"If ye love wealth better than liberty, the tranquility of servitude better than the animating contest of freedom, go home from us in peace. We ask not your counsels or your arms. Crouch down and lick the hands which feed you. May your chains set lightly upon you, and may posterity forget that you were our countrymen."

Saturday, 12 May 2012

Greece's 'Golden Dawn'

I don't speak Greek so can't vouch for the accuracy of the English subtitles in this video; I don't know if anything was omitted or if words were manipulated, but we can get the gist from what remains.  I'm posting it just for info only - I've never seen the leader of Golden Dawn in full flow before.

There are a few things I don't like: I don't like the order to journos to stand up and 'show respect' at the beginning; I don't like his strident & confrontational tone, and I don't like the black shirts.  Apart from that, I'm sure everything in Greece will be political plain sailing from now on. Not.


  1. opsimathMay 12, 2012

    Alarming stuff, to be sure, but hardly surprising; the European Dream was destined to end in nationalism and war and now it is starting to kick off. In other news: 'Euocrats, make good use of your ties'.

    Interesting times, CE, like those mentioned in the ancient Chinese curse.

    1. The EU has much to answer for, Opsimath, and the reckoning hasn't even begun. Yes, I saw the bumper sticker - apparently the eurocrats demanded extra security as a result.

  2. AnonymousMay 12, 2012

    Why dont you like the black shirts? What color would you prefer them to be? As for the journalists, it was sort of a joke. Not one journalist in that room was friendly to that party, either greek or foreign. In fact, the greek ones are the ones that for 20 years slander this party in the mainstream newspapers and tv stations.

    1. I don't usually like Anon comments but I'll let this pass - try and think of a name for next time - it's less confusing if/when more than one Anon posts :)

      It's the name, not the colour. Blackshirts has unfortunate connotations - I don't like Brownshirts either. Actually, come to think of it, I don't like to see gangs in uniform, especially not when worn by political thugs. The only uniforms I like are in the British Armed Forces.

      I didn't realise that ordering the journos to stand up & show respect was supposed to be a joke - I didn't hear any laughter and I thought the tone was unpleasant.

      Any political Party outside the establishment's status quo will be slandered - look at UKIP or the BNP in England. Mainstream politicians and the media have a vested interest in keeping out smaller Parties in order to maintain their own power. At least people are realising now that there can be an alternative.

      Thanks for commenting - come back again but pls think of a nickname :)

    2. Not AnonymousMay 12, 2012

      Well, i don't usually like to talk to British people. Colours are of significance to some, but not to that party, not really. Its just that the particular shirts are black, a usual color, the shirts that the party followers wear that has the name of the party on the back, thats all. Black is the night too and we all wear it on our souls at least by 50%, so connotations are mostly instinctual political "democratic" reflexes.
      As for uniformity and political thugs, what thugs are you talking about? The ones you hear about in the media i guess, the lies are tremendous. Moreover, some political views do not look for "followers", but rather for political soldiers, with gravity on the second word. And thus uniformity is somewhat needed.
      The joke, was actually on the journalists, not in order to laugh -altogether-, but in order to laugh -at- them, i think i am phrasing it correctly. Or maybe they just wanted the professional slanderers to at least show some respect when inside the party's offices, since outside of them all they profess is lies and slandering. Quite understandable really.

  3. The Greeks, generally, are somewhat more xenophobic than British people. Thus, they are more susceptible to this kind of influence than are we. I think also that the British people have a general contempt for authoritarian language and behaviour that is absent from the Greeks. However, even if I am right about these things, our own politicians would be very foolish to be unconcerned with what is happening in Greece. We have never been pushed beyond what we can endure. As Chesterton said: 'We have not spoken yet.'

    1. Hi Edgar, maybe they are. Greece is on the EU's wild frontier and wide open to illegal immigration - it's the first country for many to land in. I read the number each yr but forget it now - let's just say that it puts the UK in the shade.

      The other thing is that the Greeks were invaded and suffered immeasurable cruelty in WW2 - many of them haven't forgotten. Those voting today are the children and grandchildren of those who suffered and died. As you say, we British have never had to endure the same recent history.

      So, from one Silent Person to another... you're right, but we will. Patience is not the same as tolerance and our own politicians wd do well to remember that.

    2. Not AnonymousMay 13, 2012

      " think also that the British people have a general contempt for authoritarian language and behaviour that is absent from the Greeks."

      You have a small understanding of the Greek mentality fellow. Actually a large number of Greeks, probably at least 50%, driven by their leftist/socialist/left/socialdemocrat/etc views, regard even the slightest thing as "authoritative", if it comes from anything that can be classifies as "right-wing". For example, if i come over there and start throwing molotov bombs to a cop, i will probably be shot, because i threaten his life. But in Greece, because of that 50% i mentioned, it is almost "acceptable" to have such violence, as long as it comes from the left. Its a bit complicated..

  4. Deeply unpleasant. Here of course our mainstream media and political parties are inclined to call anyone with a nationalistic or patriotic inclination "fascist", which is as absurd as it is insulting. However, in the case of the ranting leader of Greece's Golden Dawn, I think that we are looking at the genuine highly unpleasant article.

    There may be a small minority of people in Britain who crave for such an ugly politics, but I would contend that the majority would welcome a credible, moderate and democratic nationalist party that stands up to globalism and extricates us from the EU. Such a party is in the process of formation: http://durotrigan.blogspot.co.uk/2012/05/beyond-fringe-conclusion-and.html

    1. Thanks, Durotrigan. Any new Party is in for a long hard slog against the status quo but I'll check it out. To be honest, I think the EU integration is speeding ahead at a rate glossed over by the msm and ignored by our politicians so that when the British are finally faced with the fact, it will be too late for new Parties. As a nation we will either lie down and die or there will be violence on the streets. I hope I'm wrong and that someone, somewhere, manages to get the truth of the situation out.

