"If ye love wealth better than liberty, the tranquility of servitude better than the animating contest of freedom, go home from us in peace. We ask not your counsels or your arms. Crouch down and lick the hands which feed you. May your chains set lightly upon you, and may posterity forget that you were our countrymen."

Tuesday, 29 May 2012

Bless You



My thanks to Klein Verzet for teaching me the German word for 'harmonisation'.

Tweet Of The Day

The blog has been in a state of semi-contented hibernation lately but I just couldn't resist posting this tweet from @TheCommentator - I really hope it's true:

We all know about Greece, Ireland, Spain, Portugal and Italy; France looks bad and Germany's unemployment is climbing while output is falling.

There's only one thing I want to know and that is:  Since Britain's banks have received a £220 billion subsidy from taxpayers but the banks aren't lending and businesses are still cash-strapped, what the heck has this government done to protect our country from the fallout?  Beyond sending out dire warnings of the catastrophe that will befall the country if the eurozone collapses, what have they actually done?

It's a hackneyed phrase but I can think of no better, since it's true: 'As a life-long Conservative voter' I ask once again why this government is borrowing so much to spend so much?  Why did it give so much leeway to local authorities to implement their own financial cuts, thereby enabling them to slash frontline services rather than 5-a-Day Co-ordinators yet blame it on central government in a form of ideological warfare?  In passing I should mention that every Local Authority has an EU-compliance jobsworth, just to make sure the line is toed.

I could go on but I won't; there are so many questions and never any answers - not straight ones at least.  I'm sick and tired of politics, of politicians and their devious, manipulative tricks and spin and, for good measure, I'm sick of the msm as well.

While Cameron, Clegg and Co continue in petty point-scoring and internecine skirmishes they've lost sight of the fact that the number of food kitchens and the suicide rate in this country, our country, have also risen in the past year.  Shame on them.

I really hope the eurozone crashes and burns and that the phoenix, in the guise of a political union of federated European States (always the aim) isn't given the oxygen it needs to fly because, no matter how fast the politicians spin, the people will have the final say.

Monday, 21 May 2012

For Anyone In Doubt

When the msm finally endorse the message that the European Union is a rotten and corrupt construct to its heart, it's too late.

It's late for us because we've see-sawed between the two same old Parties with a handful of dissidents swinging towards the LibDems.  I think it's all changed now.  We must hold our nerve and vote for any Party, literally ANY Party, rather than one of those three.

It was never this blog's intention to tell people how to think or how to vote; it was only ever intended to give facts with links so readers could make up their own minds.  My, how times change.

We are in desperate straits as a nation so, please, get out and vote at the next opportunity.  Don't be fooled into thinking that local doesn't make a difference: it does, hence Cameron's push towards the 'Big Society', which is really EU regionalisation by any other name. Put your cross against UKIP, BNP, British Freedom Party, Independents, Monster Raving Loony Party, Dave Wants Fajitas Three Times A Week Party - I don't care, just make sure it isn't one of the liblabcon.

Cameron has been called a chameleon because he changes his colours but Miliband is just the same - I wonder if we'll see the same press reporting for him as we see for Cameron. The only one not to change his colours is Clegg and his colours have always run.  What a meagre bunch of 'leaders' we've had to choose from on election days.

Now, sixteen year-olds want the vote.   Throw them into the mix and we'll have chaos.  The majority has been educated by the State and raised according to the State's 'guidance'.  It will be a nightmare.

On second thoughts, give them the vote and let the State face what they've spawned.  Bring on the water cannon, the LRAD, the robot-cops and the drones.  Bring it on and we can divide the spoils afterwards because, to be sure, this fight could be more than people against government; if we don't get this right it will be people against people.

Saturday, 19 May 2012


A cut 'n' paste joke for you - there's no end to my talents, and no beginning either looking at the state of the line alignments:

Just in case you're planning to do a little cooking...

To keep potatoes from budding,
place an apple in the bag with the potatoes.

Buy mashed potato mix.
Keeps in the cupboard for up to a year.

When a cake recipe calls for flouring
the baking tin, use a bit of dry cake
mix instead and there won't be any
white mess on the outside of the cake.

Go to the bakery!
Hell, they'll even decorate it for you!

Wrap celery in aluminum foil when putting
in the refrigerator and it will keep for weeks.

Never heard of it!

Cure for headaches: take a lime, cut it in half and
rub it on your forehead. The throbbing will go away.

Take a lime, mix it with tequila,
chill and drink! All your pains go away!

Don't throw out all that leftover wine.
Freeze into ice cubes for future use
in casseroles and sauces.

Left over wine
? ? ?

Wednesday, 16 May 2012

Car Sells for £4m

But it's not just any old car, it's a 1957 Ferrari 625 TRC Spider:

How stunning is that?  Even the engine is a work of art.

 And the sound it makes! I think I'm drooling.

There are lots more fabulous pics at the Daily Mail.

PMQs: Summary & Videos

The House paid tribute to Lance Corporal Lee Davies and Corporal Brent McCarthy killed at the weekend by Afghan police  officers.

