"If ye love wealth better than liberty, the tranquility of servitude better than the animating contest of freedom, go home from us in peace. We ask not your counsels or your arms. Crouch down and lick the hands which feed you. May your chains set lightly upon you, and may posterity forget that you were our countrymen."

Monday, 21 May 2012

For Anyone In Doubt

When the msm finally endorse the message that the European Union is a rotten and corrupt construct to its heart, it's too late.

It's late for us because we've see-sawed between the two same old Parties with a handful of dissidents swinging towards the LibDems.  I think it's all changed now.  We must hold our nerve and vote for any Party, literally ANY Party, rather than one of those three.

It was never this blog's intention to tell people how to think or how to vote; it was only ever intended to give facts with links so readers could make up their own minds.  My, how times change.

We are in desperate straits as a nation so, please, get out and vote at the next opportunity.  Don't be fooled into thinking that local doesn't make a difference: it does, hence Cameron's push towards the 'Big Society', which is really EU regionalisation by any other name. Put your cross against UKIP, BNP, British Freedom Party, Independents, Monster Raving Loony Party, Dave Wants Fajitas Three Times A Week Party - I don't care, just make sure it isn't one of the liblabcon.

Cameron has been called a chameleon because he changes his colours but Miliband is just the same - I wonder if we'll see the same press reporting for him as we see for Cameron. The only one not to change his colours is Clegg and his colours have always run.  What a meagre bunch of 'leaders' we've had to choose from on election days.

Now, sixteen year-olds want the vote.   Throw them into the mix and we'll have chaos.  The majority has been educated by the State and raised according to the State's 'guidance'.  It will be a nightmare.

On second thoughts, give them the vote and let the State face what they've spawned.  Bring on the water cannon, the LRAD, the robot-cops and the drones.  Bring it on and we can divide the spoils afterwards because, to be sure, this fight could be more than people against government; if we don't get this right it will be people against people.


  1. "What a meagre bunch of 'leaders' ...". You are oodles too generous, GV. The unforgiving sob in me would have written 'miserable', rather than 'meagre', and spelt 'leaders' with a capital 'B'.

  2. Ha! Only now do I notice how you labeled the post! :))

    1. It's been a label I've reserved for Blair but I think they're all deserving now.

  3. Road_HogMay 23, 2012

    Unfortunately people will keep voting LibLabCon. At the last (GE) election, I voted outside the LibLabCon for the first time.

    Personally I'd avoid the BNP, as they have imploded and are going nowhere. The are down to just two councillors and one of those actually had to defend their seat in the recent elections.

    The BNP is now run as the Griffin family business, nearly all their local branches have closed and their supporters gone to other parties or given up.

    1. Hi Road-Hog, I don't keep tabs on the BNP and only know what I've gleaned in passing. I think you're right about them imploding. There are better Nationalists out there who would make a better Leader but I understand a British Freedom Party has been formed and that some BNP supporters have given up and are now supporting the English Democrats.

      The problem with smaller Parties is the fragmentation of the vote. Look how long it's taken UKIP to get this far and they're not yet in sniffing distance of a seat in Parliament.

  4. Good Luck GV.

    "When the msm finally endorse the message that the European Union is a rotten and corrupt construct to its heart, it's too late."

    Oh yeah.

    I believe 'we' have learned in America, that people will never be brave enough to vote in majority for a 3rd party. The communists started taking over the democrat party after they murdered JFK, and the Tea Party or whatever they want to call themselves(as you say); must take over the republican party from within, through people voting out the useless slugs called incumbent republicans.

    It's happening here. To a small extent so far but there are sparks that bring optimism. We'll see in November in the US.

    Seriously, socialist countries are drug addicts. They'll do anything, say anything, to keep the IV drip.
    "Sure, We'll pay you back !"

    It's going to get interesting ! And it might even be transformational in a good way. (The time to make a bet for upside is when it seems it can't go any lower eh?)
    Conversely, the time to sell is when everyone is doing the wave.

    1. That sounds encouraging, thanks Kid :) In my more optimistic moments I look around the world, despair at the cruelty and oppression but see people fighting back in whatever way they can. That gives me hope.

      Infiltration into Political Parties was the way this whole mess began and unless our PM Cameron is pulling a blinder, it's too late for us. Feet/street.


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