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Friday, 4 May 2012

Tomorrow's Front Pages - Another Four Years for Johnson

At the moment the results for London Mayor still haven't been announced.  It's been an absolute fiasco with power cuts, ballot boxes discovered in storage cupboards and faulty counting machines.  UKIP did badly and didn't even get a London Assembly member.  Apparently there was some sort of monumental administrative cock-up and the rumour is their name didn't go on the ballot papers - instead it said 'Fresh Choice'.  I expect there'll be a post-mortem and all will become clear tomorrow.  Just for the record, the Greens came third, pushing the LibDems down to fourth, followed by the Independent candidate.  The BNP trailed in last.

Here are tomorrow's front pages, courtesy of @suttonnick on twitter.  It seems fairly certain that pressure will mount on Cameron now.

(Click to enlarge, as usual)

UPDATE:  Finally, at 23.53 - Benita, Ind. 83,914; Cortiglia, BNP, 28,751; Johnson, Con, 971,931; Jones, Greens, 98,913;  Livingstone, Labour 889,918; Paddick, LibDem, 91,774; Webb, Fresh Choice for London, 43,000+

After 2nd pref votes:  Johnson 1,054,811; Livingstone 992,273

From that, you can see that UKIP weren't even mentioned - they were listed as Fresh Choice for London. I was so astounded that I missed the exact count of their votes.


  1. It's true. I saw a Lambeth polling station and they had put 'a new choice ... ' and not UKIP.

    This count is an absolute disgrace.

  2. I've just done an update with the results, TT. Almost fell off my chair"! UKIP weren't even mentioned by the Returning Officer - what a criminal waste and monumental incompetence. UKIP have really let down the people of London.


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