Miliband welcomed the fall in unemployment and asked what discussions Cameron has had with Hollande about plans for growth in the EU.  He reminded the House that Cameron hadn't met Hollande on his recent visit to London and suggested he send a LOL text message instead.  Cameron got a dig in about using his phone rather than just "throwing it at the people who work with me".  (Still no sign of Brown in the House).

The number of frontline police  and nurses was also questioned.  Miliband's delivery is definitely stronger than a few months ago but the content is much the same.  'A recession made in Downing Street' was the phrase of the half-hour and one we'll be hearing a great deal in the future along with the ubiquitous 'Tory-led coalition'.  Once politicians sink their teeth into a soundbite they never let go.

Did your MP speak?
Paul Maynard, Con, Blackpool North & Cleveleys;  Sir Peter Tapsell, Con, Louth & Horncastle;  Meg Hillier, Lab Co-op, Hackney South & Shoreditch; Jo Johnson, Con, Orpington; Hugh Bayley, Lab, York Central; Caroline Dinenage, Con, Gosport; Nigel Dodds, DUP Westminster Leader, Stuart Andrew, Con, Pudsey; Ian Austin, Lab, Dudley North; Pauline Latham, Con, Mid-Derbyshire; Tony Lloyd, Lab, Manchester Central; Jason McCartney, Con, Colne Valley; Simon Danczuk, Lab, Rochdale; George Eustice, Con, Camborne & Redruth; Dan Jarvis, Lab, Barnsley Central; Tessa Munt, LibDem, Wells; Peter Hain, Lab, Neath; Christopher Pincher, Con, Tamworth; Alan Johnson, Lab, Kingston upon Hull & Hessle.

Matters raised:
Falling unemployment rate;  Merkel's 'big bazooka'/EU; Coulson's security vetting; improved trade figures/net car exporter; the VAT increase; adult literacy; police retention of tissue samples/independent review; right-to-buy Council houses; 'collapse in reputation for competence', long-term interest rates; Rochdale child sex abuse cases/care homes; apprenticeships; Rochdale child sex abuse cases/Serious Case Review; science & technology in schools; adult social care and home care charges; tax avoidance by Civil Servants; the Severn Barrage project; help for jobseekers; Regional Growth Fund.

Nigel Dodds asking about police retention of body parts:

DUP Channel

In full:

UK Parliament

PMQs: Reminder

Links to Live Parliament, from twelve o'clock, and  The Daily Politics on BBC iPlayer from half past eleven. It can also be seen on BBC Parliament live and Sky 502.

Summary and videos here from about one o'clock.

Tuesday, 15 May 2012

The Last Redoubt

Where's Hookie?

Losing The Battle

I'm not sure there ever was a battle as such; it was more like many minor skirmishes with the fragmented anti-eu'ers retiring, battered and bruised from self-inflicted wounds at the end of each day.  The EU and its acolytes just ignored everything and continued their merry way on the road to hell.

The msm and the politicians just say, print, spin whatever they want and repeat it ad nauseam; governments are elected, supposedly on a mandate given by the electorate but then completely ignore us.  It doesn't matter what they promise, or what we want, we've been on course to be a full, committed member of the European Union since we first joined under Edward Heath.

Look at the all the blogs now, trawl back through this one, you'll see it's true.  We have been lied to on a grand scale and have swallowed it hook, line & sinker every time by continuing to vote for the same Parties.  I look at UKIP today and wonder where they're going and why they haven't made greater inroads into the public consciousness, apart from the obvious answer that they've been excluded by the media.  The BNP has imploded too by all accounts and membership is drifting away to another Party.  Personally, I think it's too late for new Parties.

Nick Clegg said yesterday that we shouldn't "gloat" about the problems in the euro-zone.  He's got this so wrong and it shows his own mind-set more than anything: no-one is gloating, no-one is rubbing their hands together hoping for a failing euro or a Greek exit.  The time to gloat, if we survive, is when the EU edifice tumbles down and is incapable of resurrection but in the meantime people are suffering because of EU policies and the manic dreams of a German and a Frenchman.  That's something that Clegg, an EU pension-dependent, like many appointed to the House of Lords or parachuted as Government advisers, will never acknowledge.

Take a look at this, via @EU_Dictatorship, and watch Eric Pickles flounder and splutter under the questioning by Andrew Neil.  Pickles can't give a straight answer because they're not his to give.  Everything belongs to the EU and yet we don't have one single MP who is willing to step up to the plate and challenge this status quo.  Not Cash, not Redwood, not Carswell is willing to step up to the plate and none of the 301 or the 1922 are ready to lay their necks on the line.

Pickles did get one thing right though: government can't create jobs, it can only create the conditions for job creation.  And this government has its hands tied, not only by the LibDems (as they're so fond of telling us) but by the EU (a topic they rarely approach).  They don't, and won't, fight back and that's why our country is ham-strung and declining.  Take a look at this blog and these Treasury figures  and then write or email George Osborne, or tweet at @HMTreasury, and ask him what he's been doing for these past two years to insulate the UK from euro-zone contagion.  It appears to be very little, despite all the warnings.

