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Tuesday, 19 March 2013

All Bets Are Off

 Could this be the game-changer we've all been waiting for?

Cyprus turns to Russia

Despite a warning from Merkel, the Cypriot Finance Minister has flown to Moscow tonight to try and hammer out a deal to extend existing loans and for further financial aid.
 "The chancellor once again emphasised that the negotiations are to be conducted only with the troika (the European Union, European Central Bank and the International Monetary Fund)," said [Merkel's] spokesman.
"Cyprus belongs to its people," [the people] chanted as the result of the vote – widely forecast – was announced.
"We told the Germans where to go," said Costas Georgiou, 35, a food and drinks manager. "This was for everybody – not just us. We support the Russians, but we also did it for Spain, for Italy, for the Portuguese, for whoever they come after next for money. We have saved them.  We are only a small island, we are 0.2% of Europe. We needed 10 billion euros. Imagine what they would do to Italy who need hundreds of billions."

I really, really hope that Cameron and Osborne have a watertight contingency plan in hand for Britain and that they're not the idiots they appear to be.  If our economy nose-dives even further then it will take more than an announcement tomorrow of £2.5bn cuts and free dosh for working mothers to save us.

And this just in via Newsnight/twitter:
[Click to enlarge]

  Bluff? Double-bluff? Who cares? Interesting times ahead.


  1. Interesting about the visit to Moscow, I wrote this early this morning.

    1. Interesting post, thanks RFB. It's also rumoured that the Russians are angling for a naval base on Cyprus -what's happening is more than 'euronomics'.

    2. Well Cyprus has a strong Marxist hold in the Greek half and as Syria is going tits up for them. it make sense; Turks and Nato will not be happy.

    3. Marxist as in living in the pro Soviet past, more likely to do with the Russian mafias billions sitting in Cypriot banks.


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