"If ye love wealth better than liberty, the tranquility of servitude better than the animating contest of freedom, go home from us in peace. We ask not your counsels or your arms. Crouch down and lick the hands which feed you. May your chains set lightly upon you, and may posterity forget that you were our countrymen."

Wednesday, 16 January 2013

More Musings

Given the amount of coverage in the press and tv/radio that the EU is receiving recently I'm tempted to summon up the wherewithal to carry on blogging about it. Part of me feels: 'been there, done that and we've all had fair warning had we the whit to look around us' but another part of me knows that you and I won't lie down.

All I've seen in my mind's eye since I started this blog are lamp-posts, festooned with traitors. The Act of Treason hasn't been repealed - Blair only managed to mitigate the sentencing for the Act of Treason, but couldn't abolish the crime entirely so sneaked in the change with the Crime & Disorder Act, 1998, no doubt in order with the HRA.

Cameron talks about the 'Big Society' and I have to say, I agree with him. The Big Society should get together, it should talk about and act on current issues. The Big Society should find its feet, rise up and march.  Not yet, it's too soon but one day when it all gets too much for the those of you concerned about loss of sovereignty, my size fives, my voice, will be in Downing Street again. Promise.

Why do the msm encourage people to complain about what's going on when they don't know where the laws originate?  Everything I read in the media these days is either a lie or a half-truth.  I still don't understand why no-one has heard of the role of Agenda 21 or the UN in all of this.  We must lift our gaze from local to global and see where everything originates because it's a bigger fight than most realise but one step at a time is better than nothing.  It's not for nothing that their slogan is 'Think Global, Act Local

The so-called 'mainstream media' who report the news to us are no more than that:  they are reporters.  They report what the government has to say and, occasionally, when a Jeremy Warner-type is lambasted in the comments, the paper pens another article almost diametrically opposed to the first.  It's so sad to see the British media, once praised, sink in 'harmony' with the rest of the European press.  Perhaps they've had forewarning of laws against the abuse of a flag, an anthem and know that it's on the cards that those who speak against the State face prosecution?  I know it may sound far-fetched but check it out - check everything out - go to EU Treaties themselves, not the UK msm.

We all want the truth from government and media but don't hold your breath - polish your boots and placards because it's going to be a bumpy ride and one hell of a landing.

The answer is: do your own research, discover for yourself, write your own blog or comment online with verifiable links.


  1. Evening GV.

    Still got heterodyne jet lag but the senses are not dullard, yet.

    Fired up the first 'Q of 2013 round the secretive squirrel's place on Sat. Man it was cold but the warmest geezer was the chap loading the steeple chasing burgers and balming in the white coals' radiation.

    I actually noted how "dry" me burgers were and then sank some more scrumpy. I ain't got any objection, I can do Belgian, to eating Dobbin, however I expect to see the details on the labeling, packaging and contents regulated script festooning all propaganda by monomaniacal statute. Funny how they spend all day staring at the letters inveigling us and not the attention to detailed potential entrail consumption.

    Marketing, not the execution. Just like Katyn Wood

    It is like getting off a very longhaul and finding the last part of one's journey, HT5 to Cockfosters, fucked. Thousands and thousands and thousands of miles involving thousands and thousands of persons all running like clockwork and the final part in one's exhausted state is a quick three card monte back to the 18th century when one encounters the TfL hand job of greed!!!!

    Notice how we are constantly bombarded with "green" details about how environmental and efficient our white goods and vehicles are. So much dead tree and plastic devoted to the cause and yet the blind accuntants infiltrate all sorts of shit into our food,air and water in what is the last low inflation phantasm parliament on the planet. Have any of us actually witnessed a low inflation economy, ever, in UKplc? Of course not the labeling from UK stats is bollox, just like the pony burgers and the elected goons here!!!

    Have you noticed that the missing part of the Moribund brothers has surfaced for some air? Now that the impostor has beaten the clown from Utah we can expect some action here to homodyne us Euro wise.

    Any way that is a long way of saying that the RICO MPs are our enemy.

    Always has been always will be and next election we can expect the rabid belief systems to hijack our democracy, on plan. Hence the surfacing of the lying commie clown from Millibandland.

    1. Okay, let's argue it out at a real-time date. The Green Man in Muswell Hill?

  2. Sign this petition to allow UKIP to take part in the 2015 TV election debates:

    1. Tweeted it, done it before you even came to my blog. Yes, it's nonsensical that the Third Party in the UK should not have a say in proposed televised debates at the next GE.

      By the way, what's your name?


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