      Thanks for your opinion on the Golden Dawn's leader (I don't even know his name yet). I'm so used to British politics where leaders turn out not to be what they seem that to come across a Greek one who is exactly what he says on the tin might take a period of readjustment for me :)

      I think what many people miss from this type of politics is that the rules and regulations will apply just as much to them as it will to immigrants. It's an authoritarian Party and everyone, without exception, must toe the line... or be disciplined, as the Greeks themselves were in the 1940s.

    2. PS I forgot to mention the problems of infiltration and subversion. I hope the new Party will have a tight grip on this.

    3. Not AnonymousMay 13, 2012

      "I think what many people miss from this type of politics is that the rules and regulations will apply just as much to them as it will to immigrants. It's an authoritarian Party and everyone, without exception, must toe the line... or be disciplined, as the Greeks themselves were in the 1940s."

      I m not sure you really care, but since i m here, i might as well write a couple of words. You really have no idea what we re talking about, do you? Greece is practically at war, a financial war started by speculators 2 years ago and a 'peaceful' invasion from the turkish borders, by about 2-3 millions of afroasiatic illegal immigrants, promoted and sent here in an organised fashion by mostly turkish traffickers, in coordination with the turkish state/police/army. How would you expect a patriot to talk to the people? Offer the slandering payroll journalists a cup of tea and talk about the rainbow? Rules and regulations you say, havent you heard about the former Pasok minister of defense, who is now in jail? The two major parties are full of such types. No wonder they dont arrest their selves all these years, get me? Maybe someone like the guy you saw CAN punish them. Of course the people want laws, rules and regulations. Lack of these is what brought Greece to this place.
      As for the nazis and 1940. What do you mean "disciplined"? The Greeks fought the Italians and won, then the Germans and lost. Then they suffered from the famine caused by the German military who gathered all goods to feed German soldiers. Brief historical lesson: the 4th August 1936 regime of Metaxas, was a pro-nazi ideology, pro-fascist ideology one, whose youth gave the same salute the nazis did. It was the nationalist salute of all Europeans at the time. THESE people are the ones that fought the invading Italians and then the invading Nazis, since Metaxas decided to take the part of the Allies.
      So the Greeks in 1940 were not "disciplined" by some Party or something, they were invaded by a foreign nation and suffered greatly because of that. So i urge you to get your facts straight and not reproduce mass media inaccuracies and lies.

      PS Golden Dawn can not really do much, unlike the "ALL RISE!!" joke on the journalists, the TV-Press Junta Michaloliakos talked about, is no joke, also known as the Red Junta (crypto-Stalinists) they run most things in Greece..

  5. Road_HogMay 13, 2012

    I think a lot of you seem to have been brainwashed. The journalists were only asked to stand up, it is common courtesy. Journos will go and right crap about this guy, all he made them do was get of their feet in return.

    Also the video is headed NeoNazi, what rubbish. Do the videos of the EU leader Barroso get headed up Mao hard line communist, did Gordon Brown get introduced as a communist or Ed Miliband, son of communist called Adolph who was buried next to Karl Marx in Highgate cemetery and was a raving Marxist.

    Nope, no they don't. As for blackshirts, I don't know whether you've noticed recently, but many of our police forces have swapped their white shirts for blackshirts.

    Quite frankly, the political arena, magnified by journos, is all about calling anyone that they deem anywhere right of centre as a fascist, racist and a Nazi. Whilst people who are backed by the far left SWP are angels.

    It's about time someone kicked back at the system. Maybe someone who is truly far right will drag politics away from the socialist left, back into the middle ground. Quite frankly, I hope Geert Wilders gets an increased majority, I hope Marine le Penn grabs loads of seats in next Month's elections and the whole of socialist Europe gets a bloody nose.

    1. Not AnonymousMay 14, 2012

      The point is, there is no 'socialist Europe' either. At this point there are mostly bankers' employees pretending to be either conservatives or socialists, Baroso the Maoist, LOL, seems like former communists have an EXTRA talent in becoming international creditors-bankers' employees. These faithfull employees are at the least anti-european, against European nations and European peoples.
      The only "socialist" thing they have done is left Europe without protection from the hordes of the Third World invaders. They dont even discuss the issue of massive immigration! No, just austerity, numbers, debt and interests upon interests on the loans their employers pay them to defend!.
      Their goal? To finally reach the point when CHINESE wages can be competed by Europeans' wages! Lets not allow them to treat us that way.
      Note: in Greece, many many mainstream figures that hold all the power in their hands come from the worse political backgrounds. For example, many top members of the Pasok mainstream party were hardcore communists in their youth. Some of them publicly admited and boasted about their bomb attacks against the 1967-1974 military Regime! They are still ministers and representatives! Even the former socialist prime minister Simitis, claimed he was a bomber during the Junta. All that, fueled their political careers, because in the Red Ideological Junta, as we said before, violence is OK, if it comes from the Left..
      Owner of one of the largest TV channels, as well as many top newspapers, is a former communist, now a businessman with connections to the political system. Also, owner of the most successful sports team, and of the largest private businesses in the country, another son of a leading left wing figure. Even a couple of the top people of the conservative mainstream party, were communists in their youth! This is the Leftist establishment, aka the Red Junta that the Golden Dawn leader spoke about.. its very real and still thriving.

  6. I don't know what you're arguing about because I think we're all agreed and are just inflicting blue on blue. Yes, there must be a government away from centrist politics - aka Third Way, Communitarian, UN Agenda 21.

    Fight amongst yourselves because, until it's on the streets, I'm not interested in taking part any more.


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