"If ye love wealth better than liberty, the tranquility of servitude better than the animating contest of freedom, go home from us in peace. We ask not your counsels or your arms. Crouch down and lick the hands which feed you. May your chains set lightly upon you, and may posterity forget that you were our countrymen."

Sunday, 17 February 2013

Migrant Migraine: From 1066 to 2066

A recent news report from Russia Today:  "Demographers say that if immigration continues on a similar scale the white British population throughout the country will become a minority after 2066 but with less than half of Londoners describing themselves as White British some say that a quiet and irreversible revolution has already taken place in Britain."

Anjem Choudhury says publicly what those who've looked into it have known for years:  Jihad Seekers’ Allowance .  It's just adding insult to injury.

And, if you want to get a flavour of how angry some people are, read the comments here:  IDS on welfare payments for immigrants


  1. True . this is not migration . it is ethnic cleansing of the indigent population .
    LiblabCon do not care about this and the British people seem prepared to take any shit they get from the three EU puppet parties . The Liberal media are delighted about it as they detest the British plebs .our FPTP voting system is also crucifying the country with people not voting for what they want but against what they do not want . many people of all types are disenfranchised by FPTP including me .

  2. In my post of 17th . I should of course have used the word indigenous . Very sorry .

    1. Hi Anon - I think that the last census info created generalised shockwaves across the country and some people are very angry indeed - you only need read comments in any online newspaper (even the Guardian has its fair share). God knows what can be done; the country's a mess.

  3. Hi Goodnight Vienna, long time,

    As you know when we first met, when I was writing the Destruction of Britain blogspot, this was one of my main subjects. What can I say that I haven't said before?

    What I do find laughable is the immigrant whom they speak to who says they don't want anymore immigrants. Oh the irony and the hypocrisy. Notice they never found a 'cockney' to say it? RT is still a controlled media source, regardless of what people may think.

    The UK is irreversibly fucked. You will not be able to stop the complete demolition of (what's left) of the indigenous cultures of the Scots, English, Irish and Welsh. In fact there are no Scots, English, Irish and Welsh anymore, for they no longer practice their indigenous cultures. They are globalists. In fact we are all globalists, many ignorantly and wilfully.

    The only way that the UK could ever be saved would be creating a fourth reich. It would mean doing what Hitler did. He saw the dangers of immigration and the destruction wrought upon Germany by the Jews and thus created a powerful state to enforce German indigenous culture and remove those who posed a direct threat to German society. Can you really see the UK doing the same, even though not doing it will mean the inevitable destruction of whites in the UK?

    This is what makes me laugh. Speak to any white human being and they will of course disagree in the genocide of blacks or asians and colonisation of their lands by non blacks and/or asians. However, they will happily allow the genocide of their own people by blacks and asian migration and attack anyone as a 'racist' who opposes them. Therefore GV, this is why I have no interest anymore in saving the UK, because in a nutshell, the lemming-globalist-previous-indigenous-Brits are simply not worth saving. I will always be me and live by the culture of my people, wherever I am. That can never be taken away from me. If it means living as a recluse, a hermit in the wilds then so be it, but this is my life, I own it and no one will ever control it but I.



    1. Hi Harby - I knew it was you before I got to your sig - thanks for leaving your comment. I still miss your blog but look fwd to reading your comments over at the Capn's place.

      Sadly, there's nothing I disagree with, I wish there were. I frequently wonder why I bothered with all the EU blogging - it made a difference only insofar as I began to realise how deeply we were stuffed. I suppose that's it - it made a difference to me, made me more aware, which has to be a good thing. Sad though.

      I'm heading down to Torquay in a month or so - moving out of London,. Who knows? Maybe I'll find a small part of my England still there before it's too late.

      May I post your comment on the main page? It might wake up a few more people.

  4. Hi GV,

    You know I'm a 100% supporter of liberty and once I write on a blog, it's theirs to do with as they see fit. Thankyou anyway for asking permission, although it isn't needed, but due respect anyway.