In other news, Agenda 21 has made great inroads in America and they're suffering their own form of 'political correctness' aka cultural Marxism; Hollande's plane was hit by lightning on its way to Berlin to meet Merkel and had to turn back (cue jokes about God being a eurosceptic after all), and there's been a run on the banks in Greece (seven hundred million euros having been withdrawn in little over a week).  Greece will be holding another election in mid June (10th or 17th) and Syriza are holding firm in the polls despite warnings from the outgoing Security Minister of 'civil war and kalashnikovs'.  The Greeks would do better to focus on the real enemy rather than fight amongst themselves.

I find the whole lot depressing and negative; my blogging has become repetitive and lacks coherence. I'm no longer motivated by the need to warn because what I warned about is already with us.  I'm not motivated by being an aspiring author with a book to sell and I have no axe to grind; I'm only someone who happened to wonder, one day, why this country was so stuffed and then I came upon the EU, Agenda 21 and Common Purpose.  Everything has led from that moment.

I'll be back to do the straight-forward Parliamentary stuff tomorrow.

PS I did say 'losing the battle' but I didn't say we will lose the war - this war won't be blogged.

Have this to cheer yourselves up, courtesy of Max Farquar:

And, if you're not in the mood to be cheered up, have this from Golem XIV about the downgrading of twenty-six Italian banks today and why it won't be the last.

Me?  I need yoga, the Dalai Lama, anything but the thought that the United Kingdom of Great Britain and Northern Ireland had the first Technocratic Government. I didn't want to believe it either but you know it's true now - take up yoga and prepare for the war.

The Boiling Frog: Tactical Suicide

Tactical Suicide

A good post with all the info in one place.  Read it to see why some of us DON'T want an In/Out referendum and why we simply want to withdraw.

Sunday, 13 May 2012

No Comment + Monday Update

Two things from this evenings papers: First Ambrose Evans-Pritchard writes in the Telegraph (HERE) that Germany is drawing up plans for a Greek exit from the eurozone.  It is proposed that the costs of the exit will be shared by ALL members of the EU, not just those in the EZ.
If the German plan gains broader EU backing, it would effectively recruit Britain as a loss-absorber to protect the ECB. Downing Street has said repeatedly that Britain will help only through the International Monetary Fund. 
In a bit of a double whammy, tomorrow's front page of the Daily Express has this:

Sweet dreams.

UPDATE: It's Monday morning and the article is online now. It's HERE .

Sunday Reflection

Sunday Round-up

There isn't much around this morning.  It's probably best to check out the blogroll on the right instead.

Hague: The economy, the coalition, the EU and all that jazz

Coulson refused to sign confidentiality agreement

New allegations: Hunt knew about cash payments to police

Facing abuse on Britain's streets

Disillusioned LibDem voters 'flock' to Labour

Miliband: Labour lost the plot

Alistair Darling: My plan to rescue the eurozone

Possible Inquiry into abuse at children's Care Homes

Booker: The water shortage & govt policy

Evacuations, controlled explosions and terror arrests near GCHQ

M15, the Police Force and terrorism

Trialling vouchers for Parenting Classes

Greece on the brink

Saturday, 12 May 2012

Musings of a Durotrigan: Beyond the Fringe: Conclusion and Announcement

Musings of a Durotrigan: Beyond the Fringe: Conclusion and Announcement

Go and take a look. It seems a new Political Party is in the offing and a great deal of thought has gone into it. I'm not sure at the moment whether this is a British national Party or an English national Party but more detail will be published within the next few weeks. Referenda, always a good thing in my opinion, get a look-in and forced repatriation is out.

By the way, for all those who vilify politicians as fascists for saying they'd offer money to immigrants to leave this country, you overlook the fact that our own dear Labour and Conservative Parties have been doing this for years.

I'll be keeping an eye on this to see what comes of it. If we must have political Parties to represent us then we need something very different to what's on offer at the moment. We also need to laugh at, ridicule and ignore the msm and lobby groups' tendency to label as fascists, Hitlerites, fruitcakes, nazis, nutjobs and so on, anyone who disagrees with them. It should be water off a duck's back by now. The answer to all of them is Just Say 'No'. It didn't do me any harm, in fact I've usually got into more trouble by saying 'Yes'.

I think it's good that new ideas are coming to the fore and that political discourse in Britain hasn't been completely mired in Third Way Communitarianism. Referism is still my favourite because it addresses and acknowledges the individual without resorting to anarchy but let's see what becomes of this new concept in Durotrigan's post.

Greece's 'Golden Dawn'

I don't speak Greek so can't vouch for the accuracy of the English subtitles in this video; I don't know if anything was omitted or if words were manipulated, but we can get the gist from what remains.  I'm posting it just for info only - I've never seen the leader of Golden Dawn in full flow before.

