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Friday, 8 March 2013

Falling Between Two Stools

I apologise that the blog isn't what it was.  Illness, recovery and, now, moving home have taken their toll on quality as I've gone for the short, sharp shock just to keep the blog going rather than the researched in-depth opinion and links of earlier years.  Perhaps it would have been better to bow out gracefully but there's something about today's politics that I despise so much and I kept it going as an outlet for my own frustrations: very selfish of me, I know.

I need your advice. When I move in April, after the builders have 'cured' the damp and mould (the house is built into rocks - there can be no damp proof course) my energies will be taken up with creating a home, garden and micro-bubble anyone would feel at home with, but especially for me and Suki, my last remaining kitteh :)

Here's a floorplan:  [Click to enlarge]

The kitchen needs sorting; front and back 'gardens' are completely paved; only one bathroom; immersion heater in dining room cupboard; gas meter in understairs cpd; oh, and there's subsidence as well because of the huge cliff behind. This is truly an organic, free-flowing house :)

Things to know:

I cook;
Grow own fruit and veg - raised beds to front sorted;
Make own bread, jam, preserves;
Encourage wildlife;
A greenhouse, a garden shed, a pond;
B&B to make ends meet?
Any other suggestions.

The neighbours seem pleasant. I was taken aback to have three 'Good Mornings' in the space of half an hour as the removal men unloaded the fripperies of my life. One chap quizzed the men when he saw their company logo: 'Good grief, are they Spanish?' He apparently breathed a sign of relief when they told him that I came from London. I laughed: that's one neighbour in a bubble who doesn't visit London frequently. It's also not strictly true: a Yorkshire Lass is always a Yorkshire Lass.

Once the mould is cured, I can't wait to go: my home, my music, my books, me and Suki sprawling out in a garden again with veg growing in the raised beds, birds twittering and hens thriving.

I'm going to British Hen Welfare Trust for my hens. If they give eggs, all well and good but if not, at least they'll have had some love and comfort in their final years.

PS: Another a question is: should I morph this blog into one about raised beds, plumbing and rising damp with hints and tips on keeping chickens and making jam,  or should I start another one to deal solely with those issues and keep this one going?


  1. NewsboyCapMarch 09, 2013


    "a Yorkshire Lass is always a Yorkshire Lass".
    Heh someone has to be, you can't help being born there.
    No offence, centre of the Universe, Lancashire.
    Keep the Blog going as you have been, take your time, enjoy the journey as much as the arrival.
    By all means start another Blog. Who knows it may end up as essential reading to survive in our present predicament.

    1. Wise words, Newsboy. Sometimes the journey is better than the arrival (shades of the yellow brick road!)

      Three cheers for the Pennines - we've never forgiven you for Bosworth you know ;)

  2. You must do whatever you wish - although a gardening blog would be nice.....

    1. No doubt I will, MrW, as usual, though it does seem to get me into some scrapes. I'd been hoping to find a plumber or electrician via the post - I need to move an immersion heater and a gas meter in order to carry out my grand plan.

      I bagged my gardening blog in August last year - I just haven't posted anything yet because I haven't taken the 'before' photos. Here are the bare bones of it: http://beanrows.blogspot.co.uk/

  3. Welcome home lass :)

    1. Heart-warming words that mean so much - thank you Anon, whoever you are.

  4. Hey, GV, it's a privilege to read your prose, not a right. :)

    Mould: I've found that bleach works temporarily, but borax actually kills the mould. It's also a great ingredient for making washing powder (and dishwasher powder).


    Get well soon. :)

    1. Thanks Fausty, I'll let you know how I get on with the sq.ft gardening method :) The mould is literally everywhere so we need to tackle the cause first. It's built on rock so there's no damp proof course at all but there is a damp proofing paint that might help. Thanks for the link, it's really useful :)

  5. Monty CristoMarch 10, 2013

    Why not do both in the same blog? Whatever you do, please don't disappear for ages again.

    1. Thanks Monty, I won't. I was wondering out loud about keeping up with two blogs and a bit concerned that this one might morph into something it was never meant to be and so end up more of a survival guide. Mind you, the way things are going... ... Also, bear in mind that I'm going to a LibDem and blue rinse area so I'll have plenty to whinge about but it will be rather parochial. My bits and bobs are there but I'm not so I'll see how it goes and where life takes me :)


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