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Wednesday, 30 January 2013

PMQs: Summary + Videos

No tributes to our Armed Forces this week, which is a blessing.

Miliband used all his six questions on the economy, GDP and unemployment.  His main, repeated, point though seemed to be that Cameron didn't answer his questions. Cameron toyed with him like a kitty playing with a catnip banana, rattling out stats that left Miliband befuddled.  He said: 'The EU, OECD and IMF have said that Britain will have fastest growing economy in Europe this year' but even that didn't satisfy Miliband.  He made one good point: that it's always promises and predictions and that 'tomorrow never comes'.

I couldn't resist taking these screen-shots of Balls and Miliband showing how seriously they take the accusation that the economy crashed on their watch:

Your MP: Party toad or independent thinker?
Alison Seabeck, Lab, Plymouth, Moor View; Rebecca Harris, Con, Castle Point; Andrew Griffiths, Con, Burton; Gordon Marsden, Lab, Blackpool South; Adrian Sanders, LibDem, Torbay; Dave Watts, Lab, St Helen's North; Richard Drax, Con, South Dorset; Russell Brown, Lab, Dumfries & Galloway; Sir Peter Bottomley, Con, Worthing West; Grahame Morris, Lab, Easington; Damian Hinds, Con, East Hampshire; Angus Robertson, SNP, Moray; Julian Brazier, Con, Canterbury; Frank Roy, Lab, Motherwell & Wishaw; Tim Farron, LibDem, Westmorland & Lonsdale; Graham Stringer, Lab, Blackley & Broughton; Richard Graham, Con, Gloucester; Alex Cunningham, Lab, Stockton North; Sir Peter Tapsell, Con, Louth & Horncastle; Gavin Shuker, Lab Co-op, Luton South; Peter Luff, Con, Mid-Worcestershire; John Mann, Lab, Bassetlaw; Gordon Birtwhistle, LibDem, Burnley; Ian Lucas, Lab, Wrexham; xxx, xxx, xxx; George Galloway, Respect, Bradford West; Craig Whittaker, Con, Calder Valley.

Matters raised:
Bedroom tax; University admissions rise; EU equality and alcohol duty in UK; failure of the 'Green Deal'; closure of Coastguard Stations/loss of life; food banks; Portland Search & Rescue helicopter; rising unemployment in D&G; aid to Syrian refugee camps; budget for new schools and bank lending; child care; an independent Scotland & the EU; immigration, infrastructure ('1 household in 20 do not speak English'!); food banks; radiotherapy unit; HS2; sentencing for disqualified drivers who kill; stalking horses entering the Conservative Party food chain; historical reference to Algeria and mission creep; paying down 'debt'; new Bill re apprentices in engineering, particularly women; self-build homes & planning system; capital allowances & investment in Burnley; bedroom tax/tax cuts 'for the richest'; economy; jihadists, Mali and Syria; LibDems voting against boundary change.

I didn't catch the name of the MP who asked the patsy question on the economy towards the end, just before Galloway, but here is a screen-grab.  He wins my award for being today's most sartorially-challenged MP.


Videos to follow.

Exchange with George Galloway, Respect MP:
(via @LiarPoliticians):


 In full, via UKParliament Channel:

UPDATE: See HERE for Galloway's subsequent letter of protest to Cameron.

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