There are a few things I don't like: I don't like the order to journos to stand up and 'show respect' at the beginning; I don't like his strident & confrontational tone, and I don't like the black shirts.  Apart from that, I'm sure everything in Greece will be political plain sailing from now on. Not.

Friday, 11 May 2012


Four from the ether:
(Click to enlarge as usual)

Someone needs to brush up their vexillology, particularly when it comes to Germany.

In the light of recent events, perhaps this shop should consider a change of name.


And this one which did the rounds a week or two back always makes me laugh so, in case you missed it, here it is again:

That's it - I might be back tomorrow or Sunday. Have a great weekend :)

Late Addition:

I've just watched The Apprentice: You've Been Fired and spotted this...

... although I'm not sure that bad spelling on BBC props should really be categorised under humour.

Archbishop Cranmer: ASA Persecutes His Grace

Advertising Standards Authority Persecutes His Grace

I'm astonished at this report and fail to see on what grounds the ASA is threatening His Grace.  Here's an extract from his blog:
Apparently there have been a number of complaints about one of the advertisements His Grace carried on behalf of the Coalition for Marriage. He has been sent all manner of official papers, formal documentation and threatening notices which demand answers to sundry questions by a certain deadline. He is instructed by the ‘Investigations Executive’ of this inquisition to keep all this confidential.

Since His Grace does not dwell in Iran, North Korea, Soviet Russia, Communist China or Nazi Germany, but occupies a place in the cyber-ether suspended somewhere between purgatory and paradise, he is minded to ignore that request. Who do these people think they are?
Here's the website for the Coalition for Marriage


I've trawled through the 'news' this morning but can't find anything that isn't a re-hash of old news. There's nothing enlightening out there so I'm going to take the opportunity to hunker down with some popcorn and watch the Leveson Inquiry with Rebekah Brooks.  It's a sad day when that's the least boring option out there.  TFIF.

Thursday, 10 May 2012

Those Were The Days

Sgt John Speed

It somehow seems appropriate to post it today.  He was what you called 'a copper'.

They weren't always all the same; they weren't called robot-cops and they weren't always politicised. As an added bonus, we didn't have ACPO either.
Michael Downes, chair of the West Yorkshire Police Federation, described the vandalism as disgusting.
Mr Downes said: "It's important to refer to Sgt Speed as John Speed because police officers are just members of the community, the boys and girls next door who happen to join the police service.
"I think sometimes that can be lost beyond the uniform. They are just ordinary lads and lasses doing a very difficult job in difficult circumstances.
"Enquiries would appear to indicate this was not targeted, there has been similar graffiti found in the vicinity... nonetheless it's still a disgrace and disrespectful."
Another gem from the report is that: "Police are treating the vandalism as racial damage because the graffiti resembles a swastika."

I think I know what Sgt Speed would have said to that and I hope Michael Downes is long gone.  John Speed was fair, tough, honest and brave while Downes was the weak product of his training.

Times have changed and not for the best.

Rose-tinted Specs

It's such a cliche: those 'blue-remembered hills', the good old 'when I were a lad you could get a farthing's change out of a thruppence' days, but there is a truth to be found in them and it's a truth that's being eradicated through education, history and general social degradation.

That sounds apocalyptic but really, it isn't.  Everything today seems to be a knee-jerk reaction to a political statement - they say this so we say that even though we agreed with it in Opposition and let's hope the electorate forget it because now it's our turn: Con out, Lab in, Con-Lib coalition out, Lab-Lib Coalition in.

Anyway, 'when I were a lass', it's true that I didn't know Beeston by name.  I only knew north-west Leeds and the rest of my knowledge was restricted to parts still inhabited by relatives who hadn't managed to make the move.  I'm talking about the back-to-back streets of Hunslet, of ginnels, middens, three toilets with enormous wooden seats in two blocks per street and factories that gave off a particular smell that I can still smell today when I close my eyes, just like the coal tar soap Grandma used to keep in a white tin blue-ringed soap-holder next to the scary gas geyser in the corner of her room.

What I knew in those good old, bad old days was people.  People saying hello, going about their business, taking buckets and slops down to the midden, children skipping in streets, playing at gangs, people who sat in front gardens waving hello and goodbye.  If we visited on a Saturday, I saw women cleaning doorsteps or reading tea-leaves as an entertainment for their neighbours.  If we visited on a Sunday it was usually in the afternoon after Church - and what a spread and celebration of family life it was then.  What I saw was a real example of, "We're all in it together."

What I never saw were moss-covered cobble stones, indolent door-steps, dirty windows or litter in the streets.  In fact, insofar as I can remember, litter hadn't even been invented.

The answer isn't to be found in our Coalition government and it won't be found in any other coalition government either - not for this country.  In 2006, Cameron said he favoured coalition governments as a way forward but you'll be lucky to find that on Google these days.

My grandmother and grandfather are well out of it. She, blind from the age of fourteen and he, who never spoke a word after returning from the horrors of the Somme in WW1. Thank God they don't have to endure what this country has become.  I don't want to be like them; I won't die being grateful for 'the release'.

