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Monday, 16 April 2012

Update On Olly

Poor old 'Olly'. You might not like his language but you have to feel for his plight - in fact, let's not call it 'a plight', let's call it what it is: A Stitch-Up.

What's annoying me at the moment is that so many people are spouting half-baked rubbish based on half-known facts. Even M'learned friends are getting in on the act when they only know half of the story. I realise the legal blogger could only write about the facts of the case as they were presented in Court and written up by the msm but - BIG but - she'd have done better to keep quiet until she knew the full facts rather than comment on half a story.

Olly had already been acquitted of harassment; these lesser charges under the Telecommunications Act were an 'okay, we failed so let's get him for this' act of desperation - and, of course, the CPS and Courts obliged (and all within three weeks apparently.  My, how the wheels of Justice whizz when they want to).

The whole story is here: Bexley is Bonkers, which is a completely different site to Olly's You've Been Cromwelled.  The following extract is from today's BisB:
"So Bexley council is lying to the Daily Mail now. When will they ever learn that it is constant lying that has been their undoing? Lying to the electorate, lying to the police, lying to newspapers. When will it stop?

“The council is totally supportive of freedom of expression and political debate.” Funny then that they all but closed down debate at council meetings, banished it totally when 2,219 people signed a petition and just a year ago persuaded the police to send me a warning of arrest for criticising councillors."
For those in media/legal circles who still don't get it: the real story here is local corruption and the attempt to silence legitimate concerns; these are the root issues, not a swear word, so get digging and report the truth.

Calling Someone A C* on Twitter...
Beyond Language

UPDATE: HERE is EuReferendum's take on it
UPDATE2: From someone who was in Court: The 'District Judge' (do they mean Magistrate?) said, “It is quite clear from the words used that there was every intention to insult Melvin Seymour.” That's true, there was every intention to insult the Councillor. The question is: When has insulting a Councillor been a criminal offence?  Link


  1. Have tweeted this GV. Off topic, as M'learned friend only began in 2011 one wonders whether I can lay claim to the use of the word 'witterings' in her 'about me' section......Hmm.

  2. Thanks, MrW. I noted that our legal friend, so quick to jump on the bandwagon, no longer practices - she now writes for the Guardian or somesuch, apparently. Yes, I'd sue if I were you - you're definitely the best when it comes to witterings ;)

  3. "The 'District Judge' (do they mean Magistrate?)"

    No, they are different. A JP (magistrate) is an unpaid volunteer that has no legal qualification and they usually sit in threes. A district judge is a full time legally qualified judge, who sits on his own and is usually used in the more complicated cases. I think he's probably used when the powers that be, want the 'right result' and only need to lean on one person.

    PS I think they used to be called stipendiary magistrates.

    1. Thanks RH - A stipendiary magistrate I know but I didn't realise they'd had a change of name. District Judge sounds so... well... American and for some reason it makes me think of a Louis Prima song (I'll try & find it). Thanks for clearing that up.

      I wish the msm journos wd do a little digging on this - Olly really has been stitched up and it needs more than bloggers to get the message over to the public. We're in dire straits.


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