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Wednesday, 25 April 2012

The Daily Politics: UKIP & Claire Perry MP

I can't find any specific clips relating to these two interviews on yesterday's DP so HERE is a link to the whole programme on BBC iPlayer. It won't be available for very long so catch it while you can.

The interview with Lawrence Webb, UKIP's London Mayoralty candidate, is between about 22.44 and 29.25. He's very personable, talks well, isn't thrown by the questioning and generally comes across well. The UKIP strategy is to give your first vote to UKIP and your second preference to Boris Johnson. Here are the key points outlined on the programme:
  • Stop further EU legislation which might affect the City of London;
  • Zero tolerance on anti-social behaviour, knife crime etc: "Offend on Saturday face Court on Monday";
  • Priority given to Londoners over migrants for jobs and housing;
  • Scrap the congestion charge and restrict the Low Emission Zone;
  • Landlords to have power to choose whether to have smoking rooms in pubs & clubs;
  • Make it easier for people to carry out Citizens' Arrests.
For me, though, there was only one Star of The Show, and that was Claire Perry, Conservative MP for Devizes and a cheerleader for Westminster's Osborne Fan Club. The delicious dissection of Claire begins at roughly 38.53 and ends at about 48.27.

If you watch nothing else today, PLEASE make a point of watching this. She's there to defend the government handing over another £10bn to the IMF in order to prop up the eurozone countries. The twists, turns, squirms, interruptions, head-shaking and face-pulling are a thing to behold and you may need to clutch a cushion and watch from behind the sofa. Even I was embarrassed for her because she obviously doesn't have the self-awareness to be embarrassed herself. ("Shrill? Is that because I am a woman?"  No dear, it's because you know you don't have a leg to stand on).

In contrast the Shadow Treasury Minister, Chris Leslie, did very well. Ed Balls is right (*faints*) when he says that had Osborne pledged one penny more it would have had to go to a vote in the House.

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