Beeston today - click to enlarge:

What's Happening In Scotland?

I daresay that what the video shows isn't an isolated incident and neither will it be confined to Scotland, it's just that this particular visit was captured on film.

I have to ask - Why?  Can the children not learn something about Islam without visiting a mosque for lessons or being taught "correct positions and basic etiquettes"?  When did they last visit a Stupa, a Temple, a Cathedral, a Meeting House or just a plain old-fashioned Church?  Are they ever given religious lessons by a Rinpoche, a Guru or a Preacher? Why is it appropriate to indoctrinate via religious garb, worksheets and 'goody bags'?

For the record, it is a state school and I think it's time religion was left outside the school-gates.  You might think I'm being picky but this sort of thing makes me feel as uneasy as those videos coming from the US where school-children sing songs of praise to Obama.

H/t: Vlad Tepes

Wednesday, 9 May 2012

Update On Olly: Rough Justice

I'm cheating - I originally posted this at four-ish this afternoon but I'm moving it to the top of the page overnight so more people have a chance to read it, plus there's a couple of updates.


Olly was back in Court today for sentencing.  If you haven't been following his case you can catch his story here:

Calling someone the C-word on twitter is now a criminal offence
Beyond Language
Update on Olly

The sentence is in and it's a rough one: A FIVE year restraining order against him - no contact with any Bexley Councillors, no use of social media (twitter, blogs, facebook) to discuss their actions, £600+ costs and 80hrs* community service.  Presumably the restraining order precludes Olly from attending Bexley Council meetings for the next five years as well.

So that's it, folks.  Uncover corruption in your local council, tweet and blog about it and you too can end up with a criminal record imposed on trumped up charges, a cover up and state justice.

It looks as though a fighting fund to support Olly in paying the costs is being set up and I'll post a link as soon as I have it.

*Some tweeps are saying it's a 12 month community service order so I'll try to clarify that.  //Olly's solicitor confirms it's 80hrs.
I'll try again - it's a 12 month community order incorporating 80hrs unpaid work.

I'll reiterate that this isn't simply an issue about a Councillor, who didn't even see the tweet, being called the c-word.  It's about a blogger uncovering corruption within Bexley Council itself and being charged & sentenced on flimsy grounds.  Check out Bexley is Bonkers, a site to which Olly does not contribute, and check out the facts for yourselves.  There is a c-word alright, but that c-word is 'cover-up'.

UPDATE:   An appeal against sentence has been lodged.

UPDATE2: Olly has posted on his blog: Stringing a sentence together 

Farage: We face the prospect of mass civil unrest, even revolution

Nigel Farage gave another speech in the European Parliament today and delivered a few more home truths to them.  Needless to say, judging by the looks on some faces, it didn't go down well in some quarters although there were a few cheers and applause at the end:

"I owe no allegiance to that flag and nor do most of the people in Europe either."

Open Europe has blogged about an item in today's Queen's Speech: A bit of European political dynamite. It deals with fallout from the 2010 Treaty change and how the rules have changed since then. Backbenchers are now more feisty and the msm is reporting EU-related events more than it did.

This pro-EU think-tank asks whether MPs will demand Cameron offers one of his famous 'vetos' and says: 'Remember, an EU treaty change is not a change at all until it has been ratified by all member states.'  The general conclusion is that it will be very messy indeed and it's worth reading for all the details.

Happy Europe Day 2012

Let's hear it for the EU and our wise, benevolent leaders.   We are where we are today solely due to their unsurpassed visionary prowess so fly those flags, comrades, and, whatever you do, keep smiling.

Now take the antidote:

Monday, 7 May 2012

Politics Sucks

Let's pretend that we are individuals, capable of having our own thoughts and ordering our own lives.  Let's pretend that the State doesn't intrude into every facet of our lives. Let's have a cup of coffee:

If you've ever tasted British politics, you'll know that the mood music is good but it's really hard to swallow.

Cynical?  I also know that the sound on the video couldn't possibly have been produced by the team on the tube but I still love it. I want to believe it and wish I was there on the morning they stepped into the carriage to uplift my day but I think I know too much. There's no going back.

Around The World

Here we go (sorry it's just a round-up but there's so much going on at the moment that if I wrote about each one individually I'd be glued to the keyboard into the middle of next week and it is a Bank Holiday Monday after all).

