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Wednesday, 9 May 2012

Update On Olly: Rough Justice

I'm cheating - I originally posted this at four-ish this afternoon but I'm moving it to the top of the page overnight so more people have a chance to read it, plus there's a couple of updates.


Olly was back in Court today for sentencing.  If you haven't been following his case you can catch his story here:

Calling someone the C-word on twitter is now a criminal offence
Beyond Language
Update on Olly

The sentence is in and it's a rough one: A FIVE year restraining order against him - no contact with any Bexley Councillors, no use of social media (twitter, blogs, facebook) to discuss their actions, £600+ costs and 80hrs* community service.  Presumably the restraining order precludes Olly from attending Bexley Council meetings for the next five years as well.

So that's it, folks.  Uncover corruption in your local council, tweet and blog about it and you too can end up with a criminal record imposed on trumped up charges, a cover up and state justice.

It looks as though a fighting fund to support Olly in paying the costs is being set up and I'll post a link as soon as I have it.

*Some tweeps are saying it's a 12 month community service order so I'll try to clarify that.  //Olly's solicitor confirms it's 80hrs.
I'll try again - it's a 12 month community order incorporating 80hrs unpaid work.

I'll reiterate that this isn't simply an issue about a Councillor, who didn't even see the tweet, being called the c-word.  It's about a blogger uncovering corruption within Bexley Council itself and being charged & sentenced on flimsy grounds.  Check out Bexley is Bonkers, a site to which Olly does not contribute, and check out the facts for yourselves.  There is a c-word alright, but that c-word is 'cover-up'.

UPDATE:   An appeal against sentence has been lodged.

UPDATE2: Olly has posted on his blog: Stringing a sentence together 

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