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Wednesday, 11 April 2012

Afternoon Reading

I'm trawling through .pdfs from the 26 March Europe 2020 Council Meeting. They're mostly dry as dust but do give an insight into the gargantuan data collection that's going on all over Europe and why they're desperate to organise a central database. It's completely unwieldy and will never work; Eurostat must need a small army of little Napoleons & Hitlers just to ferret it all out. I'm pootling through this one at the moment, just because I'm nosey:

Europe 2020: Income & Living Conditions

It illustrates the sheer amount of information being collated about us - all the better to manage and control our behaviour (Cameron's 'nudging'). The best way to read this .pdf is probably to take a look at the List of Tables, Figures etc and then click on the item that interests you and take it from there.

In the 2020 overview .pdf I read through (it wasn't as long as this one!) I was interested to see that the UK has been set almost no national targets by tptb. This is no doubt because our government doesn't need any encouragement to initiate and promote EU integration and competence and is usually way ahead of the curve.

(Click to enlarge)

Happy Reading!

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  1. Not surprising really, have you seen that the Commission has apparently agreed Turkey's accession on March 30th?:



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