Why did the Heartlands Institute ever think this would be a winning campaign? AGW proponents likened to mass murderers.
Here's a more measured approach from The Commentator: The Rise of Leftist Eco-Fascism.
And WUWT put their cards on the table: CRU scientists are unscrupulous liars worthy of our scorn.
No surprises after the weekend's election results: Euro tanks to three-month low.
Here is the final percentage of  Greek votes and, proving that neo-fascism is in the eye of the beholder, a warning about the Golden Dawn.  Here's a pic of 'the face of the enemy' - note the cigarette:

America on alert as DHS buys in seven years worth of ammunition.
Don't bother reading the witterings of our own msm - try this instead from der Spiegel:  Bound to disappoint - future problems for France .
It's interesting to note that 'raging Lefty'  Hollande's proposal to tax earnings over 150k euros at 45% will bring him into line with 'Conservative' Osborne's budget plans for 2013.
Canada & the EU are having a tough time selling the proposed new trade agreement to the people.
Republican Presidential candidate Mitt Romney still has problems as endorsements remain tepid. Santorum, Gingrich, Bachmann and other movers & shakers are less than enthusiastic.
Last night's Telegraph had this from Boris Johnson: Why do foreigners get all the jobs?  But in case we think he's serious, don't forget this from 2008: Boris calls for an amnesty for illegals.

Finally, this is from Feb and shows Irish journalist, Vincent Browne, effortlessly leaving a suit from the ECB on the ropes:

So that's it.  It's an absolutely beautiful morning down here; the sun is shining, the sky is blue and it's still only half past seven.

UPDATE:  It might be worth bookmarking this link and keeping an eye on it.  It's the so-called Alternative Queen's Speech and comprises fifteen proposals put forward by Conservative backbenchers.  The plan is to roll out one proposal at a time on the site and the first deals with the creation of a British Bill of Rights.

Here is a better explanation from the DM. Davis and Redwood are amongst those who've put forward proposals and a cursory reading reveals nothing radical at all - it's simply what Conservatism used to mean, which, perversely, means it's very radical indeed.

UPDATE2Proposal 2: Promotion of Competition Bill
Proposal 3: Rail Improvements Bill
Proposal 4: Make Prison Work Bill
Proposal 5: Fairness to UK Taxpayers Bill
Proposal 6: Affordable Energy Bill
Proposal 7: Anti-Congestion Bill
Proposal 8: Double EU Referendum Bill
Proposal 9: Education (Choice & Opportunity) Bill
Proposal 10: University Standards Bill
Proposal 11: Double Devolution Bill
Proposal 12 Finance Bill
Proposal 13 Trade Union Members' Bill
Proposal 14: Electoral Integrity Bill
Proposal 15: Lords Reform Bill

Sunday, 6 May 2012

Up The Workers!

Hollande is the new French President so it's adieu and don't let the door hit you on the way out to Le Petit Bonaparte and the fragrant Carla. The Greek Parliament will mainly comprise Maoists, Trotskyists, Revolutionaries and Anti-Capitalists and to round off the evening's entertainment, Merkel's coalition Party lost in the Schleswig-Holstein by-election.

Oh, how I laughed!  Hello Barroso, hello van Rompuy - how do you feel now?  You're probably the same pea-green colour as Balls and Miliband as they look forward to the prospect of seeing their economic policies implemented across Europe.

I doubt Osborne is feeling so chipper tonight either.  He should never have propped up the failing eurozone in the way he did; he should have saved the money and invested it here, for the benefit of this country, so we wouldn't be so badly affected by the coming crash.

Sunday Reflection

Rose of England thou shall fade not here,
Proud and bright from growing year to year,
Red shall thy petals be as rich wine untold,
Shared by thy warriors who served thee of old.

Rose of England breathing England's air,
Flower of chivalry beyond compare,
While hand and heart endure to cherish thy prime,
Thou shall blossom to the end of time.

Rose of England thou shall fade not here,
Proud and bright from growing year to year,
Red shall thy petals be as rich wine untold,
Shared by thy warriors who served thee of old.

Rose of England breathing England's air,
Flower of liberty beyond compare,
While hand and heart endure to cherish thy prime,
Thou shall blossom to the end of time.

Sunday Round-up

The usual quick round-up of msm news:

More Murdoch trouble: Michel set up secret meeting between Cameron, Aznar & member of News Corp board.
Osborne: Regrets, I've had a few.
Heathrow now open to gun & drug smugglers.
Concern as study shows UK's most popular method of IVF carries high risk of birth defects.
Senior Tories urge Cameron to hire Lynton Crosby & sack Osborne.
Brave but futile attempt from Dorries: 'It will all be over by Christmas'.
A hatchet job on Cameron: 'An unprincipled chancer with limited skills in public relations'.
IDS warns French will 'swarm' into Britain if Hollande wins.
More 'Welfare-to-Work' providers face fraud investigations.
MoD does deal with US salvage company to plunder HMS Victory.
Our poor children: The rise and rise of Ritalin.
Trip to the West Indies + £2k pocket money for Sally Bercow in return for husband allowing travel firm to use Commons apartment for a Christmas party.
A blistering bio of Livingstone: 'Divisive, embittered and self-pitying'.
Fake bomb smuggled past Olympics 2012 security. 
More allegations of sweatshop labour being used for Olympics2012.
What on earth? Steven Gerrard joins calls for food education for youngsters.
Farewell OBE? Lords Lieutenant call for imperial titles to be discontinued.
Tory official in internet porn crackdown used to run *ahem* 'exotic parties'.
Brink's Mat: Ripe for the Guy Ritchie treatment.
Yorkshire folk are doing it for themselves.

