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Monday, 9 April 2012

Nurse! Bring My Medication!

There's a great deal of fuss this morning about 'the Government's' Green Deal whereby a householder wishing to make certain improvements to their property, eg adding a conservatory or renewing a central heating boiler, will have to call in the local Council. The Council will then stipulate further measures, eg loft lagging, cavity wall insulation, to be undertaken before permission will be granted. Keywords are: 'must', and 'forced'.

If the householder can't afford the further measures then not to worry, the government will lend it at an as yet undisclosed rate of interest. The costs of the loan will be tacked on to energy bills to be paid off by the householder for a period of up to twenty-five years. Presumably, the older you are if you're forced to take out one of these loans, the higher the additional monthly premium.

This numbskull idea is not unconnected to the EU.

Committee backs binding national targets and CO2 set aside plan.

Green Deal Manager - a website giving all the technical info.

Davey: "We can export Green Deal to rest of Europe".

"Europe is not the problem, it is the solution"

Hansard 20 March 2012 Go to link or click to enlarge:

What gets my goat about all this is (a) the usual underhanded way of announcing policy initiatives as though they were the government's own (b) the use of the words "force", "will", "must" (c) the targeting of the 'little people' once again - why not concentrate efforts on curtailing corporate deforestation of huge chunks of the globe, for example? (d) the tax. The tax will be hived off for the EU so that it can be "self-reliant" - and that's a misnomer if ever there was one. The only way the EU can become 'self-reliant' is by taxing us more and more.

Our government is nothing but a bunch of disingenuous shysters without a backbone between them.  There's only one conclusion to be drawn from their evasions about the source of policies like this and that's that they're afraid: they're afraid of us and afraid of our reaction if we knew the whole truth.

UPDATE: I see Quiet Man has also blogged on this proposal.
UPDATE2: As has Autonomous Mind 
UPDATE3 ... ... And Trooper Thompson at England's Freedome, Souldiers' Rights
If I come across any more, I'll add them!
UPDATE4: ... ... And Witterings from Witney
Each post adds something extra to the pot of info so do go and read them.

Looking at the number of comments and the strength of feeling on the DM website (link above), this won't be going away any time soon.  People have had enough.


  1. UK Civil Servants and the EUApril 09, 2012

    - You can't have your life-saving medicine until you've made the 'Puritan-approved' life-style changes;

    - you'll just have to suffer the cold as you can't have your boiler fixed until you've paid extra towards the Green scam;

    - you have to let your country be run by criminals, it's their Human Right!

    If you don't like what the LibLabCon are doing you can always vote for the LabLibCon.

    1. That probably sums it up quite well - thanks.

  2. Thanks for the link GV. Have tweeted this.

    1. You're welcome - and thanks. It seems the world and his mother are complaining about this one today.

  3. These builders who check the 'energy efficiency' of the home have a checklist - from the type of doors and windows in your property to the wiring, walls, number of rooms, height of ceiling, roofing - everything.

    As such, since the data will be passed by the builders to the government, might these home visits be the precursor to council tax revaluations? Bearing in mind that this initiative also bears the stamp of Eric Pickles?

    1. Ah, I see AM's already covered this!

    2. Hi Fausty, yes, there was news a while back that the coalition wanted to implement Labour's plan to re-evaluate the Council Tax - after all, they can't let all those terrific aerial shots of our back gardens go to waste, can they>

      Nothing ever dies with the LibLabCon, it's just quietly put back in the morgue to await resurrection.

      Fwiw, I can't stand Eric Pickles - his insincerity shines through. He's another one (like Hague) who should be ashamed of bringing Yorkshire into disrepute. His is just a music-hall act for the media and masses.

    3. Agreed, GV. I used to like Pickles but he has since proven adept at framing his policies within a plausible narrative.

      Like Cameron's, his actions need to be finely scrutinised and boll0x-filtered.

  4. I've been complaining about this Green Deal to people ever since it was first mentioned, because I could see various catches with it. So this extra news doesn't surprise me at all. Just wait till it gets round!

  5. Hi cdr - I'm not sure how they intend to implement this - think of the bureaucracy involved. Making householders jump through hoops simply to replace something like a ch boiler or erect a conservatory won't go down well at all. It's Britain, once again, trying to prove to the EU bods what good little europhiles we are - we're always amongst the first to implement their directives and frequently introduce the initiatives in the first place! Then the govt ducks and weaves in the media. Drives me nuts ;)


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