7
SW1X 8
TW4 6
W1G 7
W3 0
WC2B 4

E15 4
EC4R 0
NW1 4
SE3 8
SW1Y 4
TW4 7
W1H 4
W3 6
WC2B 5

E16 1
EC4R 1
NW1 5
SE7 7
SW1Y 5
TW5 0
W1H 6
W3 7
WC2B 6

E16 2
EC4R 2
NW1 6
SE7 8
SW1Y 6
TW5 9
W1H 7
W6 6
WC2E 7

E16 3
EC4R 3
NW10 0
SL3 0
SW3 1
UB3 1
W1J 7
W6 8
WC2N 5

E16 4
EC4R 9
NW10 7
SW18 1
SW3 2
UB3 4
W1K 1
W6 9
WC2N 6

E18 1
HA0 1
NW10 8
SW18 2
SW5 0
UB3 5
W1K 7
W7 2
WC2R 0

Areas, incl those outside London, that will have a lockdown of postal deliveries:
Venue Name
End of Lockdown
Aquatics Centre
E20 2AQ
Basketball Arena
E20 3BB
BMX Track
E20 2ST
Brands Hatch
City of Coventry Stadium
Earls Court
Eton Dorney
Eton Manor
E20 3ET
ExCel - North Arena 1
E16 1XL
ExCel - North Arena 2
E16 1XL
ExCel - South Arena 1
E16 1XL
ExCel - South Arena 2
E16 1XL
ExCel - South Arena 3
E16 1XL
Football Hotel Coventry - Hilton
Football Hotel Coventry - Chesford Grange
Football Hotel Cardiff - Hilton
CF10 3HH
Football Hotel Cardiff - Marriot
CF10 1EZ
Football Hotel Glasgow - Hilton
G3 8HT
Football Hotel Glasgow - Marriot
G3 8RR
Football Hotel Manchester - Marriot V&A
M3 4JQ
Football Hotel Manchester - Marriot Worsley
M28 2QT
Football Hotel Newcastle - Hilton
Football Hotel - Marriot Gosforth Park
Greenwich Park
SE10 8QY
Hadleigh Farm
Hampden Park
G42 9BA
Hampton Court Palace
Handball Arena
E20 3HB
Hockey Centre
E20 3HY
Horse Guards Parade
Hyde Park
W2 2UH
International Broadcast Centre
E20 3BS
Lee Valley W/Water Centre
Lord's Cricket ground
Main Press Centre
E20 3PS
Millenium Stadium
CF10 1NS
North Greenwich Arena
SE10 0DX
Old Trafford
M16 0RA
Olympic Family Hotel
Olympic Hospital Centre
E20 2ST
Olympic Park - Common Domain 2
E20 2ST
Olympic Park - Common Domain 4
E20 2ST
Olympic Park - Common Domain 5
E20 2ST
Olympic Park - Common Domain 6
E20 2ST
Olympic Stadium
E20 2ST
Olympic Village
E20 2ST
Park Operations Centre
E20 2ST
Rowing and Canoe Sprint Village
TW20 0EX
Royal Artillery Barracks
SE18 4BH
Sailing Village
St James' Park
The Mall (Box Hill) Road Race
E20 3EL
Water Polo Centre
E20 2AQ
Wembley Arena
Wembley Stadium
Weymouth and Portland
SW19 5AE

I've no idea what businesses in the areas of the lockdowns will do for the duration; perhaps they can arrange to have deliveries made elsewhere.  The disruption to the lives of Londoners is monumental.
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