"If ye love wealth better than liberty, the tranquility of servitude better than the animating contest of freedom, go home from us in peace. We ask not your counsels or your arms. Crouch down and lick the hands which feed you. May your chains set lightly upon you, and may posterity forget that you were our countrymen."

Thursday, 18 April 2013

Moving On

When I listen to a London call-in radio station that used to include black-cab drivers complaining about traffic or housewives complaining to the government about local schools; when it's now home to people with foreign accents complaining about schools, benefits, housing; when I hear Clegg perpetuate the myth of Thatcher's so-called 'society' quote - the one that's always truncated & never considered in its full meaning; when I hear Cameron tell another half-truth; when I see the media reporting it all as truth, I know something has changed.  There has been, like it or not, a seismic shift in the media, our government and our country.

Notwithstanding that Leveson, the media and government cosied-up a long time ago what we have now is a nation of uninformed foreign nationals, foreigners who have been gifted British citizenship and  a rising sector of uneducated State School children and their parents.

Some people say that Thatcher defeated 'the Left' and the Unions but she didn't: they just went underground and spread into our public institutions.

Cameron hasn't yet come to grips with the fake charity groups - those that proclaim charitable status yet take funding from the government, ie money paid in taxation in order to bombard us, via the msm, with their reports. He also welcomes Agenda21, Rio sustainability.

I can't bear reading the news any more but one thing is sure: it can't last.  One day we will either succumb to slavery or we will fight back. I've joked too often about hips, mattresses and barricades but I'm not joking when I say that I believe John Major was the first EU technocrat, a long time before Monti, Draghi et al.

Something in me tells me we have always had a leading role so: should we be patient, sit back and hope the Cameron/Clegg coalition brings it it all crashing down?  Clegg & Cameron are borne and bred eurocentrists and their government introduce policies, later retracted because they don't conform to EU directives - they u-turn and apologise to us but, ultimately, just don't seem to know what they're up against.  Maybe they do? Maybe they should tell us?

The only things they seem capable of approving is to ban fast-food outlets within meters of a school or set up drug-dens in town centrtes, despite the fact that drugs are illegal.  These propositions have come from Local Government, not Central; it's all to do with Regionalisation and giving greater autonomy to local authorities courtesy of the EU and the UN.

I salute those who continue to send out the warning but beyond advising to buy a wind-up radio, a wind-up torch, a stove that runs on zip fire-lighters and a few sachets of SAS survival foodstuffs I can't add to what I've already blogged.

Our system of governance and judiciary, once copied throughout the world, is now unfit for purpose.  It's fake government and it's fake justice.  We shouldn't let ourselves be labelled: not by government not by Unions, not by lobby groups, not by anyone.

Once upon I time I'd just spend hours reading international news and collating headlines with comments for the blog and I expected people would make up their own minds. Now my eyesight is so poor that I can barely type or see more than a foot in front of my face and what I do read makes me hyper-crazy with grief and anger at what we have become.

I know it seems stupid to say but our fields aren't in Belgium, our fields are in England and the fighting ground is in our own districts, our own Local Authorities.  We've been infiltrated and we must fight back so laugh and mock all you like: there is an element in the English psyche that will fight to the death to defend England, its history and what it means to us.

I think England is losing the battle at the moment - it's almost too late to fight back via the ballot box.  From the outset tptb have known that it will come down to a fight between those who know the truth and those who still believe in the integrity of the State.

I've written a lot of truth tonight without the usual link back-up and there are grains of nonsense but it will come down to a fight between, not Left/Right, but government/people.  Think of that next time you vote.

Cameron apparently said: We're all Thatcherite now.  If he truly said it then I can't think of a better reason to vote UKIP with all its faults because we have nothing left to lose.

Went The Day Well


  1. Range finder.

    I will drop the spotting shots.

    No Heligoland, no Jutland, no Cochinchina.


    1. Thanks, Incoming but if these three have anything more in common other than being huge battles you're going to have to spell it out for me. Do you think we'll lose?


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