"If ye love wealth better than liberty, the tranquility of servitude better than the animating contest of freedom, go home from us in peace. We ask not your counsels or your arms. Crouch down and lick the hands which feed you. May your chains set lightly upon you, and may posterity forget that you were our countrymen."

Sunday, 3 March 2013

There, There - Have a Sugar Lump

I wonder how long our politicians think they can continue to treat us like fools and dribbling idiots to be pitied, indulged and chivied against our will.

I'm heartily sick and tired of hearing the 'great and good' intone that they know what's best for us so they're going to raise taxation to spend on projects which will, they think, make us change our beastly, uncivilised ways.  I'm pretty sure that well over half of our 649 MPs and all of our current government think we're nose-dripping, sleeve-wiping, forelock-tugging work units.

I'm reasonably happy at the moment to let them continue with their fantasy; after all, we need to see the whites of their eyes and have something in the barrel before they twig that they under-estimated us.

Let them think us fat, doltish and lazy; let them think that we're too stupid to have read the EU treaties that they signed without our permission; let them think we're only interested in tv, Cheryl Kardashian or getting legless and knickerless on a Saturday night; let them think we're gutless; let them deride us, ignore us, pat us on the head.

They haven't read their social history of the English people, for which I'm grateful.

Once again, two quotations ring in my ears:
"If you will not fight for the right when you can easily win without bloodshed; if you will not fight when your victory will be sure and not too costly; you may come to the moment when you will have to fight with all the odds against you and only a small chance of survival. There may even be a worse case: you may have to fight when there is no hope of victory, because it is better to perish than to live as slaves."
Churchill, The Gathering Storm, p348.March 31, 1939. Prime Minister Neville Chamberlain had informed the House of Commons that Britain would support Poland against any action threatening its independence. This marked the end of appeasement to Germany. Churchill thought the decision should have been made sooner when it would have been easier to stop Germany.
"If there must be trouble, let it be in my day that my child may have peace."
Thomas Paine, Englishman, 1727-1809. His writings played an integral and inspirational part in the 1776 American Revolution.

What brought this on? Nothing really, just Hague saying a vote for UKIP was indulgent.

My advice is what it has always has been: question and evaluate everything those in 'authority' tell you.  From time to time you may think it's reasonable to comply but, on the whole, I'm guessing that you're better off if you Just Say No.

These people did: Just Say No

And oh, so much more.  Believe me, I could witter on for hours about politics in company and I can drain a party atmosphere 'just like that'.  Ultimately, I don't know who are the greater fools: us for letting them get away with it for so long or them for assuming that a vote to represent us in Parliament gives them carte blanche to control our lives.

Bad food
Good food
Statutory fines
Indirect taxation
Food banks
The EU
The UN
Agenda 21

The biggy that's never addressed is the right to determine our own laws as a Sovereign Country.  That's the one.  Not many people seem to realise that, since Maastricht, the Monarch of this country is a citizen of the European Union and I think that's desperately sad.

The bottom line is that the United Kingdom of Great Britain and Northern Ireland has been brought low in order to 'harmonise' with other countries in the name of equality and integration.

I see that some bloggers are proposing a new agenda for democracy in Britain but I worry about the incestuous nature of the posts and I worry that one is deemed the natural leader and others the acolytes.We need a true grassroots revolt, by the people, for the people.

I see the whites of the eyes of the EU but I'm not seeing any British opposition. Read, recognise the truth, teach your children and don't leave their education in the hands of the state. Demand better - you pay for it through taxation. Call the State out on it and don't let them hive off your taxes in order to support ideologies that you don't agree with.

England is the country most threatened yet it's the country that is never acknowledged by any politician; it has no Parliament; they say we never existed or that we're just mongrels yet the truth is that when England falls, all is lost.  England is their historical enemy and their target.

With thanks to the The BS Historian for the pic.


  1. Color obama as very anti-England as well. You have a challenge there.
    In the US, it seems the majority are begging for their masters to take full control. They've been voting for the nanny state for decades now.

    In the end, nothing is going to happen here unless it is led by military command. People couldn't even communicate a plan here. Everything is monitored.

    In that spirit - the democrats are pure evil and obama is a low class, tasteless, imbecilic DWEEB!

    1. Yes, we're in the same boat. The people to keep an eye on are the UN with their plans for a new style of governance. Obviously, this new style will make it easier for them to rule, not for us to live.

  2. GV,

    It will come as no surprise that I agree with every word.

    I have been saying much the same for the last four years. Including the "no monarch" bit, but many disbelieve.

    And that may be the problem. Despite hard evidence to the contrary, most people simply believe what they want to believe.

    Which makes revolution a big ask.

    They don't think there is a problem, so why revolt?

    For shame.


    1. You are cut and pastey, me old china.

      Go on then.

    2. I don't know what you mean.

      Please explain.


    3. Hi Cap'n, it's hard to get your head around something like this when all you want is to live peacefully, quietly, bring in a living wage and take care of your family. I think people know now that there is a problem but action is confined to the individual, not the collective. Radical group action has always been the hallmark of the left, not the libertarian right - & that's one of the problems for us.

  3. "I see that some bloggers are proposing a new agenda for democracy in Britain but I worry about the incestuous nature of the posts and I worry that one is deemed the natural leader and others the acolytes.We need a true grassroots revolt, by the people, for the people."

    Re leader and acolytes: which is why the HA website that has appeared is "unofficial" as such and does appeal to the people direct. It is also why some of us are no longer "associated" with the presumed leader and his acolytes. All we who have produced the website are interested in is spreading the word, nothing more.

    Just saying....

    1. I wondered if that would rattle your cage :) Thanks for the update - do you have a link?

  4. " nose-dripping, sleeve-wiping, forelock-tugging work units."

    Not at all, the Tories think we are all benefit cheating non-work units.

    1. Hi Woodsy, who cares what they think or the msm report? Labour believe the same, so do the LibDems. By voting for one of those three we are, physically and psychically, fucked as a nation.


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