    Ironic that you're moving down to Torquay in the line of your article. You see, guaranteed, once you get down there you'll find it full, of the multicultural loving, liberal luvees; whites who have moved out of the cities with their kids to live in predominantly white areas, to send their children to white schools, not realising that in doing so have proved their overwhelming hypocrisy. Then again, you will also find some fiercely nationalistic, Celtic Cornwallians who have quite alot of dislike for the English. I hope you find what you're looking for.

    Anyway, to further add to your article; the likes of John Tindall's National Front did its best to stop what they video shows and were shouted down as racists, fascists, nazis etc etc. They saw the writing on the wall. They were also painted with hatred by the msm and this was at the time when Powell was giving his famous speech in a Birmingham hotel stating 'we must be mad to let some 20,000 people into the UK'.

    I've done a great deal of reading of late and I stopped the Destruction of Britain because my viewpoint on Islam was drastically changing. I'd been introduced to the reality of Judaism and just what it all entailed and the last few years I've been reading about just what really happened in the Weimar republic.

    I don't believe in any state control over any human being, but I understand just why Hitler did what he did. He was trying to save the German people and it was that simple. And the overwhelming majority of Germans realised this and that's why they loved him, contrary to the bullshit propaganda that they hated him, from the 'allied' msm.

    This is not a comment on the third reich, merely making one aware that draconian measures would be needed to save the UK and the continuing genocide of the white people. It would mean the immediate removal of all non whites in the UK (and non indigenous) back to their own homes. It would mean pretty much the removal of all Jews in positions of power from politics and education to the msm. It would mean a complete overhaul of universities and the education system. It would mean the smashing of the power of the banks as well as the removal of the Queen and the rest of the aristocracy from their positions of power, simply because she's reneged on all he coronation oaths. We're talking about the inevitable obliteration of the crown. What to do with royalty? I don't know. Drop them on a desert island and let them shag each other into imbecility.

    The bottom line GV is that the complete overhaul of everything that happened in the UK since WW2 has to happen for ANY chance of saving the UK, its people and indigenous cultures. If not just one of the above points is carried out then the UK and its indigenous faces oblivion, on a par with the native Americans.

    I don't hate anyone, although people reading this will automatically think I do. I'm a realist and understand that if I wanted to live with blacks, I'd move to Africa. If I wanted to live with Arabs I'd move to Saudi Arabia. If I wanted to live with Chinese, I'd move to China etc etc. They have their own lands, lands I will add that are exempt from mass immigration into it of alien peoples. They're allowed their indigenous freedom and sovereignty. It's just the whites aren't.

    This is why the UK is fucked. Not ONE of the points above will be implemented and this will lead to the eventual destruction of the white race. They will be bred out of existence and those who don't won't have enough children to continue the race. This was all planned by the way GV. This did not just happen by happenchance as we are all led to believe.



    1. Thanks Harby. You won't be surprised to learn that our views don't quite tally though I do understand the logic of what you say. Not one tenth of what you say is needed will be implemented. Part of the downfall is inherent in the nature of the English: the tolerance, rooting for the underdog, a sense of fair play and so on, and perhaps we've been too complacent for too long. As a general rule we don't like to believe others can be wilfully malevolent thus it's hard for some to understand that the destruction has been deliberate rather than the result of incompetence.

      I laughed when I read your remarks about where I'm moving - one of the first thing I did was check out the local politics and it ain't pretty: LibDems galore. I guess I won't be invited to many dinner parties :)

      I'm not looking or asking for much - I'll have a walled garden where I can grow my fruit and veg in peace and keep my chickens. To quote you above: "I will always be me and live by the culture of my people, wherever I am. That can never be taken away from me. If it means living as a recluse, a hermit in the wilds then so be it, but this is my life, I own it and no one will ever control it but I."

      Stay safe and good luck x


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