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Tuesday, 3 July 2012

Of Barroso, Prams & Toys + Update

Here's a rather interesting video of some of today's action in the European Parliament, with a transcript beneath in case some of us can't understand what ex-Maoist Barroso is wittering on about:

"One important and interesting point was made by the British Conservatives today and it was in fact to express some kind of satisfaction with the situation in the euro area. Let me tell you that it is puzzling that you seem to delight in difficulties of the euro area and this is in stark contrast to the position of your leader, Prime Minister Cameron. So a good effort will be, in terms of accountability to your public, that you say the same things here that you say in London.

"The reality is that now there is a consensus including those states outside the euro area underneath to strengthen the euro area. It will be a mistake, complete mistake, to try to divide now the euro area from the rest of the European Union. I am also, by the way, very puzzled with the ease which some of you are recommending some member states to leave the euro. This is once again is complete contrast in positions taken by the PM of Britain that for instance in the G8 Summit, in Camp David, was saying explicitly that it was in his national interest that Greece stay in the euro area. So it is very important that we agree on a common approach for European Union including countries inside euro area and outside euro area and when some of you are suggesting that the problems of the economic situation in Europe now are the result of the euro area and that for instance you disapprove the big bailout programmes of the banking sector in the euro area let me just put the facts straight. The country by far that has been spending money with the banking sector is Britain, more than any country in the European Union. Let me just give you the figures, Britain, the United Kingdom, in terms of liquidisation measures since 2008 has already been committing 82.9bn euros - equivalent almost to almost to 4.9% GDP. Just in asset relief interventions 41bn euros equivalent to 2.38% GDP and in guarantees Britain has committed 158bn euros, more than 9% British GDP. So the country in all the European Union that has been committing more taxpayers money to save the financial sector has been, by far, Britain. So this is not a euro area problem, this is a problem of the European Union as a whole.

"And then I come to my final point. My final point is that we either solve this together and we win this together or we'll be all defeated together. My final point is that, that I did not like at all the atmosphere following the last European Council when I saw some claiming victory over the others. This is not the way to do things in Europe. Either, either, we win together or we'll be defeated together. What we need is a strong European team. It is true, it is true, that in Europe there are different financial cultures, different perceptions, different sensitivities. It is true but, let's be honest, sometimes it's not between the North and the South, sometimes you find those differences in the very same country.

"But, when I worry is when I see some people speaking about the North and the South making some kind of [4.38 can't make out this word] because those who know European history know how negative was the role of prejudice, the complex of superiority of one part of Europe over the other. All the countries of Europe, and some of us, are here for many many centuries, many many centuries. We had greatest moments of glory and very dark moments in our history and they should be [.??.] when they speak about history and they should not forget that European project was made precisely to avoid these divisions of the past and the demons that existed in European history. That is why I don't like when I see Heads of Government getting out of a European Council and saying 'I won against the others'. This is exactly the wrong message, this is exactly the way to defeat and the message I think we together, the European institutions, the Commission and European Parliament have to send is 'We are all in this together [sic] and together we'll be able to overcome this crisis.

"I thank you for your attention."

The man lost it with a great deal of finger-wagging, arm waving and shouting. The majority of the EP seemed to appreciate it though, as shown by their applause both during and after the speech.

Nobody I know is taking any pleasure whatsoever at seeing the dire economic straits of countries like Greece and parts of Spain. This is merely a deflection tactic by Barroso, and a pretty poor one at that. Still, it does give me quiet satisfaction to see the b*st*rd so riled.

If press reports and Cameron's words can provoke such a reaction, I wonder what he'll have to say when he reads the article in this evening's DT: 'I'll do whatever it takes to protect the UK in event of a euro collapse - and that includes closing our borders'.

UPDATE: I've updated the transcript to show the %GDP figures and sums that Britain has contributed towards propping up the euro, which I missed off yesterday.


  1. Certifiable, for sure but he is right on one thing
    " the PM of Britain, which for instance at the G8 summit said it is in his national interest that Greece stays in the euro area."

    Cameron's 'national interest' is Europe not Britain.

    1. I very much agree, William. When our last three Prime Ministers got into office each one was conned into believing their destiny is to be the first EU Federal President. They were/are stupid enough to believe it!

    2. Yes, he did say it and it's on record. I pointed out in my previous post that he said one thing to the EU and another to us - nothing much has changed since the days of Heath.

  2. 'easy generalisations' and 'humbled' are the missing words, GV. The European Parliament, it seems, hasn't understood what most of the British population discerned almost instantly: Cameron will say anything that he considers is expedient at that moment, and will backtrack at the drop of a hat. The Coalition does not spin through so many U-turns because it is weak, it does so because it is insincere.

    1. I can't believe what the govt has done/is doing, Edgar. If I weren't living through these times, I wouldn't think it possible for those who are supposed to represent the people and the national interest to be so weak and two-faced. I suppose he's going for broke - he must have know for some time now that he and the coalition are toast.

  3. He's standing there doing to Britain exactly what he's accusing others of doing, creating division and bitterness. The man is a psychopath for sure. The last thing Europe needs in charge of the situation are emotionally damaged and insecure wankers preaching to us.

    Does he assume that we are happy with the amount that our government committed? His old mate the Gorgon is responsible for the stupid bailout idea in the first place. The banks should have been allowed to fail and default.

    If he realises how skint the British taxpayer truly is after our own bailouts, why keep asking us to bailout their poxy currency?

  4. The man is not fit for office, he should not use his position to attack member states,


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