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Wednesday, 16 May 2012

Car Sells for £4m

But it's not just any old car, it's a 1957 Ferrari 625 TRC Spider:

How stunning is that?  Even the engine is a work of art.

 And the sound it makes! I think I'm drooling.

There are lots more fabulous pics at the Daily Mail.


  1. Replies
    1. Thanks Kid, nice drive but I think I prefer the Ferrari - somehow it's more 'girly'. I used to have one of THESE, not in the same class but a lovely little car nevertheless.

    2. Understood :) The Ferrari and the Alpha are awfully cute. And the curves on the Ferrari are 1967 XKE sexy-like.

    3. True, you can't beat the curves of an 1950's or 60's car and you have to love that balance between roar and curves. Lamborghini was just roar and Porsche was just curves. Ferrari got the mix right.

      I can't think of a modern car to compete in terms of design or engine capacity. We're going backwards.

  2. GV, I can't think of a modern car that does anything for me. The short list would however include Corvette, even though it's government motors, and the Aston-Martins.

    Current Jaguars and other exotic cars do nothing for me and everything else is either gaudy retro, boxy ugly, or a big navy bean with wheels and lights and also fugly.

    If I needed a vehicle right now, I'd have NO idea and would be very depressed to be in need today.

    Considering modern cars of any use go for 30k and more, I'd probably be looking for a classic/historical vehicle that has been impeccably restored. 69 Camaro or Malibu? Quite possibly.

  3. True, road cars these days seem to be purely utilitarian. The last one I had was a Mercedes hatchback - reliable, not bad looking and quite nifty - best of a bad bunch. I'm car-less at the moment :( I had a Gilbern for years but classic cars take too much maintenance, unless you're a man who likes spending every weekend under the chassis.

    1. Thinking in terms of a new car running around 30K, I'm thinking I could get a fully restored whatever, and have mechanics take care of any issues. I used to do it all but I don't like to crawl around in transmission fluid anymore. I'll do the dick brake pads and that's about it. I don't even change oil anymore since it's such a hassle to haul it into the recycle centers.

      Best wishes on your next car :)


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