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Saturday, 14 April 2012

Beyond Language

The case of Bexley Council -v- Olly is probably not well known outside a small circle of bloggers who've been following his (mis)fortunes since last year when his exposure of corruption at Bexley led to charges being laid against him. These original charges were dropped but the case was vindictively pursued on other grounds and reached another level with yesterday's ridiculous Court verdict. We have until sentencing on May 9th to spread the word and garner more support for Olly.

Here's an excellent post from someone new to me, another 'Spidey', who has taken the time to ferret out the essential points and the timeline of events leading up to Olly's arrest. This is a 'must read' for anyone who doubts that our freedoms are threatened and I defy anyone to read it and still think that Olly had it coming simply because he used bad language. The bottom line is that Olly had unearthed evidence of corruption at Bexley and blogged about it in his usual, no-holds-barred style.  Charging him with an offence under the 2003 Communications Act is a desperate, last ditch act intended to silence him and teach him, and us, a lesson.

Spidey also describes Olly as "honest and polite" and I'll second that. I've had dealings with Olly over the past three years and never found him less than courteous, kind and a million miles away from the persona portrayed by his use of language.

If you use twitter you can check out the #freebexleyone tag for the latest updates.


  1. Thanks for linking to my write up. I can only say, as i mentioned in my post, that I have met Olly on numerous occassions socially and he is a real gent. He is certainly NOT the kind of person that certain people at Bexley OCuncil are trying to paint him as.


    1. You're welcome - you did a good job of something that needed doing.


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