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Monday, 9 April 2012

How Many More?

How many more blogs will remove themselves from Blogger's enforced transfer to a co.uk domain? The latest is EU Referendum although Richard North also cites a Blogger demand to remove some content without explanation or right of appeal against this decision. (Note to Mr North if he drops by: your RSS feed isn't working yet).

There's no doubt about it, the noose is tightening on internet censorship and Google is only too willing to fall into line with government demands.

Here are three links that might be of use to someone versed in internet law:

IP and media internet law
Territorial Jurisdiction V The Internet
Data jurisdiction is where server is located, says court

What I take from those links is that if you're based in the UK EU you're subject to the cyber-laws of the UK EU, regardless of where in the world your isp is located. I could be wrong and my cursory reading could be too simplistic. I'll leave it to others more knowledgeable - comments are open.


  1. "How many more blogs will remove themselves from Blogger's enforced transfer to a co.uk domain?"

    Blogs aren't 'being forced to a .co.uk' domain - it's the viewers that are being forced to view the blog through the domain relevant to their location.

    e.g. a UK visitor to example.blogspot.com will get redirected to example.blogspot.co.uk. A French visitor on the other hand will get redirected to example.blogspot.fr, an Australian to example.blogspot.com.au etc.

    1. Thanks for the clarification, PJH, I should have been more clear. It's something Google did without consultation or announcement so there's little wonder people are beginning to wonder what's going on. The more blogs I visit lately, the more have made a switch.

      Any thoughts on the jurisdiction issues?

  2. "Any thoughts on the jurisdiction issues?"

    Not really. The redirection can be 'gotten around' by appending ncr to the URL - i.e. going to example.blogspot.com/ncr will resolve to example.blogspot.com for all three of my example visitors.

    If google were to start censoring according to the geographic location of the visitor (e.g. posts about Nazi's would typically be verboten in France and Germany, but OK in the rest of the world,) there's no technical reason stopping them doing it regardless of the TLD being used - the introduction of country-specific TLD's is presumably to make managing of the censored stuff easier.

    Google has a FAQ where, among other things, they mention that any take-down notices they action are actually recorded on the Chilling Effects website, and blog-owners are notified.

  3. Thanks for that - I'm obviously not very tech-savvy since when I used the /ncr tag - it didn't work for me :( That's why I ended up moving - better safe than sorry. It's pretty obvious though that something is afoot regarding attempts to control the i/net so this could be some sort of precursor. Thanks again for the info - I appreciate it.


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