"If ye love wealth better than liberty, the tranquility of servitude better than the animating contest of freedom, go home from us in peace. We ask not your counsels or your arms. Crouch down and lick the hands which feed you. May your chains set lightly upon you, and may posterity forget that you were our countrymen."

Wednesday, 16 January 2013

Just A Bit Of A Rant

There's a tussle going on for the heart and soul of Great Britain and, in particular, England.  I wonder when our American friends will realise that The United Kingdom of Great Britain and Northern Ireland is not "in Europe".  Europe is a continent: we are separate, an island, yet we all know, according to the EU, England doesn't exist. We are hived off into regions; some into other parts of Britain and some into France or Belgium.

Why do you think Thatcher left office so abruptly and, according to our msm, so unexpectedly? Wilson won four General Elections yet the Labour Party, but not the TUC as a whole, were broadly against the EU. Wilson was spied upon by our own MI6 and told to take early retirement.  Trades Unions have always been in favour of the EU because combined membership gives them more muscle - witness the strikes in the continental EU27.  Let's not forget Edward 'Call me Ted' Heath  - a yacht-going lover of youngsters with enough energy to shimmy up the pole and hoist the Jolly Roger.

I'm not saying these people were promised riches in return for betraying us - Thatcher didn't: she's aged and is apparently senile; Wilson died, also senile and fearing the knife in his back; Callaghan died, feted by all; Heath died, feted by all and there's a proposal to place a European Union Heritage plaque on his home at Arundells in Wiltshire; Major, an EU-appeaser, has also done well for himself.  Smith and Cook died prematurely by 'an accident of fate'.

Let's not go into Blair and Brown in depth but, on balance, I think history will judge them harshly.  Our entrance into the EEC may have begun under Heath but the acceleration of our assimilation into the EU political construct began under their watch and we were given no say whatsoever.

The British government hasn't decried the election of technocratic governments in Greece, Italy, Belgium or Spain because we're the same: ten to one says we had the first technocratic government and it remains in place handed over from Lab to Con with a Coalition Transitional Government in between.

The overwhelming immigration has been into England, not 'Britain', not 'the UK'.  England 'doesn't exist'; 'the English aren't worth saving as a race'; the European Union doesn't recognise England as a separate Nation and the Westminster Government never fought for us to be recognised.  If you want the truth, check out blogs, not the msm but in the meantime we also suffer the spokesmen of taxpayer-funded lobby groups and fake charities (Common Purpose being one of them).

It's a ridiculous state of affairs when people who find it increasingly hard to make ends meet have their taxation increased in order to fund government to give grants to lobby groups to enjoin the people to lobby government in a cause against the people's own interest.

For what it's worth, a free internet is an illusion.  So many past links resolve to '404 error not found'  and much is deleted from YouTube.  We're being rendered senseless and immune by sanitised domestic political news; shocking footage of war from abroad and BBC EU-funded natural history and sitcom programmes.

Everything is guile. I've said it before and I'll say it again: Search behind the curtain. I don't want to live in a country where the only people who have weapons are the criminals and the Police so, if you have a cricket bat, get it oiled now and stash it behind your front door. It's all we have left apart from the political process.

If all I do in this blog is to make people question the status quo, I'm happy.We're coming to a hiatus of 'Yes we are, no we're not; yes we're not, no we are'.  Lord, how I despise the toadying msm for all the misinformation.

This is how low the EU has brought us, has exploited us: wars, taxation, devolution into Regions of the EU. We must fight back.


  1. Agree entirely, GV. Perhaps we should start downloading videos, rather than embedding them and saving web pages instead of just book-marking them.

    I'm sure you do that already, but too many of us probably don't.

    I've just blogged about the European Scrutiny Committee and how MPs have finally realised how powerless they are. I highly recommend watching the session because it clearly shows that our MPs have been asleep on the job, entirely outfoxed by the EU sleepers in our own government.

    1. Thanks Fausty, I'm glad to see you back in action and I hope you're right. I have an unfortunate misgiving and that is that when MPs wake up, it will be too late.

    2. You too, GV. I fear you might be right, in that the somnolent probably outnumber the awake. Still, an MP only needs to wake up once.

  2. You just described America as well. And very well.

    We both have too many immigrants, too many with no skills at critical thinking and a liberal machine that has somehow got its act together Very Well.

    I'll add that America is now a Banana Republic with the recent voter fraud in select selections and 'swing states' and it's all supported by our new majority. A collection of losers, morons, and thieves.

    The losers are made up by losers and the entire public union and private union population. The morons are way too many people 40 and under who have been spit out of the public [re]education system believing the media are geniuses and the politicians the only solutions in sight.

    We're in a flat spin. No stopping til we hit ground. Hopefully there will be something to salvage at that point. I don't expect to be here when it literally smashes into the ground, but who knows. I knew what obama was 1.5 years before the 08 election and after listening to him for 5 minutes, yet, I am still stunned at some of the evil he and the democrats are pulling off day by day and week by week.

  3. We have to look at global governance, Kid: the nwo. The day I saw America was going down the pan was the day I knew we were all fucked unless we educate ourselves about politics, and fight back.

    There are now so many laws, so many restrictions on our daily lives, courtesy of H&S being applied to people selling home-made apple juice on a front lawn or in school fetes that the law has been turned on itsa head.

    It's no longer a case of 'do what you will lest it harm no-one' (Common Law) but a case of 'do what we say'. It's the UN, Agenda21 and infiltrators at work in our institutions.

    You're right that we're all in a flat spin but it's not just the USA. As the meme goes: "We're all in it together."


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