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Wednesday, 4 July 2012

Sod This For A Game Of Soldiers

EU plans tracking devices in all new cars

It's ostensibly to save 2,500 lives out of 500,000,000 each year by installing sensors to trigger a phone call to the emergency services in the event of a crash.

Quote from a Green MEP & a member of the Transport & Tourism Committee: "We must stop thinking people have a right to drive a car."

The EU has been trying to introduce eCall for nearly a decade, but attempts to bring it in voluntarily have failed.... The Commission now wants it to be compulsory for all cars made in the EU, at a cost of around £80 (100 euros) for each device, when fitted in the factory....A European Parliamentary committee report says it should go further and consider extending eCall to other vehicles like buses, coaches, lorries and motorcycles.
Although the eCall service will be provided free of charge, the Commission expects the technology to be used for commercial purposes in future, such as tracking stolen vehicles or charging road tolls electronically.
And if you think that's all it will be used for you're living in la-la land.


  1. We must stop thinking Greenies have a right to meddle in our lives.

    1. I prefer your version. No-one, whether green, blue, yellow or sky blue pink with polka dots, has the right to meddle in someone else's life. I loathe the EU and it's interfering diktats and mission creep.

  2. GV,

    You win!

    I was doing a post on this but ended up asking people to scoot over here instead.

    Another frightening piece of control-freakery.

    And what will we do about it?

    Sweet Fanny Adams.


    1. Thanks, Cap'n. I daresay you're right about not doing anything until it slaps us all in the face. It's worth noting that the EC often 'suggests' plans should be voluntary but then, when member states don't all participate whole-heartedly, they move on to compulsion of the entire bloc, as in this case.

  3. One thing I will do is fit a earthed shield round the gps module. Rather like the one I intend when and if they force a smart meter on me.

    1. What? Like a tin foil hat for GPS systems? :-)

  4. Chances of this tech working properly are poor to non existent.
    Chances of everyone coughing up their £80 (probably twice that when the legal code arrives) are pretty damn good.
    Look how many web site operators have implemented the dumb cookie laws and are annoying the hell out if their site visitors for no purpose whatsoever other than avoiding a potential EU fine!

    Sadly the majority of people I know will happily pay up no matter how crazy or illogical the 'thing' that is being imposed by the state is. These people are not dumb, they are not stupid they can clearly see the state costs them a fortune and oppresses them at every opportunity, some even see they are literally slaving away until retirement assuming they can avoid the NHS.

    They are simply petrified of the alternative.

  5. Say 'NO'; what are they going to do, lock up all of us?

    1. Most people will say yes. Then they only have to lock up a small number of people. That number will be smaller because of those, most will comply because they don't wish to go to prison and all that a criminal record entails.

      The name of the game is 'compliance rates'.

  6. Its not about just saying NO. Its about getting enought people to say NO at the same time so that our voice is heard.

    I read so many blogger who clearly have a solid understanding of what is really going ona nd where we are headed, but they, like me, are impotent.

    We seriously need a figurehead, someone who will coordinate us, the shepherds who can see the direction that the wolves are herding the sheeple, and start a real movement.

    The economic recession, bankers' greed, unemployment, errosion of civil liberties, destruction of the NHS, police & fire services are having deep-reaching effects on lives across the spectrum of society and we need to capitalise on this.

    Its like a ward of comatosed patients are just on the verge of waking up, and it needs one big BANG to bring them round. If we miss that opportunity then they could well slip back to sleep again.

    1. No you are so wrong IMHO. 'They' just banged up a 'figurehead', Roger Hayes, for non payment of council tax.
      The state deals very easily with figureheads and leaders. It's geared up to seek out slave leaders and 'deal with them'.
      What it isn't geared up for is the individuals saying no. All that's missing is volume.

      Following 'a leader' is what they want you to do. Leading yourself is what you should do, if that makes any sort of sense.

  7. AnonymousJuly 05, 2012

    The BBC news report says "Dieter-Lebrecht Koch, a German MEP and vice-chair of the Transport and Tourism Committee, said the system had the support of 80% of European drivers" ...

    This figure of 80% presumably comes from a consultation document, here: http://www.icarsupport.eu/assets/Uploads/Documents/Newsletters/eCallNL2010final.pdf, where a whopping 450 responses were received, 67% being individuals rather than companies!

    Looks like we need to watch out for similar "consultations", and nip them in the bud.

    This seems to be the source of the consultations:

    All the best,

  8. GV, You've probably seen Google self-driving cars being given legal status on the highway in Nevada recently.

    Imagine being in one of those suckers !

    They can just lock the doors ala GM Onstar functionality, and drive you to the nearest concentration center.

    Yea anyway, Technology is being used for nefarious purposes Far more than for customer service purposes imo.

  9. PS - And just as important - all of us having to pay for all this crap the government A*s regulate to the vehicle.
    I don't need ABS, 6 air bags, or several other Day Care Centric things mandated onto each and every vehicle.

    No wonder you have to spend at least 20k for some POS.

    Computerized engine control Is valuable however.

  10. I foresee a drop in new car sales. Perhaps all those 'last years models' parked on industrial parks around the country might find buyers. Before the usual shoddy attempt at retrofitting older vehicles with new technology takes place.

    1. Think "Seat belts". First it was "all new cars", then, all of a sudden, ALL cars must have the gubbins to fit seat belts, even if the belts themselves were not present, then the belts hat to be present as well. Then wearing was voluntary, but try claiming injury insurance if you were not wearing one. And, as the last gasp, they were made compulssory.

      Same as "voluntary" ID cards. Here, we do not HAVE to carry our Ausweis with us. BUT get stopped by the police, Ordnungsamt, want to take a book out of the library, speak to someone in the pensions insurance office, and 1001 other things, and you do not have your Ausweis present, then, in the case of the police, you will be taking the quickest route home, to go and get it. And THAT could mean getting off the train in München, and then having to travel back to Hamburg, then back to München, to show your Ausweis.

      Remember THAT is "voluntary" too!

  11. I've always said that it's the comments that make a blog and you guys have just proved it. Thanks for all your input.


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