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Thursday, 13 December 2012

فقط أقول

I wasn't going to blog this - I tweeted it this morning and naively thought it would set the Anglo-twittersphere alight.  Perhaps I'm missing something, perhaps it isn't really important after all and it's just a case of my mountain being someone else's molehill.

The headline in today's DT is: 'Victims to choose from menu of out-of-court punishments for offenders'.  Now, I don't know about you but the first thing I thought was: 'Hold your horses, steady the buffs, Susan, that's an aspect of Sharia law.'

And so it is.  We're further informed that:
The range of options will be decided by the new Police and Crime Commissioners consulting with members of the public and Chief Constables under plans to give victims their voice back, Jeremy Browne, the Home Office minister, said.  ... each force area will be free to come up with its own options for punishments which should be “proportionate but meaningful”, rather than a “slap on the wrist”. 
Governing under Sharia  is a Council on Foreign Relations publication which is either even-handed or pro-Sharia, depending on your view:
"There are so many varying interpretations of what sharia actually means that in some places it can be incorporated into political systems relatively easily."
"Western countries are also exploring the idea of allowing Muslims to apply Islamic law in familial and financial disputes. In late 2008, Britain officially allowed sharia tribunals (NYT) governing marriage, divorce, and inheritance to make legally binding decisions if both parties agreed. The new system is in line with separate mediation allowed for Anglican and Jewish communities in England. Criminal law remains under the gavel of the existing legal system. "There is no reason why principles of sharia law, or any other religious code, should not be the basis for mediation," Britain's top judge, Lord Nicholas Phillips, said in a July 2008 speech (PDF). Supporters of this initiative, such as the archbishop of Canterbury, Rowan Williams, argue that it would help maintain social cohesion (BBC) in European societies increasingly divided by religion."
I really don't understand why I seem to be the only one concerned about this adaptation of English Law under the guise of helping victims, Big Society and Localism. The UK governments since WW2 have either been stupid, incompetent, corrupt, traitorous or all four.  We're so far down the road to Nowhere and looking towards Gonesville that I hardly dare believe we can pull ourselves back, but pull ourselves back we must.

There's more on Sharia law HERE.

For future reference, my daughter is the one on the left:

One other point: I'm so glad our newly elected PCCs are on the ball and following in ACPO's footsteps by forming their very own, no doubt expensive, taxpayer-funded Association. You can see a list of those elected if you click the link and you can also find this pic there; it's a wordle of the PCC's most pressing concerns *ahem*:

Oh, the post title?  'Just Saying'. What else? ;)


  1. Actually it's not a bad idea, although I would much rather the jury decided the punishment in all courts, and I wish the idea had come from a better source.

  2. Hang em all especially the thin ones.

  3. Actually, you're spot on with this GV - this is part of the "regionalisation" of Britain.

    We've seen the push for PCCs that nobody wanted, Mayors were a damp squib - and the EU is pushing for -not city mayors but "regional" mayors.

    With Sadiq Khan dismissing our common law on a left wing website and Hezeltine calling for the imposition of mayors or Chief Executives whether we want them or not (we already have them) we can see that the political class are trying to break up Britain and dismiss our Habeas corpus as unnecessary.

    Say what you like about Mussolini but he had it right - fascism is really state corporatism.

  4. The UK is a lot further along on the path to destruction than we are and my opinion of the USA at present is that it is finished now. Pack it in. The losers won. The evil children are in charge voted in by the new majority of dependent evil children.

    Very little will make sense here anymore. I've given up on it. I'm going to sit back and laugh and try to insulate myself from it best I can. In brief - F* it; Let em have it.

    1. Kid, I think the US led the way - psychotherapy, psychotropics, military, not to mention Agenda21 and Common Purpose.

      I understand why you're doing what you're doing and wish you well. Stay safe x


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