UPDATE:  It looks as though the Sunday Telegraph has already arranged a coup at the top.  Who is this chap?

Saturday, 5 May 2012

Witterings from Witney: Ukip Factfile

Here are some interesting statistics about UKIP's overall performance in Thursday's elections.  They were so close to being voted into office on many Councils - as MrW says: "If only..."

Ukip Factfile


We're crossing the border this afternoon for another opinion on the elections.  There's lots of interesting reading so it's worth the journey.  

Munguin's Republic: IF THIS IS LOSING... LET'S HAVE MORE OF IT: Aye.....what a day! Firstly, I'd like to say congratulations to Labour and Johann Lamont. According to a friend of mine in England, who ...

Friday, 4 May 2012

Tomorrow's Front Pages - Another Four Years for Johnson

At the moment the results for London Mayor still haven't been announced.  It's been an absolute fiasco with power cuts, ballot boxes discovered in storage cupboards and faulty counting machines.  UKIP did badly and didn't even get a London Assembly member.  Apparently there was some sort of monumental administrative cock-up and the rumour is their name didn't go on the ballot papers - instead it said 'Fresh Choice'.  I expect there'll be a post-mortem and all will become clear tomorrow.  Just for the record, the Greens came third, pushing the LibDems down to fourth, followed by the Independent candidate.  The BNP trailed in last.

Here are tomorrow's front pages, courtesy of @suttonnick on twitter.  It seems fairly certain that pressure will mount on Cameron now.

(Click to enlarge, as usual)

UPDATE:  Finally, at 23.53 - Benita, Ind. 83,914; Cortiglia, BNP, 28,751; Johnson, Con, 971,931; Jones, Greens, 98,913;  Livingstone, Labour 889,918; Paddick, LibDem, 91,774; Webb, Fresh Choice for London, 43,000+

After 2nd pref votes:  Johnson 1,054,811; Livingstone 992,273

From that, you can see that UKIP weren't even mentioned - they were listed as Fresh Choice for London. I was so astounded that I missed the exact count of their votes.

Thursday, 3 May 2012

Greywater Gardening

(Recited by Derek Jacobi)

Best make a cup of tea for this one because it's not green and it's not pleasant: 

I've always loved gardening, no particular reason that I can think of though if a psychologist delved into my mind he would probably find that it stems from the day, many years ago, when my father dug a half-moon patch in the lawn, gave me a couple of packets of Alyssum and Marigold seeds and said,  "It's all yours."  It occurs to me now that he's the only man ever to have said that to me.

Ever since the day I picked up his hand-trowel and borrowed his red plastic sieve to fine-tilth the soil in the borders and watch the rhubarb grow, it's been a bit of a love-thing for me. One of my earliest memories is walking, pygmy-like and in wonder, amongst towering rows of raspberry canes.

Anyway, given that I'll soon be moving to a place with a garden and given that the past owners weren't gardeners at all, I'll be in the happy position of being able to start growing my own fruit and veg again from scratch.  It will be a case of lawn up, patio up, greenhouse in, raised beds in and square foot gardening in.  This all led me to wonder about the practicalities of using greywater in gardens and, oh, Happy Day, Caroline Spelman, Privy Counsellor and Secretary of State for Environment, Food and Rural Affairs, says that using greywater is the way forward.

I don't like Spelman.  I think she's a mouthpiece for corporate business within government and that she's vacuous, incapable of independent thought and unceasingly condescending.  With that in mind I thought I'd better think ahead and moot the real possibilities of using greywater in the garden.

The short answer is that there's no easy or cheap way to use greywater on a fruit & veg garden of any size.  Yes, you can always bathe in eco-friendly products and, towel-clad, sloop your bath water into a bucket, lop it out of your open first floor bathroom window and pray it lands where it won't poison anything, but... really... that's a bit of a non-starter for most of us.

I turned instead to the RHS but received even less comfort from them:
To minimise bacterial growth, grey water should only be saved for 24 hours, unless filtered through a reedbed or professionally-designed system. It is best applied by watering can; grease and fibres can clog irrigation systems.
There should be no problem with small-scale, short-term use of grey water to tide plants over in summer drought. An exception is on edible crops, due to the risk of contamination from pathogens in the water.
Okay, so what's a reedbed apart from something that bends and whistles in the wind and sends a warning to Westminster that the people have had enough?  Not very much unless you have acres of ground is the answer.

Oh dear, let's try other forms of filtering instead.  Surely sand filter is possible in an urban garden:

Or perhaps not - this is Step One:

And this is Step Two:

Back to Spelman and the government's own recommendations.  Here's a .pdf from the Environment Agency - a so-called quango: Greywater for domestic users: an information guide  They recommend THIS.  It's one of the first things I came across when I began my search and discounted as totally impractical and useless for my needs.

So, if stand pipes are all we have next year after another 'dry winter', then I and thousands like me in England, will be left with wilting food, mounting water bills, metering and and a pain in the neck.

