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Friday, 13 April 2012

Calling Someone A C*nt on Twitter is Now a Criminal Offence

Calling Someone A C*nt on Twitter is Now a Criminal Offence

Thanks to Max for the heads up.  This is an unbelievable judgement against Sir Olly of Red Rag and You've Been Cromwelled fame.
That’s official because the blogger and tweeter, Olly Cromwell, has today been found guilty under Section 127 of the Telecommunications Act 2003 of making a grossly offensive and menacing comment on Twitter.
Apparently, Olly called a Bexleyheath councillor a c*nt, on Twitter, and a District Judge has now referred Olly To Bromley Court for sentencing. The prosecution are asking for a custodial sentence equal to 45 days for each letter.
As I said to Max in the comments, this isn't a word I use or like to hear but this judgement is over the top and to ask for a jail sentence is really taking the pee out of our law, or what's left of it.  Can't speak freely, can't joke, can't protest peacefully, can't walk where you want, can't eat, drink or smoke what you want, can't bake cakes or give away surplus garden produce to whoever you want; it just goes on and on.  Everything is dumbed down to the lcd; we're patronised to the nth degree by the media who feed us only the news they think we should know; we're ignored by the handful of once-decent MPs in the Commons and treated with contempt by the rest of them.  And now, we can't even call a jumped-up Councillor a c*nt without being hauled before the Courts and threatened with jail.


  1. As you say GV not a word you use or like to hear and I am of likewise mind in that I feel resorting to swearing only reduces the impact of the case that is being made - and in this instance I do also think OC went a tad OTT.

    Having said that, each to his own.

    Once the state starts/is allowed to ban one word where do and where will they stop?

    It is but a further step in our conditioning to be good little people within the grand political design.

  2. So let me get this right;
    - people who commit deliberate violent attacks get suspended sentences, with all sorts of weak excuses as justification;
    - say the wrong thing about a favoured group, or offend a politician and you get a custodial sentence?

    Do the Magistrates/Judges have any idea of the likely consequences of this tactic?

    I'll spell it out to them:
    you are encouraging violent behaviour in disputes, instead of dialogue.

    That is not a good idea.

  3. Excellent Blog, thanks for your efforts.

  4. Prosecuted by the state tried by the state.
    Bexley councillor whinging about Bexley resident case heard in Bexley magistrates court!
    Bexley councillors alleged bully boys slag off another Bexley blogger within the court building in full view and earshot of two useless coppers, who raided OC's house in the small hours, and they simply walked away without doing or saying anything.
    Bexley's highest ranking police office Commander Stringer moves on to a new job in Tower Hamlets

    Welcome to the reality that is 21st century Britain. Oh how we laughed at Orwell.

  5. A further illustration of the statist grip, encouraged by the EU puppet masters in Brussels. Last year's racially motivated riots, (black endemic resentment of all other races)were but the beginning. The rapid decline of any outlet for expression and dialogue is long gone. This dreadful, Orwellian business with Ollie is but a small part of a huge problem.

  6. I haven't read his blog for awhile, but it did come to my attention about a year or so ago, when it featured on the bastardoldholborn blog. I did think at the time that he suffered from tourettes.

    That said, I'm quite partial to the odd using of swear words and there are times when they are the only appropriate words. I know women particularly hate the word cwnt,but when someone is behaving like one, you need to inform them of this.

    But we all know this isn't about using bad words, it's about restricting freedom of speech and suppressing the public and making them compliant. I do hope Olly fights it and asks to go to crown court. Too many people just roll over and given in to a guilty plea, which is what the system is set up for.


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