That pain in the neck is called governance.

Never let it be said that I let a post go by without a dig at the EU.  If you haven't already seen THIS, please read it now and view with scepticism the polls and msm articles that say the EU isn't one of the issues the British people feel strongly about.

There'll be no more Jerusalem, no more green and pleasant land, no more England.  My veg and fruit patch aside, can't you see that we're already ruled by self-designated 'foreign princes and prelates' with the co-operation and encouragement of our own 'elected' government?

It's All Falling Apart

For proof you need look no further than THIS article-cum-letter in today's Guardian.  It did my heart good to read their pleas and excuses and I'll sleep easier in my bed tonight knowing that we've passed another milestone in the history of the EU.  Every milestone brings us closer to its fall.

Here are some extracts:
"In the many places where disenfranchised young people have set up camp and made public protests they are clamouring for social justice. Wherever such camps are – in Spain, Portugal, the countries of North Africa, American cities or Moscow – this demand is being made with great force and fervour. Anger is mounting over a political system that rescues banks with eye-watering mountains of debt but squanders the future of young people in the process."
 That's true enough so what's  their answer:
"... we are asking the European Commission and national governments, the European parliament and national parliaments to create a Europe of actively employed citizens and to secure the financial and legal requirements for the European Year of Volunteering for Everyone – as a counter-model to the top-down Europe, the Europe of elites and technocrats that has prevailed up to now that considers itself responsible for forging the destiny of the citizenry of Europe – if need be, against its will. For it is this unspoken maxim of European politics that is threatening to destroy the entire European project.
The aim is to democratise the national democracies in order to rebuild Europe in the spirit of the rallying cry: "Don't ask what Europe can do for you but ask what you can do for Europe – by doing Europe!"
If I've understood them correctly their answer to top-down control boils down to the creation of bottom-up control instigated and directed by top-down control.  I suppose that's consistent with their logic and interpretation of democracy. They go on:
"We cannot afford to allow Europe to be transformed into the target of an "angry movement" of citizens protesting against a Europe without Europeans. Europe cannot function without Europeans committed to its cause, and Europeans cannot do Europe unless they can breathe the air of freedom."
"The citizens of such a Europe will want to go to other countries and get involved in transnational problem areas in which national states are no longer able to offer appropriate solutions – environmental degradation, climate change, mass movements of refugees and migrants, and far-right radicalism. They will also want to make use of European networks of art, literature and theatre as stages to promote the European cause."
Somehow, I don't think that will create jobs for the unemployed or put food on the table though the signatories themselves have no doubt mulled over the basic details between numerous courses.

This letter amounts to a plea to the people for unity and allegiance to the EU. They've finally noticed the writing on the wall and they're worried their precious project is stalling on the road to federalism.  Take a look at the signatories and have a good laugh as you read the name of the first one to beg for understanding and tolerance: Jacques Delors, former EC Commissioner and prominent member of the arch-federalist Spinelli Group. Away from the columns of the Guardian Delors blames nationalism and individualism for the breakdown in EU politics; he blames national governments for lack of cohesion, the people themselves for lack of understanding but mainly the current EU leaders.

So, for the moment at least, it isn't tanks or EuroGendFor.  As people riot and cities burn from Athens to Lisbon all they're saying is,  'Stop burning the flag, stop throwing molatov cocktails and start volunteering.'


Tuesday, 1 May 2012

Internet Censorship

It's hotting up out there with the news that British judges have ordered ISPs to block The Pirate Bay but at least one msm journalist has written about the glaring problems.

The Open Rights Group has a good article today about what's behind it and where it all might lead.  ACTA is under fire, even from inside the EU itself.

As everyone likes to point out, there are ways and means to circumvent the intrusion and here are the latest developments from Mafiaafire, though they're not alone in creating neat little add-ons for your browser.

To prove the point that Judges simply don't have a clue, here's a short extract from an article by TorrentFreak:
A new survey has revealed that young people are responding to tough legislation and increasing levels of online spying by investing in VPN services. The study, carried out by the Cybernorms research group at Sweden’s Lund University, found that when compared to figures from late 2009, 40% more 15 to 25-year-olds are now hiding their activities online.
Faced with the almost impossible task of physically restricting people’s activities online, during recent years authorities and copyright holders have sought to have legislation tightened up, to encourage citizens towards a path of “doing the right thing” through the fear of more and more serious consequences.
Oh, and whatever you do, don't mention the P-word.

If Only...

If only Cameron and Osborne had one tenth of the political nous and balls that this man has:

In 2014 the power of the EU will become even stronger as Qualified Majority Voting (QMV) increases its grip on our nation: Areas of competence surrendered to the EU

If you haven't already read or at least skimmed through THIS recently declassified FCO document then do it now.  Yes, it's 234 pages but you'll gain far more understanding of the extent of the lies, subterfuge and treachery that underpin Britain's membership of the EU.  If you can't spare the time, then you have no place here: go back to clutching your duvet.

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